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Will it be a Girl for William and Kate?

Will it be a Girl for William and Kate?

William and Kate during engagement photocall in 2010

, the Duchess of Cambridge is going to go into labor. Everyone is waiting eagerly to find out whether the next member of the British royal family is going to be a boy or a girl. Rumors are of course abuzz that it is going to be a girl, something that brings great excitement and joy for those who admire Will and Kate.

Kate was in very high spirits recently when she visited the British Fishing Museum in Grimsby. She was her usually chatty self as she interacted with the locals who had gathered there to get a glimpse of her and speak to her. One lady told her that she was eagerly waiting for Kate to become the Queen of England. Kate smiled in response, stating that this lady might have to wait for a very long time. According to the Mayor, Kate is very good with children. She is almost a natural when it comes to interacting with kids.


Sandra Cook, who was standing next to Kate, saw another woman present Kate with a small teddy bear. Kate smiled and thanked her, saying she would take that for her “d”. Now this of course indicates that Kate was about to utter the word “daughter”, but refrained from doing so. Sandra Cook then probed Kate, asking her whether she was going to use the word daughter. Kate replied that both she and William were unaware of the sex of the child. When Sandra probed a little more, she smiled and said that she was not going to reveal anything. Thus, this makes it clear that a princess is all set to arrive in England.


The royal family in England has of course made every attempt possible not to reveal anything at all to the media. The royal family has never trusted the media, ever since the death of Princess Diana. They have always been wary and consequently quite uptight about personal revelations. While William and Kate normally have a friendly disposition, but they too have tried to do everything they can to be discreet about the unborn child. Their efforts to maintain this privacy is of course understandable. It will not be long before we are given the good news.

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