Would You be More Fit if you Were Rich?

A lot of people think about what they would do if they had thousands or even hundreds more in the bank, but did you know that losing weight is one of the most common? A recent study done in Canada showed that just $5 more per week in the pocket of most people would increase the amount of exercise that they did. This is because most exercise programs cost around $5-$10 per class, and a lot of people feel that they cannot afford that extra expense.

More money can mean being able to eat better as well. For example, the Atkins diet (which is based on protein) is around $100 per week, but regular groceries that aren't focused on protein are only around $35. This causes people who make less money to buy empty calories (like pasta for $0.75 per pound) instead of protein and nutrient-rich calories (budget steaks are around $3 per pound). To put this in perspective, around 60% of those who make $15,000 - $75,000 are obese or overweight, whereas 56% of those who make over $75,000 are in better shape.

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Would You be More Fit if you Were Rich?