1010- Oak Island “Money Pit”- Amount Unknown

There is said to be a “Money Pit” located in Nova Scotia, Canada, which has become one of the World’s longest running treasure hunts. For hundreds of years, treasure hunters have traveled to Nova Scotia to try to retrieve treasure, but have come up empty handed

due to many booby traps.

In 1795, a teenager Daniel McGinnis located a hole in Oak Island where surrounding trees had been removed. Curious, he began excavating and what he found caused an excitement in all treasure seekers. Located were man-made artifacts and symbols, with one particular message stating forty feet below, two million pounds buried. Myths surrounding tool marks, pick scrapes, engraved messages, and loose dirt led to the theory that there is treasure in the hole found on the island. Unfortunately, due to supposed booby traps and lots of flooding, there hasn’t been any treasure located. There are a few popular theories that are associated with the “Money Pit”-

  • The hole contains treasure from pirates and naval treasure.
  • It could hold the missing priceless jewels of Marie Antoinette.
  • It’s believed that English Professor Francis Bacon used the pit to hide documents proving that he was in fact the author of Shakespeare’s plays. 

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