10 Exotic Party Destinations For The Rich

When it's time for a holiday, some may think history and culture is ideal, and others think of sandy beaches, seclusion and peace, but some think of a holiday as a way to relax during the day and party at night. Their days may be filled with relaxation on a beach, but once sunset strikes, it is time to get up and move.

They put on their designer clothes, take a limousine ride to the newest club in town and check in as a VIP, while a bottle of the best champagne awaits them at their private lounge area. Yes, the rich party a little differently from others and are certainly not afraid to show it.

When it comes to planning a holiday that is not short of clubbing, bars and high-end dining, nothing beats an exotic island. All around the world, there are destinations that cater to those who seek to splurge on nightlife, from low budget bars, to the most exclusive clubbing scenes that are only for the rich. These locations are among the best party sites for the rich.

10 Aruba

For decades, tourists have been traveling to Aruba to party, and the island is popular among the rich, as well as those with a lower budget. Because of this, the island offers a variety of options within the clubbing scene, ensuring that everyone has the ability to get what they want on their holiday in Aruba. The 20-mile long island has numerous casinos and fine dining restaurants, many overlooking the turquoise waters. Nightlife in Aruba goes on seven days a week and naturally, beach parties are common. Aruba is a favorite party destination for several celebrities, like Missy Elliot and Jordin Sparks.

9 Boracay

This Philippines Island is also known as the playground of the rich and famous, and even though the island suffered from a bad reputation due to its heavy nightlife, it has become increasingly popular among those who have money to spend. The pristine white beaches, the luxurious holiday villas and exclusive nightclubs make the perfect match for party-goers. Boracay also has some fine dining restaurants for foodies to get their fix. Recently, the island has welcomed celebrities like Antonio Banderas and the lovely Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

8 Mykonos

The Greek island of Mykonos has so much to offer. From beautiful beaches to religious sites, from impressive scenery to archaeological monuments, but the island is mostly known for its nightlife. This island shines with glitter and glamour, yet is a charming and hugely entertaining holiday destination. It is excellent for the younger crowd who seek to enjoy fine dining and stylish clubbing, while still having the opportunity to enjoy shopping and the history and culture of this exquisite Island.

7 St. Lucia

St. Lucia is known for its jump-ups, a Friday night street party where locals let it rip. Rum and reggae flow freely and food stalls with barbecued meats, rice and beans, and sizzling sea foods decorate the streets as both locals and tourists celebrate the weekend. But for those who fancy a little bit more sophistication, there are plenty of ways to escape the jump-ups.


St. Lucia is home to numerous trendy clubs and bars, and fine dining is normality rather than an occasional thing. This makes St. Lucia the perfect island, not only for those who spend their entire holiday here, but also for those who travel the seas in their luxury yachts, passing by St. Lucia to enjoy the sandy beaches, green sceneries, fine dining and stylish nightlife.

6 Corsica

Corsica is very popular among tourists who seek to relax and have a calm holiday; however, the rich can turn any quiet island into a party destination. The major towns in Corsica have enough nightly entertainment to keep those, who are in for some cocktails and dancing, happy for several days. There are jazzy piano bars, casinos, night clubs and bars with live music. With prices being higher compared to other holiday destinations in Europe, Corsica has managed to draw mostly sophisticated crowds, making it perfect for those who want to party in style.

5 St. Barts

St. Barts is known as the island for the jet set. White sandy beaches, turquoise waters, luxurious holiday villas and a stylish nightlife make this place the ultimate destination. From modern beach clubs to the harbor cocktail lounge, from courtyard dining to trendy night clubs, St. Barts has it all.

In addition to the late-night clubbing scene, the island also has a plethora of fine dining restaurants, most of them emphasizing on French cuisine. Celebrities who are frequently seen here include, Mick Jagger, Rihanna and Jay-Z.

4 Barbados

Bars with roofed decks overlooking the ocean, caviar platters, champagne and music… Yes, amidst the stunning beaches, luxury hotels and villas and duty-free shopping, there is plenty of room for nightlife in Barbados. The island is home to great wine bars and trendy night clubs, where cocktails flow freely. Most of them are places in disguise, as the island does not pay much attention to exterior appearances; however, most of the trendy clubs are decorated elegantly and sophisticated, with some places having strict door policies and others only allowing guests who made reservations up front. Foodies are also welcome in Barbados, as the island has many fine dining restaurants.

3 Miami Beach

Pop stars, models, fashion designers, actors and other celebrities unite with regulars at Miami Beach. It is an interesting melting pot, where to see, and to be seen, is taken very seriously and where the rich reside or have their second home. Nightlife in Miami Beach is like no other, with numerous trendy night clubs and stylish bars with strict door policies and dress codes, ensuring party-goers with deep pockets the best night of their lives. Those who want something different can opt for live entertainment or one of the many fine dining restaurants.

2 Bali

Bali has something for everyone: white sandy beaches, food that tickles every taste bud, culture, history, religion and nightlife. The best thing about this island is that it caters to every budget, allowing room for everyone to spend what they are comfortable with. Bali is home to numerous stylish night clubs and bars, as well as fine dining restaurants, mainly located along the south coast of the island, where tourism is more prominent than in other parts of the island. Not only is Bali’s exclusive nightlife popular among tourists with deep pockets; it is also a popular weekend destination for the young elite from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, who fly in for the weekend to enjoy Bali's beaches and night clubs.

1 Ibiza

Ibiza is known as the island where the rich go to rave. Those who want an early night on their summer holidays are advised to go someplace else, as Ibiza is home to the world’s most famous clubs and bars, including Pascha, Space and Café del Mar. These, combined with secluded beaches, impressive scenery and the opportunity to enjoy some Spanish culture and history, make this island a perfect getaway for many.

Celebrities who are frequently seen include fashion designers and European footballers, but also, Hollywood stars have discovered this European gem that has so much to offer. Naturally, Ibiza is also home to the best fine dining restaurants, on top of mountains or overlooking the ocean from the beach. In more recent years, Ibiza has not only become a party island for the rich, as some parts of the island have become popular among families as well.

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