World's 10 Best Vacation Cities For Weed Smokers

Pot smokers are known as one chilled bunch, but they still need a holiday every now and again. The question is; where can they go which doesn't mean giving up their love for smoking? There are many ci

Pot smokers are known as one chilled bunch, but they still need a holiday every now and again. The question is; where can they go which doesn't mean giving up their love for smoking? There are many cities in the world that have legalised the use of cannabis but lack activities for tourists. What marijuana-loving travellers really want is a pleasant balance between home comforts and new adventures.

Just as a beer connoisseur would like to travel and try samples away from home, or a thrill-seeker will take a trip to experience a niche extreme sport, pot smokers enjoy experimenting with their passion internationally. There have been many ongoing debates surrounding where the best grow comes from - and what better way to find out then booking a research trip yourself?

Weed grown in a different country will have quite an intriguing taste and there is nothing more exciting than finding a new favourite strain. There are some that are known to abuse the system, heading to coffee shops to get "baked" and give other marijuana tourists a bad name, but this is a sensible guide for those who are looking for a relaxing vacation.

You could be a daily user or just someone who enjoys the sensation from time to time - whatever kind of holiday you are looking for these are the destinations with the most liberal, fun-loving and healthy attitude towards the recreational use of cannabis.

10 Tortuguero, Costa Rica 


Although marijuana is illegal in Costa Rica the law enforcement surrounding possession is very relaxed. As long as you aren't flaunting your consumption in the street and you're respectful to sellers then there should not be any trouble. In the bars and clubs of Costa Rica there are often a lot of sellers, they typically are known for dealing a hybrid of Indica and Sativa.

9 Paradise Island, Bahamas

Paradise Island in the Bahamas has a brilliant reputation as the ultimate relaxing vacation. With tranquil surroundings and stunning clear blue waters; this location has landed starring roles in many films including Pirates of the Carribbean and James Bond. The local Bahamian cuisine offers mouth-watering traditional rock lobster, crabs and snapper, while those who enjoy a sweet tooth can try fresh coconut and guava.

8 Vancouver, Canada 


Vancouver really has the best of both worlds. You can spend a morning browsing shops in the bustling districts and then the afternoon hiking in Burnaby Mountain or Grouse Mountain. If you want to really see some picturesque views, there is a popular route for cyclists along a 10-km seawall which circles Stanley Park.

7 Phnom Penh, Cambodia 


As long as you're bringing money into the economy then Cambodian police are fairly relaxed. Smoking weed in this country is illegal however those who work in law enforcement are very chilled about it. There are many places known as happy pizza parlours which will sell to tourists, however it is always best to not appear like a dumb tourist or they will just give you a bag of leaves and seeds.

6 Colorado, U.S.A

In the U.S and Canada there is a celebrated day amongst weed smokers which is known as "420 day". In many locations, thousands come together to celebrate cannabis culture and Colorado is one of the most popular spots for the holiday. It is legal to purchase marijuana in this state which has seen an incredible rise in "pot tourism" over the years.

5 Prague, Czech Republic


The Czech Republic are well-known for being incredibly relaxed with their drugs laws, less than an ounce of weed will not land you in any trouble as the majority of substances in this idyllic European city have been decriminalised. It has even been reported that there are 400,000 recreational marijuana users in Prague.

4 Barcelona, Spain

Just one stroll along the beaches in Spain and you will hear the cries of many sellers trying to peddle drugs to the tourists. Drugs are illegal in Barcelona but if the police smell something suspicious they will most likely turn a blind-eye unless it is coming from an indoor bar or club. The quality of the weed can often differentiate but many sellers will be in supply of good quality Moroccan hash.

3 Nimbin, Australia

Nimbin is a village in the state of New South Wales, Australia that is very well-known for it's lively cannabis culture. This location is often described by the media as "the drug capital of Australia". The whole area is decorated with colourful paintings, bright shop fronts and live music can be heard wherever you go.

2 Amsterdam, Netherlands

It goes without saying that Amsterdam is one of the most laid-back cities in the world, up to 30 grams of marijuana is permitted for personal use indoors. There are many coffee shops which sell weed but if you are not Dutch you might have a problem getting a sale. The Bulldog chain of pubs allow you to smoke indoors but you must use their rolling tobacco which is free and available at the bar.

1 Kingston, Jamaica 


Kingston is the cosmopolitan capital of Jamaica, half of the city is bustling with businesses and the other half is a jungle. It is home to the largest botanical gardens in the Caribbean, known as Hope Gardens which covers 2000 acres of land. The busy city also vendors the world's most delicious ice creams, pastries and gourmet cuisines.

Although the cannabis leaf is known as the symbol most associated with Jamaica, it is still illegal throughout the country. The law enforcement isn't as strict here as other places, so long as you're not parading your possession in the streets then you should be fine. Purchasing weed in Kingston isn't too tricky as there are plenty of resorts, street markets and cab drivers who will be willing to sell directly to you.

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