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Top 13 Gay Male Hollywood Celebrities

Top 13 Gay Male Hollywood Celebrities

Homosexuality is not uncommon in Hollywood. Mainstream America has accepted the sexual preferences of some of its top actors but many are still in the closet. However, there are some who are brave enough to declare openly that they’re gay. In recent times, society has been able to shake off homophobia, with president Obama even legalizing same sex marriages. This has brought about a change that has seen gay lifestyles being embraced. The people love these celebrities, despite their sexuality, because of their talents and the obvious contributions that they’ve made on the big screen. Here is the list:

1. Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellan

Ian has for a long time been suspected to be gay. He has been a major figure in Hollywood starring in several movies like: Gods And Monsters, The Da Vinci Code, Lord of The Rings and Golden Compass.

2. Stephen Fry


He is currently an actor in ‘Kingdom’. In the past years, Stephen has made appearances in numerous Blockbuster movies such as Cold Comfort Farm and Harry Potter.

3. Neil Patrick Harris


As a rookie in Hollywood, Neil starred in The Doogie Howser, M.D. At the present moment, you can catch him on the popular TV drama How I Met Your Mother.

4. Nathan Lane


He has been on screen for several years now appearing in several productions which include: Frankie & Johnny, Stuart Little and The Producers.

5. Chad Allen

Unit still taken on the set of Shock To The System

Chad started out as an actor in St. Elsewhere and Our House. He also played a role in Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, which was released about a decade ago, as Matt Cooper.

6. John Waters

John Waters

This Hollywood celebrity has several titles to his name. Despite being a producer, director and writer, John has also starred in numerous productions like Serial Mom, Seed of Chucky, Pecker, and Hairspray.

7. John Barrowman


Mr. Barrowman is a familiar figure in the film industry starring in movies like Torchwood, Titans and The Producers. Currently, you can catch him on Doctor Who.

8. Harvey Fierstein

Harvey Fierstein

Harvey is well-known to fans as a funny character, with a deep voice, loved by many, especially the ladies. He has starred in several films which include: Independence Day, Death to Smoochy, Torch Song Trilogy, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Bullets Over Broadway.

9. Michael Jeter

Michael Jeter

Michael has starred in productions like Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, Evening Shade, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Patch Adams, The Green Mile, Jurassic Park III, and Welcome to Collinwood.

10. Lance Bass

Lance Bass

Lance publicly admitted to being in a relationship with Reichen Lemkuhl, who was the winner of the Amazing Race 4, in 2006. The former NSYNC singer has currently appeared in Dancing With The Stars.

11. David Geffen

David Geffen

David is highly regarded in Hollywood for being a co-founding member of DreamWorks, together with David Guest and Steven Spielberg. The film and music producer openly admitted to be gay but not after dating some of the top female actresses.

12. David Hyde Pierce

AARP Impact Awards

In 2007, David openly thanked his partner Brian as he delivered an acceptance speech during the 61st Annual Tony Awards. He admitted to being in a relationship that had lasted for 24 years with his lover.

13. George Takei

Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Oscar Party

George is synonymous with the Star Trek movies and TV series. In 2008, he publicly wedded his gay partner at a lavish ceremony in California.


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