Top 15 Female Celebs Who Look Hot With Short Hair

A couple of years ago, long haired men decided that rather than just living with their choice to look like depictions of Jesus Christ, they'd take a page out of the book of women's hairstyles and throw some elastic in there. The man bun was born, and with that any man with long hair could look like a yoga instructor. I'm no hairstyle aficionado, but the whole "man bun thing" has divided women to some extent.

A lot of dudes think because women started drooling when they saw Chris Hemsworth wearing a man bun a year ago, that the hairstyle is automatically going to get them company in bed. The problem is, if one isn't already an attractive, charismatic, confident gent, he will likely just look like such, but with a man bun. Much like a bloated, unwashed, nose-picker in a Ferrari, a hairstyle or accessory does not automatically cause women to come running.

Much like the man bun, women have recently been chopping off their hair in favor of what some call a "pixie cut" and the results are very hit and miss. While a healthy number of female celebrities who make such a choice look great, some women who go for such a hairstyle end up looking like prepubescent boys with mushroom cuts. Again, much like a man bun doesn't make a drooling, toothless hillbilly into a stud, a short, fashionable haircut won't turn a middle aged, cross-eyed cat lady with a hygiene problem into a sex symbol. Because we like to focus on the beauty in life, here are fifteen smoking hot celebrities who look incredibly sexy with short hair.

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15 Miley Cyrus (sometimes)

Why did we have to stipulate "sometimes"? Well, it has a lot to do with the facial expression. Naturally, Miley Cyrus is a beautiful woman. Back before 2012, she usually had long hair that fluctuated in style and color, but she always looked beautiful (even with the jailbait factor). She had and continues to have a great body, and nice eyes, and looks good with short hair, whether in a fauxhawk or not, but not when she makes that stupid face with her tongue sticking out. That's why she is a "sometimes" here.

14 Victoria Beckham

While she may be fourteenth on this list, Victoria Beckham may well be a top five in the category of the RBF (resting-b*tch-face), referring to women who may not be feeling good or bad whatsoever, but simply look miserable and angry (almost 24/7). With that in mind however, the former Spice Girl looks hot no matter what she does with her hair. Now 41 years old, she's opted for short hair off and on for the last few years and can pull it off beautifully.

13 Carey Mulligan

London-born actress Carey Mulligan has been acting for a little over ten years and got her start back in 2004, playing Kitty Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. More recently, she's won awards for her work in a couple of independent films; The Greatest and An Education, and has impressed audiences and critics alike with starring roles in Drive and The Great Gatsby. For our purposes, however, it is just important that you not only admire her abilities on screen (and stage) but also take note that she looks awesome with short hair.

12 Sienna Miller

Most of you probably know Sienna Miller as Chris Kyle's hot wife in last year's War on Terror film American Sniper. Others probably know her as the woman on whom Jude Law cheated. Taking one look at her, we're confused as to how one could ever cheat on such a beautiful woman, but I guess this is another instance of that golden rule that has undone so many famous men: "dudes want to sleep with all hot women, all the time, at all costs".

But getting back to the issue at hand, Sienna Miller looks somewhat older with her hair cut short, but still fantastic.

11 Anne Hathaway

After getting her start in a number of kids films such as Ella Enchanted and The Princess Diaries movies, Anne Hathaway removed some clothing in 2005's Havoc and quickly came to be known as a hottie. Since her start back in 2001, she's become one of the most well-known women in show business. For the past couple of years she has rocked a short haircut from time to time and it definitely works.

10 Evan Rachel Wood

American actress Evan Rachel Wood, has the kind of great looking face that we imagine, would still look great if all she did was hop out of bed and get sprayed with a hose every morning. So with that in mind, short hair was really nothing for her to pull off. While she's been acting since before the age of ten, she is probably best known for one of her more recent roles in major films such as Across the Universe, The Wrestler and HBO's True Blood. 

9 Rihanna

If you ever need a reason to visit the beautiful island of Barbados, we'll give you one. Rihanna is from there and we're willing to bet that there are a ton of women roughly as hot as she is. At the same time, it goes without saying that there are probably plenty of women there who are nowhere near Rihanna on the hot scale, so maybe our point is moot.

