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Top 10 Ways To Rock Her World In The Bedroom

Top 10 Ways To Rock Her World In The Bedroom

What does it really take to be an amazing lover in the bedroom? Sure, there are tips you can do to heat up the bedroom, but if you are going to be a true Sex God, you’re going to need to be able to check off every single one of these boxes. Thankfully for you, not only do we lay out the tips and tricks, but we even give you some advice on how to make sure it is properly implemented in your bedroom.

Nothing is sexier to your partner than them feeling like you are putting in an active effort into your relationship, and let us assure you, if you’re the best lay of your partners life, then your partner will know that you are one dedicated and passionate lover. Sex can seem like a lot of work sometimes, but if you are with the right partner you should hopefully be left feeling like it is well worth the effort that goes into it.

There is no universal truth to what every person is going to want in the bedroom. But what is true is that a lot of these tips and tricks are ones that can be applied in a general sense to your bedroom. Don’t be selfish. Be respectful. If you have a few tips and tricks, for heaven’s sake, make sure you know how to use them effectively because there are far too many awful lovers out there.

Your ladies, as well as yourself, are welcome, because if you can do these 10 things, your lady will think you’re the best lover around.

10. Know How To Pull Hair

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When it comes to getting down and dirty, sometimes you may find yourself being with a partner who enjoys having their hair pulled. This can definitely add a sexy element, but do you know what is not sexy? Having her yell out, or her face turn from one of pleasure to one of pain almost immediately. How do you pull hair? You grab softly from the base of the hair/neck until you know you have a good grip. If you just start yanking, you’re going to cause more pain than pleasure. Instead, if you can take a deep breath and relax, you’ll find that your focused attention will lead to increased pleasure.

9. Take Your Time 

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I don’t know if you know this, but sex isn’t all about the end result. It’s how you get to it that matters. If you want to become a Sex God, you need to make sure your partner is properly warmed up before entry. The biggest piece of advice is to try and relax and take it slow. Too often a guy will force the action, making for a stiff and unenjoyable experience. Above all else, listen to her.

Also, remember that there is more than one position, and switching it up can have a huge advantage.

8. Vocalize Your Wants

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Nothing is going to make you feel more desired than having sexual sessions that leave you feeling like you are on the top of the world. How are you going to have these amazing sessions? You’re not going to be afraid to look at your partner and vocalize what it is you want in the bedroom. Everyone has different ideas of what makes them feel good, and if you get in the habit of telling your partner, then they can remember and hopefully implement them in the near future.

7. Experiment

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I hate to break it to you, but the biggest sex superstars out there probably aren’t doing the same thing every single time. Part of being great in the sac is being able to open up your own sexual world to include some kinks or types of pleasure that your partner may enjoy. This doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your comfort level to please your partner, but if you have the opportunity to experiment and it doesn’t cause uncomfortable feelings, why not? You may never know what you like until you try it, and you need to trust that your partner is one that will stop if you ever feel uncomfortable.

6. Kiss Her And Mean It

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If you aren’t a good kisser, there isn’t a chance in hell that you are going to be any good in bed. People may think foreplay needs to involve some nudity, but even a good make out session on the couch can be wonderful for getting each other’s motors revving. Make sure if you are kissing your partner, you do not have too much saliva in your mouth. You’re sharing a kiss, not a spit drink. Ideally, having good breath will also go a long way to making sure your partner wants to kiss you.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to kiss or softly whisper into her ear, especially if you are whispering what it is you want to do to her!

5. Tell Her, Then Show Her That You Know What She Likes

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There is nothing sexier than being a good listener. If you are going to be any form of bedroom legend, you’re going to need to be able to rock her world on a consistent basis and leave her always feeling like you are doing just what she wants before she even knows she wants it. How are you going to do this? Either you’re going to become a mind-reader, or you’re going to learn to listen to what your partner likes and remember it going forward. It will make your partner feel like when they are communicating with you, it is being well-received.

Pro Tip: If you can, try and scoop under her lower back or use a pillow to gain a better angle. While this won’t work for everyone, it may work for your lady.

4. Have Multiple Ways To Make Her Feel Desired

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Similar to the other factors that make sure you get a repeat performance in the bedroom, one is making sure that your partner is left feeling desired. You can do this in a few ways, but the biggest is going to be physically telling your partner how attractive they are. Show them not only through your actions but also your words how much you appreciate being intimate with them and you’ll find that they will be far more receptive to any of your advances. Not to mention that they’ll be more willing to put in that extra effort to please you if they know that you’ll do the same for them.

3. You’re Able To Make It Last

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Let’s be honest, while this is a sensitive area for a lot of guys, part of being a good lover is making sure that any session in the bedroom can last long enough to have an impact on your lady friend. You might have all the moves in the world, but if they’re over in 15 seconds then it’s just going to be like a teaser trailer. If you feel yourself getting closer to the edge, you should know that it is okay to slow things down and focus on other areas in order to regain your composure. If you keep going and you really can’t hold back anymore, use this as an opportunity to tell your partner just how sexy they are that you can’t contain yourself. Sure, it may not make you feel amazing, but I bet your partner will be left feeling desired.

2. Put Effort Into The Setup


Nobody wants to feel unprepared when it comes to making love. Having a condom is basic, but an experienced person will also have things like lubricant or other potential toys at the ready so that you don’t have to spend that crucial time fumbling around. Putting in effort towards sex in a general sense will also let your partner know that it is something you value and that too can have a huge role in your relationship continuing to grow. Just make sure you aren’t that creepy guy who has 20 different bottles of lube on the first date.

1. Grab Her Body

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This is obviously going to depend on your comfort level, but one of the sexiest things that you can feel is your partner’s hands running all over your body. Not to mention that for some women, grabbing certain areas can also lead to pleasure. Similarly, if you do this while also remarking about how sexy your partner is, you may also leave your partner feeling incredibly desired and that is a surefire way to get some repeated trips to the bedroom.

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