Top Cube Hotels in the World

Everyone wants to have a splendid vacation: gastronomic delights, breathtaking scenery, picturesque views, wonderful photos, and remarkable memories to cherish. For those who love travelling, they wou

Everyone wants to have a splendid vacation: gastronomic delights, breathtaking scenery, picturesque views, wonderful photos, and remarkable memories to cherish. For those who love travelling, they would always want something new, something fresh, and something unique with every place they visit. It can be new people to meet, new food to taste, or new sight to behold. How about you try a new hotel? A hotel which is totally unlike the usual building that you can see everywhere. Cube hotels are now getting popular worldwide because of its distinct and unique structure. You might want to spend some days in one the world’s most gorgeous cube hotels in the world.

On top of its amazing architecture, find out what is waiting for you when you rent a cube hotel. Here is a list of the world’s top 10 cube hotels

10 Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island

If you have always dreamed of having your tree house when you were young or if you have always wondered how it feels to be up there in trees, then the Free Spirit Spheres is a perfect get away spot for you. Considered to be one of the most unique concepts in the hotel industry, these suspended spherical tree houses will surely give you a memorable experience. A good night sleep in one of the tree spheres will surely seal your travel to Vancouver island. You will be suspended 10-15 feet in the air while enjoying the intimate abode up above the trees amidst the forests of Vancouver.

9 Aire de Bardenas, Navarre, Spain

Minimalist in design, Aire de Bardenas offers a magnified view of The Bardenas Reales National Park. Enjoy a tranquil abode while looking at a 100,000 acre semi desert sprawl adorned by the dramatic sandstone plateaus and Aire be Bardenas’ sharp, sleek edges. Popularly known as a mirage, this place is surely a serene oasis for those who seek a quiet and refreshing time—a time to reunite with the sky and sand.

8 Longitude 131 Yulara, Australia

If you love the outdoors and you cannot help but fall for floral and fauna, then Longitude 131 would be the best place for you. Imagine the good old days when you were camping with friends, when all you would do was set up a bonfire and watch the sun set. Longitude 131 is the modern and contemporary vision of those old camping days. It has a total of 15 tents that are set beside one another in the Uluru Kata Tijuta National Park of Central Australia. An expert can guide you and tour you around the area, while you can head back to the camp to witness the breathtaking red sunset over Uluru Rock. Good food, good place, good sunset; there is nothing more you can ask for.

7 Casa de Flora, Phuket, Thailand

Perched at the edge of the Khao Lok rainforest of Southern Thailand, Casa de Flora is considered to be an award-winning boutique hotel. Its 36 cube-shaped villas face toward the breathtaking scenery of the crystalline blue Andaman sea. Its architecture consists of modern and contemporary concepts with stone, glass, concrete and teak wood that exudes the beauty of nature and of the country’s culture.

6 Hotel Viura, La Rioja, Spain

A modern mix of history, vineyard, asymmetrical structures, and panoramic views; Hotel Viura is like a dream come true for people who love to experience a historical walk through Spain. It has asymmetrical cubes that are situated against the backdrop of the Spanish Rioja village. During your visit, you can check the wineries and try the region's finest while in the hotel’s terraces. You can see the Sierra de Cantabria and the San Andree church which was built way back in the 16th century.

5 Areias do Seixo Charm, Póvoa de Penafirme, Portugal

Majestic and stunning. This is how you would describe Areias de Seixo Charm. It sits beautifully on Portugal’s coastline as it marries the region’s unique cultural flavors and the architecture of the place. You can also enjoy the gastronomic delights that they offer and meet the hotel owners as you sip a complimentary glass of wine while getting warmth from the outdoor fire.

4 Consolacion Aragon, Spain

A modern masterpiece in the heart of Aragon, Spain will surely captivate your heart. If you are having a tour around Barcelona or Valencia, an overnight stay in Consolacion will surely seal your experience in Espana.

3 Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya, Moscow, Russia

They say that when you enter into one of the Tverskaya sleepboxes, it is as though you are entering the future. It is the first ever capsule style hotel in Moscow. Its best feature is that it provides an affordable, comfortable place to rest in after a long day of shopping and sightseeing. Another best thing about it? It will just take you three minutes to reach your temporary abode from the Belorusskiy train station and a ten-minute metro ride from The Kremlin. If you prefer to have entertainment, you can enjoy their LED television and free Wi-Fi.

2 Treehotel Harads, Sweden

If you cannot help but be awed with ordinary tree houses, then you better check the Treehotel. Tree houses suspended in the midst of the astounding Nordic forest, you will enjoy the picturesque views of the Lule river. The Treehotel has six unique and peculiar designs that will surely strike you.

1 Hotel Endemico Ensenada, Mexico

Hotel Endemico is a perfect place for people who love nature and who love to try Mexico’s wine. It is located above the country’s most popular wineries so you can never go wrong with the wine. The property gives you a perfect view of the Guadalupe valley. There is also an infinity pool, a bar that offers regional cheeses, and the popular drink, Sangria.

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Top Cube Hotels in the World