Top 10 Pathetic Mistakes You're Making At The Gym

Going to the gym is something that tons of people do. Whether it's to lose lots of weight, tone up, or completely bulk, everybody has a reason. With all these different motivations comes lots of different people who do things in unique ways. For the average Joe who has a pretty consistent gym schedule and routine, going there is a relaxing, casual experience. Hitting the gym isn't about setting records and being tougher than the person next to you, no matter how many people make it seem that way.

Unfortunately, getting to the gym isn't always so easy. No matter how old you are, you have family and friends. Squeezing in time with these important people, along with dedicating enough time to work, and trying to get some sleep somewhere in there makes it difficult to get to the gym in the first place and there's usually no desire to even want to. So when people finally do have time to go to the gym somewhere in their busy schedules, the last thing they want is to be annoyed the entire time they're supposed to be focusing on working out.

There are just some courtesies that should be acknowledged when going to the gym. It doesn't matter how big your muscles are, how toned your body is, or how comfortable you are in the gym - it's time to realize there are other people who use the gym, too. Here are the 10 gym mistakes you could be making.

10 Listening to your music without headphones

9 Strutting your stuff

8 Only going to the gym during peaks

7 Judging others

6 Lingering

5 Sitting on machines without using them

4 Warming up too close to another person

3 Staring

2 Coming with your friend(s) but not working out

1 Bad hygiene

The absolute worst thing that any gym goer, new or veteran, can do is avoiding exercising proper hygiene. No matter where you are in the gym, people pass you, work out near you, and stand by you in the locker room. It's guaranteed that most people do not want to smell the fact that you don't wear deodorant while running next to you on the treadmill or after taking over the machine you were just at. It's important to always wear deodorant as well as shower regularly if you work out intensely and often. Not only does this promote a healthier body and lifestyle, but it'll save the noses of those around you.


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Top 10 Pathetic Mistakes You're Making At The Gym