UFO Hot-Spots From Around the World

Whether you believe in extra-terrestrial life in the universe or not, it does appear that unidentified flying objects, better known as UFOs, have been sighted for years. We've seen what appear to be UFOs in very old paintings and art pieces, and there has even been talk about strange flying crafts in very early manuscripts.

Since people began to actually record UFO sightings, some places across the globe seem to have far more sightings than others, and have been listed as hot-spots. Some of the requirements of a hot-spot is a higher elevation to see further into the sky, a wide and natural expanse where there are few trees or buildings to obstruct the view of the sky, and of course it needs to be a place where several have been viewed before.

If you are excited by the possibility of seeing a UFO and enjoy traveling, you might consider making any of these ten UFO hot-spots a future travel destination on your next vacation.

Please take note: None of these locations guarantee that you will see a UFO if you come to visit.

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10 Chile's UFO Trail in San Clemente

The UFO Trail in San Clemente was established in 2008 and is definitely aimed at tourists. Luckily, the tourist-targeted cheesiness of the destination doesn't change the fact that the 19-mile stretch of land has been home to hundreds of UFO sightings since the 1990s. According to UFO researcher Ridrigo Fuenzalida, between 1995 and 1996 there was an average of one sighting per week.

The beauty part to this spot is there is much more to do than just stand in the middle of nowhere and look up. You actually have to travel to the destination on horseback and along the way there are stations where you can read about different sightings, visit themed restaurants, and stay at themed hotels. Not a bad little trip even if you don't see a spacecraft.

9 Bonnybridge, Scotland

Bonnybridge is a beautiful piece of Scottish countryside twenty miles outside of Glasgow. The small town began getting reports of UFO activity in 1992 when a man by the name of James Walker reported a star-shaped flying craft hovering above the road. Other sightings followed and many regarded alcohol to be main factor involved in the sightings. Still, many more sightings continued to pour in and it reached a point where every sighting could not be dismissed with intoxication. The Scottish government has received nearly 300 reports of UFO sightings a year since the sighting in 1992. 1 in every 3 residents of Bonnybridge claims to have seen a UFO.

It's interesting to note that Bonnybridge lies inside a triangle of three other cities: Fife, Stirling, and the outlaying neighborhoods of Edinburgh. These three cities are also known for an abundance of UFO sightings and they have been dubbed "The Falkirk Triangle".

8 Wycliffe Well, Australia

Wycliffe Well is not just the UFO capital of Australia, but it actually ranks fifth in the most reports of possible UFO sightings in the world. Wycliffe is a small town with little available besides its reputation. The area is what is referred to as a roadhouse, where people generally stop on their way to and from other destinations for food and gas. The area has very few actual residents and the one restaurant is totally dedicated to its history of UFO sightings. It once had a book for tourists to peruse where locals recorded sightings dating all the back to the 1940s. It was stolen in the 1990s but a new one picked up right where the other left off.

A brochure for the tourist stop claims it would be more strange for you to not see a UFO when looking up at the night sky than it would be to see one.

7 Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

There are a number of alien hoaxes that come from Warminster, such as a number of amazingly intricate but man-made crop circles, but this stems from its history of hundreds of UFO sightings since the 1960s. It was in the 1960s where several witnesses claimed to have seen what is now dubbed as "The Warminster Thing". The "Thing" was a strange shimmering light accompanied by a number of strange sounds.

The best place to meet other UFO enthusiasts and view UFOs yourself in Warminster is an area known as Cley Hill. If you do happen to spot a UFO and don't know who to tell, there is a UFO reporting center only a short distance away.

If you need more of a reason to visit Wiltshire than UFOs, it's also home to the mysterious Stonehenge.

6 Pacific Coast Highway, California

The United States leads the world in UFO sightings and California leads the United States in UFO sightings, making it the place to look for UFOs in the world. A lot of mystery concerning UFOs surrounds the area, most notably The Battle of Los Angeles.

In 1942 hundreds of witnesses saw a UFO hover over LA. The military even fired 1500 shots at the craft yet no damage was done despite taking direct hits. The military later said it was simply a weather balloon but there was very little evidence to back this up.

Adding to UFO weirdness, many have claimed that a UFO base exists underwater, just south of the highway.

5 Elk River, Minnesota

Elk River is a rather small town with a population of around 23,000. It looks just like any other small town in America and is rather unremarkable until you take into account the number of UFO sightings in the area. They began in the 1960s but really started to pick up steam in the 1990s. There were so many that a group of UFO researchers held a meeting there that was so popular they had to make the event "standing room only."

Sightings don't just occur in the town of Elk River, many neighboring towns in a cluster around Elk River all have claims to have seen these crafts as well. There has also been many varied descriptions of the crafts, suggesting multiple vehicles.

4 The M-Triangle, Russia

In the M-Triangle of Russia, even Russian intelligence watches the area. The claims in the M-Triangle go far beyond just seeing the UFOs fly; people have claimed to see them land as well. There have also been claims by many residents of close encounters with translucent beings. Some even say when folks have walked into the forests of the area they come back with strange powers and abilities.

The people in the village of Molebka have even erected a statue in honor of the visitors...and they seem to be completely serious.

3 Colares Island, Brazil

On the island of Colares there was a lot more going on than simple sightings. In 1977 many claimed the island was under attack by UFOs over a period of three months.

Islanders claim that strange lights would flash and shoot a white stream of light at an individual who would then experience a sensation of intense heat and burning. Over a hundred were hospitalized as a result and two were even killed. The military did move in and kept the whole operation, called Operation Saucer, under wraps until the 1990s. Residents were so scared to leave their homes there was a food shortage as no one wanted to tend to their farms or leave their homes to fish.

Sightings have persisted ever since those 3 months in 1977 and the island has essentially become the "Area 51 of Brazil".

2  2. Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona is the city with the most reported UFO sightings in the world and Arizona in general has a large number of sightings. There have been seven reported sightings this year by March alone. The most notable sighting was "The Phoenix Lights." This was a sighting seen by thousands of people, gained much media attention, and allegedly traveled a course of 300 miles!

If you hop over to Sedona, Arizona you can go on a UFO sky-watching tour with well-known UFO researcher Kim Carlsberg. This tour isn't just walking in the desert and looking at the sky. Carlsberg has military grade gear like very expensive night vision goggles and a similar camera hooked up to a monitor, so large groups can watch the skies in a party like atmosphere.

1 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Mutual UFO Network has designated Myrtle Beach as a hot-spot due to the number of reports that keep piling up from Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas in South Carolina.

There has been good video and photographs taken of Myrtle Beach sightings and both residents and tourists seem to report them equally. Some employees of hotels on the beach have claimed to have seen UFO's on multiple occasions and have reported very strange crafts that appeared to be filled with a glowing orange lava like fluid that dripped from the craft.

If you do plan to go UFO hunting, Myrtle Beach is probably the place to go. If you don't see anything it's no big deal; you're in Myrtle Beach!

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