Top 15 Hottest Models And Their Lives Before Fame

Looking at models, male or female, it's hard to think they come from the same species as average looking humans. Sharp features, beautiful eyes, and impeccably toned bodies all come together to not only make the envy of many men and women, but to also give them one of the best jobs there is.

Being a model is probably hard - they have to worry about what they eat almost always (unless they have crazy fast metabolisms) and usually have insane workout regimens. Luckily they don't really have to worry about their public spotlight like singers and actors, but they most definitely do have to zealously maintain the way they look to keep themselves employed.

While being a model may not appeal to the masses for multiple reasons, it's a dream for plenty of little girls and boys and the extremely determined ones usually get a big break. However, there are some models who are just discovered for simply going to the grocery store or working a mundane job at a fast food restaurant. While they may seem superhuman or like they're part of a next-level species, models are humans just like us. Before they got famous, they were even more like us than we could ever imagine. Some lived very simple lives, and their good looks catapulted them into a world they never thought they'd be a part of. Here are 15 stunning models and what their lives looked like before fame.

15 Gisele Bundchen

14 Jasmine Tookes

13 Hailey Baldwin

12 Hilary Rhoda

11 Candice Swanepoel

10 Gigi Hadid

9 Cara Delevingne

8 Doutzen Kroes

7 Joan Smalls

6 Adriana Lima

5 Liu Wen

4 Romee Strijd

3 Alexis Ren

2 Miranda Kerr

1 Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill, although new to the modelling scene, is an all-American beauty. Hill was announced as one of the new Victoria’s Secret Angels in 2015 and has been dominating ever since then. Hill is from Colorado, and is one of the youngest Angels at just 19 years old. Before becoming a model, she was a normal girl going to high school and was dabbling in gymnastics. One weekend while at a ranch to ride horses, a photographer and modelling agent spotted her, which is how she got discovered. Hill was originally just a model for PINK (Victoria’s Secret’s mini brand) and then was promoted to an Angel in 2015.


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Top 15 Hottest Models And Their Lives Before Fame