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Valerie Harper Bids Goodbye

Valerie Harper Bids Goodbye

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The legendary American small-screen actress Valerie Harper is all set to say goodbye to her fans and admirers. She has had a successful career and is now ready to go into retirement. She made this announcement in California where she stays with her husband Tony. Valerie Harper is best known for the roles which she has played on television. Her roles have mostly been quite unsentimental. She has come across as quite an iron woman in the characters that she has portrayed on the screen.

Valerie Harper is of course a woman who has never really looked to the past. For her, life has always been about living in the present. She has always wanted to lead life on her own terms. When asked about retirement from time to time, she always brushed it aside, saying that she had no time to think about retiring, and that, it was acting which she really lived for.

Valerie is highly talented and was extremely confident of her acting prowess even though she has crossed seventy years of age. She is best known for her role as Rhoda on the hit series of the same name. The sitcom ran for several years, making Valerie a highly sought after actress on the American screen. Valerie had succeeded in playing the part of Rhoda to perfection. She has received four Emmy Awards, which speaks volumes of her acting caliber and what she can do on the screen with her talent.

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Lately of course, Valerie has been more in favor of leading a life away from the screen. It seems that age has been finally catching up with her, and that she is now looking to lead a retired life in the company of her husband Tony who has been supportive of her career all this while. Indeed it was with Tony’s love and support that Valerie has been able to come this far. She now feels that it is time to devote her energies to him.

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The real news of course behind her withdrawal from the screen is the fact that she has been diagnosed with a form of brain cancer which is apparently not curable. According to reports, it might kill her in less than three months. That’s really bad news. Valerie Harper was very strong when she received the news. She says she is going to fight it as best as she can, and has thoroughly enjoyed her time playing the various roles on screen.

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