10 Countries with the Toughest Laws in the World

Whichever country you are in, you should be extra careful with the laws that govern the land. It is a must that you review the basic laws to the strictest ones so you will be more cautious with your activities while you are in a foreign land. Whether you are up for something illegal or not, you need to know that every country implements certain drug offense penalties, gun laws, or simple possession of illegal drugs or of firearms. Hope that you do not have to learn the hard way by being caught in the middle of a hopeless situation. Learn the easy way, find out which countries will punish you the most if you are caught doing something illegal, and find out how these countries are serious about implementing their laws and penalties both to their citizens and tourists.

Here are the 10 countries you do not want to get caught doing something illegal, because they have the toughest laws in the world and they are not kidding when they say they are capable of punishing people who offend their laws.

10 Japan

Japan has some of the toughest drug laws in the developed world.  Its Pharmaceutical Affairs Law bans the production and sale of 68 types of drugs. Drugs found to cause more serious addiction and have an adverse health impact are designated as narcotics, possession of which is illegal.

9 Sweden

Sweden has taken a full swing from decriminalizing methamphetamine's  which enabled doctors to prescribe the drug to addicted people. Drug use soared to a whopping 2,000-3,000 drug addicts in just a couple of years. They are now treating all drugs as illegal and stop and search laws have been implemented to catch and punish drug users and traffickers. They have even enforced compulsory urine and blood tests.

8 Vietnam

Vietnam has a different way of punishing drug users and traffickers. The country sends drug offenders to forced rehabilitation centers administered by the Department of Social Evils. These centers offer no rehabilitation or no chance for people to change or to get treated, instead they experience torture, violence, forced labor, and harsh discipline. You can only imagine how bad it is to be in these centers, and it will make you think twice before popping in that drug you have started getting addicted to.

7 United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates is notorious for its implementation of capital punishment against all drug offenders. UAE’s laws cover people with any trace of any drug that is considered illegal in the country. Dubai may be one of the most modern and savvy cities in the world, but people should not mess with their drug laws because they are more than serious about implementing it and they mean it when they say they punish all drug users, smugglers, traffickers, and consumers.

6 China

China almost beats Saudi Arabia with the number of its executions. With almost 500 people executed in China after the year 2000, one will really believe that China is serious about punishing drug offenders. They also use penalties such as life imprisonment or death penalty for drug-related issues such as production and smuggling. You surely do not want to mess with China’s government when it comes to laws and offenses.

5 Saudi Arabia

The Islamic Kingdom is strict with their laws. Alcohol is also considered illegal, so you can only think how tough they can be with illegal use of drugs. Punishments for possession and consumption of drugs include harsh jail sentences and public flogging. Wait until you have heard about how they punish drug traffickers—a public beheading—the same punishment for murderers and rapists.

4 Indonesia

If you think execution is a scary punishment, wait until you have discovered about Indonesia’s punishment for drug dealers. They use a firing squad for maximum penalty and use capital punishment for drug dealers. If the person is proven to be a drug user, he can be imprisoned for 10-15 years. Indeed, Indonesia is one of the countries that implements a serious and tough anti-drug law.

3 Iran

The Islamic regime implements execution of drug traffickers. They have been very strict in implementing this law, more than 10,000 drug users and traffickers have been executed in the past decades. They punish drug users severely and when someone gets caught with just a few grams of Marijuana, he can be punished with 70 lashes. This is how Iran can make drug traffickers and users regret they have ever used illegal drugs in the country.

2 Malaysia

Malaysia is no less harsh than Singapore, which is a neighboring country. Malaysia implements a mandatory death penalty on anyone who gets caught with seven ounces of marijuana, or a half ounce of heroin. These amounts of drug will already make the person a drug trafficker in the Southeast Asian countries. If someone gets caught with less than this amount of marijuana, he will still be charged of penalties such as heavy fines or lengthy prison terms. 

1 Singapore

Singapore is famous for its strict laws—even vandalism will make you regret you did not learn about their laws. Drug laws in Singapore are strict. Anyone who will be caught with at least 17 ounces of marijuana, or half an ounce of heroine or cocaine will be considered as a drug trafficker. What is even more threatening is that in this country, they hang drug traffickers. In 1991-2004, around 400 people were already punished for drug trafficking, a mix of both foreigners and locals.

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