Top 10 Sexiest Female Athlete Endorsements

If there are three things that are definite in life, they are: death, taxes and female athletes having incredible bodies. With the exception of perhaps weight lighters and maybe sumo wrestlers (yes, t

If there are three things that are definite in life, they are: death, taxes and female athletes having incredible bodies. With the exception of perhaps weight lighters and maybe sumo wrestlers (yes, there are female sumo wrestlers), I bet you can’t name one female athlete that doesn't have an absolutely smoking hot body. Combine that and the fact that sex sells, well congratulations, you have hot products endorsed by even hotter women. Here are ten of the sexiest female athlete endorsements. Many of the ladies on this list could easily have been professional models, had they not been gifted athletically. In fact, many are cover girls, having graced the pages of elite magazines such as Maxim, GQ, FHM, the illustrious Sports Swimsuit Issue and even (gasp), Playboy magazine. Don't worry, all these pictures are all safe for work, but it still might be a good idea, if you’re reading this at the office, not to drool.

11 Kerri Walsh-Jennings For Designer Whey

Beach volley player, Kerri Walsh-Jennings won gold metals at the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. Bringing a whole lot of sexy back to beach volley ball, in 2006, she became the fourth American woman to make over $1 million in sports earnings. Most recently, she brought sexy back (pun intended, look at that picture!) again to Whey Protein, becoming the brand ambassador for Designer Whey. While Jennings-Walsh has previously endorsed Gatorade and Visa, her endorsement for Designer Whey is most certainly her hottest. Judging from the picture above, if putting Designer Whey in a smoothie or protein shake will give any one of us, a body like that, we’ll take a case. Better yet, make it two!

10 Maria Sharapova for Tag Heur

Maria Sharapova is ranked the number six tennis player in the world, but she is definitely number one in the 'hotness' ranking. In 2006, she was the highest-paid female athlete in the world, raking in over $18 million, according to Forbes Magazine. Sharapova has had endorsement deals with many companies including Prince, Head, Porche, Tag Heur, Motorola, Canon and Land Rover. She has also designed her own clothing lines in collaboration with Nike and Cole Haan. While it's a strange choice for an athlete, she also has a line of candy called Sugarpova, of which a portion of the profits benefit charity. With her body, we wonder if Sharapova actually eats her own candy...

9 Anna Kournikova for Shock Absorber Bras

Anna Kournikova has made headlines for her tennis skills. She has not, however, made headlines for being a record-breaking athlete. Kournikova has never won a WTA title. The peak of her career was in 2000, when she was ranked number eight in the world, which in all fairness, isn't too shabby! But we cannot deny that her looks and body aren't record-breaking! Kournikova has graced the covers of GQ, Maxim, FHM, as well as Sports Illustrated, and was named one of People Magazine's Fifty Most Beautiful People. Over the years, she’s had many endorsement deals including Shock Absorber Bras, Xbox and Milk. Now retired, Kournikova is more of a professional celebrity, than a professional athlete. Not that anyone minds...

8 Amanda Beard for Speedo

Amanda Beard is one of the world’s sexiest swimmers. She is a seven-time Olympic medalist with two gold, four silver and one bronze metal. She also formerly held the world record for the long course 200-meter breaststroke. Additionally, Beard is known for another kind of fame, the kind she gains through modeling. Beard has been been featured on many magazine covers including Playboy, FHM and Triathlete. She has also signed many endorsement deals including Speedo (pictured above), Go Daddy and Ab Circle Pro. Most recently, she appeared on the reality show Celebrity Wife Swap, swapping with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, aka Speidi.

7 Serena Williams for Nike

Serena Williams is without a doubt, one of the biggest names in tennis. She currently ranks number one in women’s singles tennis, and holds four Olympic gold metals. In other words, Serena is the real deal. Speaking of deals, Williams has tons of endorsements from Nike, to Tampax and Puma. Her Nike endorsement, which was signed in 2004, earned her a jaw-dropping $40 million. As if that weren’t enough, she has handbags and jewelry lines, which are available from HSN. In 2010, Williams became a certified nail technician, in order to prepare for designing a line of nails with a company called Hairtech, but she probably won’t need to fall back on that career.

6 Dara Torres for Milk

Dara Torres made headlines when, at 41 years old (with a 15 year old daughter), she became the oldest swimmer to ever earn a place on the US Olympic team. She also holds the world record for being a twelve-time Olympic medalist. Torres has always been hot, both in and out of the water. Her mother was a model and Torres appeared in the 1994 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Torres has many endorsements deals including GoodChime, Koss, Innovative Body Solutions, Tommie Cooper, Appcession and of course, Milk. Torres proves that, not only can women be athletes at any age, but that hotness is timeless.

5 Lindsey Vonn Redbull/Under Armour


Not only is Lindsey Vonn the girlfriend of Tiger Woods, she’s a serious athlete herself. Vonn has won four World Cup Championship alpine ski races. In fact, she is only one of two women to ever hold the record. At the 2010 Winter Olympics, she became the first woman to ever win a gold metal for downhill skiing. Unfortunately, she dropped out of the 2014 Olympics due to injuries, but she is still racing on the endorsement circuit. Vonn currently endorses Rolex, Under Armour, Red Bull, Head and Oakley. She reportedly makes $5 million a year in endorsement deals alone.

3 Julia Mancuso for Lange

Who’s Julia Mancuso? She’s so hot, it doesn't really matter. But if you are curious, Julia Mancuso holds the record for having the most metals ever, for an American Alpine Skier. She won the gold metal for the giant slalom at the 2006 Winter Olympics. She also won two silver metals for downhill and combined, from 2010. In the 2014 Winter Olympics, she won the bronze metal for the combined race. Another record she holds is for being the only female athlete to ever create her own lingerie line, which is called Kiss My Tiara. The name stems from wearing a tiara over her helmet for good luck. Mancuso also became the first female spokesperson for Lange ski boots, as pictured above.

2 Hope Solo for Nike

Hope Solo is a two time Olympic gold medalist and one of the most well known American female goal-keepers in Soccer. She is also the American record holder for most shutouts. Solo is also a reality TV star and was on Dancing With The Stars, in 2011, but later claimed her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy slapped her and that show is fixed. Solo also made headlines for her drunken arrest on June 21, 2014. She was charged with two misdemeanor counts of fourth degree domestic violent assault, against her nephew and sister. Hopefully (no pun intended), she won't drop the ball on her endorsements with Nike, Blackberry, Western Union, EA, Ubisoft, Seiko, Gatorade and Simple Skincare. With looks and talent like hers, we can only hope Solo (the puns just keep on coming with this one) will be better known for blocking shots rather than for her mug shots.

1 Erica Hosseini for Oakley

Erica Hosseini is a professional surfer, who at one point, was ranked 58th in the world. She holds several records, including being the youngest surfer to make the finals of an ASP pro event, where she came in second place. Hosseini has also won many titles, but never made the ranks of top surfers. However, that never stopped her from getting tons of endorsement deals including Oakley, Casio, Watches, Sector Nine Skateboards, Flip Flop Shops, Jack’s Surf Shop, and Sharp Eye Surfboards. She doesn’t appear to be winning too many titles these days, but she is doing a whole lot of modeling…

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