Top 10 Signs She's a One-Night Stand

There was a time when one-night stands were considered taboo. The women who participated in them were considered “easy” and the men considered “pigs.” However, times have changed. Nowadays it is extremely normal to engage in a one-night stand. Sex has a different meaning than it did when our parents were growing up. Yes, sex is something that should be done between two people who respect each other and you should only start having sex when you are mature enough to deal with whatever consequences could come with it. Sex, is also part of life, it is human instinct and sometimes a person just needs to get laid.

The one-night stand has been around forever, but it was not until right now that men had the tricks to know how to spot out a girl who is a one-night stand. I am not writing this to help men use women; I am writing this to help men understand how to differentiate a one-night stand from a girl you are going to take out on a date. The following ten signs are ones to look for next time you are out on the town looking for someone to keep you warm for the night. So gentlemen, pay close attention!


10 You Guys Have Nothing in Common

And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. Conversation between the two of you is limited and the only thing you guys share is the fact that you want to get in one another’s pants. Sometimes you can be ridiculously attracted to someone physically, but mentally there is literally no connection. This ends up either turning into a one-night stand or simply turning into nothing. So, next time you are in a club debating whether the girl you have nothing in common with is worth taking out on a date, know that she’s not, and quite frankly, she is probably seeking a one-night stand as well.

9 She is Easily Influenced 


If a girl has no real sense of self, she will most likely be easily influenced. Whether she is being influenced by her friends or by a man, women have trouble expressing what they want sometimes. If it is easy to tell a girl a lie and she believes it, it will most probably be easy to get in her pants. Men sometimes see women as targets they want to hit and sadly a lot of the time, they tell a woman whatever it is she wants to hear, which in most cases is a lie. Their friends can also influence them; if her girls are going home with guys, there is a big chance she may follow the trend. It all depends what kind of personality she has.

8 You Can’t Stand Hearing Her Talk 

Have you ever seen a woman from a distance and thought to yourself “ I need her” but once you get to speak with her you realize that you can’t stand the sound of her voice? Well my friend, chances are if you get with this girl she is just going to be a one-night stand. Clearly, you can't seriously consider dating someone whose voice irritates the hell out of you, but who says you can't have a one-night stand with one? I mean, talking can be optional right? Men are good at separating what they want physically from what they want emotionally, and sometimes "physical" is all that really matters in the moment.

7 You Are Honest With What You Want and She Sticks Around 


Men think that in order to have a one-night stand they have to lie about what their intentions are. What men don’t realize is that they will have more of a chance by being honest than they would by lying. Women know the tricks men use to get them into bed, if you are honest with her about not looking for anything past the night and she sticks around, that means you are on the fast track to bang town. She knows what she's getting herself into and you can go to bed with a clear conscience, knowing you didn’t lie to get what you want.

6 She’s Wasted 

Have you ever heard a girl say “I can't believe I slept with him last night”? Well, if you have, chances are that girl was hung over like crazy when she was saying that. A lot of women tend to lose their inhibitions when they are extremely intoxicated; they also tend to lower their standards. That combination is pretty deadly if you are trying to avoid a one-night stand. There is nothing wrong with a girl who wants to let go and have fun, however, unfortunately most of the time they regret it the next day, especially when they are wasted.

5 She is Sad 


Sometimes when a woman is sad, she just wants to go home with a man and forget about her problems for the night. Many women find comfort in not being alone, or being held by somebody. However, they are not in the state to consider anyone as a potential boyfriend. So, this is when a woman decides to go to a bar, find a nice, respectful guy and have a nice night of sweet, uncommitted sex. Sometimes the best way to escape is to be with someone who has no idea who you are or what you are going through.

4 She Has “Sleepover” Gear in Her Bag 

A girl who brings an extra pair of panties and a toothbrush out with her is planning on spending the night out. Girls like to be somewhat prepared and if she is lugging around panties with her, chances are she is looking to get some. When a girl is out looking to sleep with a man, a relationship is not on her mind. There are different ways of behaving towards a man you want to date and one you purely want to sleep with. Most girls don’t have a one-night stand with a guy they thought they saw a future with, however sometimes the greatest relationships come out of one-night stands. In the end, you never know how you will meet prince charming!


3 Her Friend Tells You to Take Her Home


Girls tell their friends everything within seconds, so if a girl's friend is hinting for you to take her home, chances are she is speaking for her friend…literally. Girls get shy to be straight up when it comes to sex, so sometimes their best gal pal gives them the extra push they need to make it happen. So gentlemen, if a girl's friend is telling you “oh em gee, you should totally take her back to your place,” you are most likely going to have sex and then you are most likely never going to see her again. Listen to the “besties,” they know what the girl really wants!

2 She’s On the Rebound 

The girl that is on the rebound is usually the one who is most likely to have a one-night stand. The probable situation is she and her boyfriend broke up a little while ago and she is not looking for anything. However, she does not want the last man to have touched her to be her ex. So, in hopes of getting her ex off her mind, she goes out to find herself a man for the night. This is the best kind of one-night stand because it is almost like she is sleeping with you to get revenge on the bastard who hurt her, usually making the sex pretty great.

1 She Tells You That's All She's Looking For 


Believe it or not, some girls are “more straight” up than you think. Nowadays, women have as much power as men when it comes to sex, if not more. Society has accepted that women are sexual beings and sometimes they just want to get it in. If you meet a girl one-night and she tells you all she wants is sex, chances are after the deed is done you will never hear from her again. If she wanted to date you she would have played her cards differently, but she doesn’t want to date you, she wants to sleep with you. Women can separate the two, regardless of what men believe!


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