World's 10 Companies With The Most Pampered Employees

Most of us go to work with only our pay check in mind- however, many companies have now realised that in order to keep workers happy, a pay check just isn't going to cut it anymore. Many thought leaders in the world of business have been highlighting this fact for a number of years. The working world is changing, along with the idea of what an employee can provide. Many workplaces now see the benefits of pampering their employees, as they believe that it gives their employees a greater incentive to work and thus improves their productivity. As well as this, perks are becoming increasingly important for employees. According to a 2012 survey, 95% of Americans now consider perks being the deciding factor as to whether or not they should get a new job or keep their old one.

The entire business model is changing. Take, for example, the 4-days-a-week work plan, which has already been adopted by many companies, such as Boogie. Their CEO explained why this form is much more likeable: “In most cases, we work from 8AM – 1PM, take a two hour lunch break, then start back at 3:00PM – 7PM. This means we work 9 hours a day and 36 hours a week. We close the office on Wednesday so we don’t work for more than 2 days consecutively. With this new schedule, we all have more time to handle our personal lives, and we get an extra 52 vacation days a year."

Companies that can offer innovative new schemes such as this, combined with incredible perks, will be the most desired places to work in in the future, hands down. Lets take a look at what modern day companies are doing for their employees, with the 10 most pampered workforces in the world today.

10 DPR Construction

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DPR Construction is a major construction company that offer incredible, innovative structures to the best businesses in the world. So far, the company has built structures for Pixar, Genentech, Facebook and Stanford University, amongst others. What really makes DPR special is the way in which it treats its employees. The construction industry isn't exactly famous for job perks, but DPR is changing that. They offer their employees full medical and dental care (this even includes acupuncture). Wine is provided on the job in its California branches - but in Texas, there is a saloon.

9 Robert W. Baird & Co

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Robert W. Baird & Co are a company that provide financial services such as asset management and private equity to both individuals and large businesses. It has made Fortune 100's list of one of the best companies to work in for more than a decade. The company states that it strives to enforce a "no a**holes allowed" policy that makes their working environment better than all the rest. On-the-spot perks include bonuses and extra days off for a job well done. The real gems they offer are to families, however. They offer useful perks such as college saving schemes, family health care and free investment planning for your personal finances.

8 Intuit

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Intuit is a California-based software company who create business software that helps businesses with their finances. For example, they can design custom software for your business that will help you to file your tax returns more efficiently. One of Intuit's most wonderful perks is its education support. If an employee wishes to continue their studies, Intuit will provide them with $5,000 a year, as long as the course is related to financial services of some description. If that wasn't enough, the company's gorgeous Californian office has the works - a state of the art gym, dry cleaning services and on-site therapeutic massages.

7 Salesforce

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Salesforce is a company that provides cloud computing services to many countries worldwide. Their headquarters is in San Francisco. The company primarily tries to spread a global message about helping others, and they have worked this ethos into the way they treat their employees. Employees are offered six paid days off every year that they must dedicate to volunteering. Like Intuit, they also offer $5,000 towards college tuition fees. They also provide their workers with a $100 per month "Wellness Allowance" which can be spent on healthcare, health foods, exercise programmes and more.

6 Genentech

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Genentech is a biotechnology firm that produces pharmaceutical drugs using human genetic information. For example, one of the main products that they produce are growth hormones. Genentech are renowned for brilliance in their field. Genentech certainly know the meaning of the word "perks". They provide a free childcare service on-site and a staggering $10,000 college fee reimbursement in order to encourage their employees to get as educated as possible. They also offer a bunch of random benefits that are actually pretty neat: free haircuts, free car washes and even an on-call concierge who can run personal errands for you whilst you get on with your work!

5 Quicken Loans

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Quicken Loans is the largest mortgage provider in the United States. According to their current website, Quicken Loans have provided over 2 million American citizens with a home. The benefits they offer include mouthwatering catering services, free on-site secure parking facilities, excellent healthcare plans, on-site doctors and salons. If that wasn't enough, the company also strives to enlighten their employees with free educational seminars on a wide range of topics.

4 Edward Jones

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Edward Jones is a highly respected financial services company. They provide financial aid to businesses in the form of financial advisors and branch support. Edward Jones currently has over 11,000 offices. According to the firm's website, their in-house survey recently revealed that almost 96% of their employees thought that leadership within the company was "honest and ethical". Their perks include medical and dental cover, life insurance, paid sick leave and disability benefits.

3 The Boston Consulting Group

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This company manages businesses and helps them to improve. It provides strategy business planning to its clients. This year, the firm made it into Fortune 100's "Best Places to Work" top five for the fourth year in a row. Incredible benefits include full tuition reimbursement (with absolutely no limit), as well as providing the fees and living expenses for associates who want to go to grad school. All of these incredible education benefits will be provided, as long as you agree to return and work for BCG afterwords. Other nice perks include care for workers who stay on to work extra hours. If you do, the company will order you a free taxi home, along with a take-out meal waiting for you when you arrive. For certain employees, a fee of $10,000 is presented to them to spend on a summer of volunteer work.


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SAS is a software developer based in California, who specialise in creating software for business analytics. SAS has experience working with a huge number of industries. The perks that SAS offers are absolutely incredible- the kind of innovative business developments that were mentioned earlier. SAS provides their employees with unlimited sick days. Yes, really. And no, this decision hasn't had a negative impact on the company. SAS reported sales of almost $3 billion in 2012 alone. SAS's way of thinking essentially states that if you give employees exactly what they're looking for, not only will they not complain, but they will actually work harder. Other benefits include free healthcare and childcare.

1 Google

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You guessed it- Google is still the reigning champion when it comes to making your employees happy. The search engine giant is world renowned for giving its employees a truly unique working experience. Some of the wide range of benefits it offers include all the food and drink you could ask for (including three full meals a day), free childcare, state of the art gym equipment (including endless lap swimming pools) and free haircuts. Google epitomises the new business model, one that is built on happiness as well as productivity. As their CEO Larry Page states: “When you treat people [well] ... you get better productivity. Rather than really caring what hours you worked, you care about output. We should continue to innovate in our relationship with our employees and figure out the best things we can do for them ... Our people have also been a lot happier and more productive, which is much more important."

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