When she started her career about a decade ago, Rihanna usually had hair that went below her shoulders, but in the past couple of years, she has opted for short hair, and generally looks threateningly hot.

8 Ashlee Simpson

The star of that lip syncing nightmare on Saturday Night Live is our number eight, and has been the subject of a debate now a decade old. Which of the Simpson sisters is hotter? While there was a point at which Jessica was winning, these days we have to give the victory to Ashlee. She has not achieved as much success in show business, but neither of these lasses are scrounging for money.

When she opts for shorter hair, we must say that she looks like a very different person, but that's not a problem, that other person looks fantastic.

7 Keira Knightley

You may have missed it, but Keira Knightley was one of the queen's handmaidens in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, a flick that was halfway between a children's movie and a bad acid trip. Otherwise, she's become renowned for period films and of course, Elizabeth in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. She's another one of those celebs with a face that is naturally easy on the eyes and pulls off the short hair look nicely. It's not a new joke, but her last name is not just a last name, it also describes how frequently we think about her.

6 Kaley Cuoco

Most famous for playing a hapless but somewhat street-smart blonde who hangs out with nerds, Kaley Cuoco is one of the sweethearts of prime time television. Prior to her time on The Big Bang Theory, she stole hearts as Bridget on the show 8 Simple Rules. In the past couple of years she's been going with the short hair fad every now and again, and she is killing it, and looks awesome. As of September of this year, she is single so good luck, gents.

5 Michelle Williams

After mostly small roles in movies for much of the 1990s, Michelle Williams' first major role was Jen on Dawson's Creek. She's been doing movies and television work ever since, with notable roles in Brokeback Mountain and Shutter Island, in which she played a neglected wife who drowned her children. Outside of the screen however, she's one of those actresses who doesn't get a ton of publicity, except for that brief period after husband Heath Ledger had died, when nobody would leave her alone. Getting back to the issue however, Michelle Williams is another celebrity who looks really good with short hair.

4 Natalie Portman

A few entries ago, we included one of her former co-workers from when she was Padme/Amidala, Keira Knightley, but here is the real queen herself. Natalie Portman has a pretty enough face that she can pull off just about any look. She could smear herself with dirt and douse herself in ketchup and sauerkraut and we would still see a gorgeous woman covered in dirt and condiments. She looked good in V for Vendetta, when she was required to shave her head for the role, but with short hair, she looks somewhat tomboy-ish but not in a bad way by any means.

3 Shailene Woodley

Much like Natalie Portman, actress Shailene Woodley also cut off most of her hair for a role. Playing Triss Prior in The Divergent Series: Insurgent, Woodley's long hair was cut off as part of her character's transformation (of sorts) at the start of the film. Who knows what it is, maybe the smile, maybe the cheekbones or some combination of the two, but whether her hair is long or short, she still looks fantastic.

2 Emma Watson

Emma Watson has one of the most interesting and accomplished resumes of anyone in show business. Aside from her acting career, which speaks for itself, she is an academic, and works for gender equality with the UN. This is a roundabout way of saying, she's smart, beautiful, talented and is having an impact on the world. And here I sit, writing about hot women. I have no complaints.

For most of her time after the Harry Potter movies, she has kept her hair around shoulder length, but from time to time she has it cut short, and we really can't complain about that either.

1 Jennifer Lawrence

For the past few years, Jennifer Lawrence has become the dream girl of most men who watch popular movies. She can play a strong, serious heroine, an X-Men villain or a troubled widow, and has been praised for her work in all three vastly different roles. But for the most part, guys love the whole "beautiful blonde with pretty eyes and a great sense of humor" routine that she does so well.

Much like the rest of the women on this list, Jennifer Lawrence could probably wake up hungover, roll around in mud, dress in a tarp and still look amazing. The short hair look works for her and like any other hairstyle she's worn, the smile and bubbly personality shine no matter what.

Sources: elle.com

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