Top 12 Hottest Celebrity Sister Duos

Despite minor bickering, hair tugging and prior childhood jealousy (usually over the silliest things), there really is no better friend than a sister. After all, they provide us with so many simple joys. They harbor your deepest and darkest secrets and if they're nice enough, at times, they'll let you borrow that skirt or that floral dress that you have been admiring in their closet.

But what better feeling than being a celebrity and having a sister by your side to help you cope with constant rumors presented in the media and the pesky paparazzi always following you around? For these celebrities, they have not been shy of showing off their sisterly love and the gratitude for one another on and off camera. Read more to find out which famous sisters made the list.

12 Tia and Tamera

Double the trouble? More like double the beauty and class! Tia and Tamera had fans around the world wanting a twin sister when their hit TV series Sister, Sister first aired in 1994. The show ran a successful six seasons and won them several Image Awards. The sisters continued their television success by starring in the Disney original movies Seventeen Again and The Game and Style Network's Tia and Tamera. Throughout their career, the pair have always remained humble and nothing short of classy. Today, Tia and Tamera are married with beautiful children, however you can still catch Tamera hosting the hit talk show The Real, while Tia is set to appear in Barbershop 3, coming out in 2016.

11 Paris and Nicky Hilton

I can only imagine Paris Hilton's infamous catchphrase "that's hot" first came about when older sis Nicky Hilton tried on one of Paris' velour tracksuits back in the early 2000's. You can argue that the sisters are famous for being famous, however you can rest assured knowing that the sisters have blossomed from socialites to businesswomen. Paris Hilton's fragrances have reportedly earned $1.5 billion and from her product sales, she racks in over $10 million. In 2014, Nicky released a 10-piece collection with eLuxe.

10 Vanessa and Angela Simmons


9 Jessica and Ashlee Simpson

Coming in at number ten, are pop-singer sisters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. The Simpson sisters showed us not only does vocal talent run through their family, but so does a sense of humor. On the 2003 show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Jessica was not afraid to let her hair down and allow us to witness some of her ditziest moments to date. We didn't forget about the buffalo chicken ordeal, Jessica! Today, the sisters are happily married with children.

8 Haylie and Hilary Duff


While we may be unsure if blondes really do have more fun, we are certainly sure that sisters Haylie and Hilary, fit the bill of being two beautiful bombshells. Just like sisters, Haylie and Hilary began their acting endeavors in 1997 and haven't stop since then. And what better way to solidify their sisterly bond than by starring together in their 2006 comedy Material Girls? How sweet! Even though her Lizzie McGuire days are over, Hilary has continued to make her mark on TV, with shows such as Project Runway, Law and Order: SVU and currently TV Land's Younger. Haylie has also graduated from running for class president in the 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite, to becoming a wife and mother of a baby girl.

7 Penélope and Mónica Cruz


As if Spain wasn't already known for its beautiful culture and attractions, along come muy caliente Cruz sisters: Penélope and Mónica. And as it turns out, the prettiest people don't do the ugliest things, after all. When Penélope's baby bump was growing and hard to hide during the filming of Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, little sister Mónica stepped up and understudied for Penélope's role by appearing in long-distance shots. I suppose it was this moment which inspired Mónica to want a baby so feverishly herself, she conceived a baby girl through artificial insemination in 2013.

6 Bria and Shayne Murphy


Born to model Nicole Mitchell Murphy and comedian and actor Eddie Murphy, Bria and Shayne are two of the most beautiful sisters currently blessing the streets of California. Bria, 25, is a current model and first starred alongside her famous dad in the 2003 comedy Daddy Day Care. She became the new face of Dark and Lovely in 2011, and starred as the lead model in Wale's "Bad" music video released in 2013. Little sister Shayne, 20, can be found gracing Instagram with her stunning pictures which will probably land her a modeling gig in the near future. The alluring pair recently did a lingerie photo shoot in step-father Michael Strahan's mansion.

5 Joanna and Marta Krupa


Known for their roles on Real Housewives of Miami, Joanna and Marta Krupa rank as number five on our list. Joanna, 36, starred on season nine of Dancing With The Stars and Poland's Next Top Model. She has also appeared on the front pages of Envy, Inside Sport, Playboy and Maxim, which ranked her #55 in its 2011 Hot 100 issue. But you can certainly keep your kiełbasa in your pants, these Polish sisters are taken. Joanna is married to businessman Romain Zago, and Marta is said to be dating IndyCar Racer Marco Andretti. Sorry, fellas!

4 The Jaro Sisters


What do you get when you combine Puerto Rican, Filipino, and a whole lot of sexiness? Well, simple, you get the Jaro sisters, Justene and Dawn. Coming in at number four on our list, we have Justene and Dawn Jaro. Originating from Atlanta, Ga, they have risen in popularity for their appearances in street wear and sneaker campaigns. The sisters, although mistaken as twins, are actually different in age with Dawn being the older sister. You can catch them on Instagram: @DawnJaro and @Justene_j.

3 Kim, Khloe and Kourtney

Whether you love them or hate them, the Kardashian sisters are undoubtedly three of the hottest and most famous sisters around the world. Although their rise to fame is rather a questionable one, that did not stop Kourtney, Kim and Khloe from turning their fame into fortune. The name Kardashian empire alone is worth millions, between their clothing line, multiple Dash stores, and 10 season reality television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And with Kris Jenner now being a grandmother of five, it looks as though the Kardashian blood is here to stay.

2 Beyoncé and Solange


Nobody loves their younger sister quite like Beyonce loves Solange. And the love is certainly reciprocated. Solange redefined the phrase 'sisters before misters' when she was involved in an elevator altercation with Beyonce's husband Jay-Z, back in 2014. The footage showed Solange repeatedly hitting Jay-Z while Beyonce just stood there. Although the cause of the altercation is quite an ambiguous one, the three have seemingly forgiven each other since the incident and moved forward. Now that's love.

1 Kendall and Kylie Jenner

The Jenner sisters have definitely come a long way since the beginning seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and obviously all for the better. Between the two, their beauty and accolades have landed them the covers of Teen Vogue, GQ and Cosmopolitan. But being beautiful is not just any old easy job. Kendall first started modeling as young as 14 years old when she was first signed to Wilhelmina Models. She got her first gig with Forever 21 in 2009. In 2012, the duo had pre-teens and teens alike, flocking to Pacsun to get their hands on the renowned "Kendall and Kylie" line. Having not even reached 21 years old yet, the two have a combined net worth of approximately $5 million (aside from their multi-million dollar family). Between their social media influence and constant media attention, there is no wonder why Time magazine included the Jenner sisters as "The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014".

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