Top 10 Numbers Women Always Lie About

When it comes to women, straight men can't seem to live with them or without them. We're always loving what they provide and how wonderful they are to us, then at times we're wondering why they're so mean to us. Truly, we as men are the dumb ones in some cases compared to the smarts that a woman possesses.

However, we're not as dumb as some like to think. Let's be honest; people lie. Not everyone does all of the time, but human beings are programmed to do so at least sometime in their life, whether they are young when they do it or old.

Lying to a friend that you're busy so you don't have to do something is just as much of a lie as cheating on your significant other and denying it when they investigate. There is no difference between the two, however one might seem worse.

Women lie more than men, at least that's according to The Daily Mail, who claim that at least one in three people lie. Their big number comes from a survey that found at least four in five women lie on a daily basis. Some are little white lies while others are much bigger. A lie is a lie regardless, and we thought that it would be good to dive into certain numbers women lie about, as well as why they do so.

You might be surprised by some of the picks, but trust us when we say it's completely true. Men, pay attention, we're about to save your life. You're welcome, by the way.


10 How Much They Make

Many women like to be independent and act is if they don't need a man. Many do a wonderful job at this and truly do not need a two income home to live comfortably. Meanwhile, others like to come off as if they don't need any help from someone else.

You may ask a woman what she makes and she may very well lie about this simply out of the independence of it all. Others lie based on embarrassment. Some do not make as much as others and will lie so that they do not come off looking poor. This number is mostly for other women.

Remember, women can be jackals and they attack each other far more than they attack men. It should come as no surprise that women lie more about finances to other women than they do with men.

9 Time It Takes To Get Ready


"I woke up like this" is a slogan many girls love to use, but it's a complete lie. There are some women who are gorgeous and can do no wrong with how they look. However, this is the smaller percentage and not the larger.

Some women have claimed it takes them just 30 minutes to get ready and it truly takes much, much longer. There are some women crafted from God who truly can get ready quickly, but let's be honest, most do not.

8 Their Phone Number


A woman's phone number is close to the Holy Grail for some. You never truly know if the number is really given to you until you call it. The best thing to do is call the number while she's near you and see if she picks up; then you know it's real. However, you don't want to be a creep.

If she's not giving you her personal cell number that she has on her, there's probably a great reason. Maybe she will be changing it to the one she gave you. Maybe it's her work number. Maybe it's to her landline. Or maybe, and this is just us spit-balling, SHE DOESN'T WANT YOU TO TALK TO HER!

Women lie about their phone number more than many care to admit, but it's actually quite common...and sometimes a good idea.

7 Money Spent Shopping


Whether it's at Target, Wal-Mart, the mall or what have you, women are known for their shopping love. Guys are known for going into stores, getting what they need and walking out. However, many girls like to spend more time and go to as many stores as possible to make sure they aren't missing out on anything.

Sometimes there are fantastic deals you just can't pass up, we all understand. However, when you go to the store to get sheets and come back with ten new outfits and eight pairs of shoes with the sheets, there seems to be an issue. You may say it all cost $300, but we all know it cost more.

This number is admittedly lied about by several women, so next time look at the receipt. If it has disappeared, you know why.

6 Number of Animals

Women and men are both known for their love of animals. There are many people that have dogs and cats at their home, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, there comes a time when there are too many animals and women KNOW it's a lot.

Cats are probably the biggest problem. A girl might have 30 cats, but in order to not be called a weird cat lady, she will only claim to have three. Three was in the number, so it counts, right?

No, Sharron, it doesn't work that way. 27 more cats is far too many.

Single women are more likely to lie about this than married or taken women, as those who are dating or married do not care about impressing another guy when they're good in that department. Meanwhile women who do want to impress someone do not bring up their large amount of animals at home.

5 How Much They Exercise


There are some women who are in really good shape who work out a lot during a week, while most women may just work out a few times a week. However, there are also those types who tell you that they go to the gym 2 to 4 times a week, but only go once and wear running shorts to Starbucks with their girlfriends the other 2 to 3 times.

No one is saying a girl has to work out to impress anyone, but it is a number many lie about. However, if you are happy with the way you feel and look despite that lie, then you must be doing something right. So good on you, ladies.

4 Their Height

Many women are tall, and there is nothing wrong with a tall woman. There are many people who love that. Some girls are taller than some people they might want to date and feel awkward about it, but you never should.

The height lie is one that many girls tell over online dating. She may say on her profile or to you in a message that she's 5'8", but when she comes in at a tall 5'11", you might feel weird when you meet her. Not that she's tall, but that she lied about just how tall she was.

The height lie is becoming far bigger these days than it ever was before. Height in certain shoes is a common lie associated with this too. While we're on the subject, is there ever a need for 6 inch heels? I mean, really!


3 Their Age


Age is a huge number women lie about. This mostly happens when women cross the age of 30. There are a lot of women happy about their age and the look of maturity it brings, while others want to come across as younger and don't want people knowing how old they are.

The age issue is becoming a problem less and less, but it does still remain. It is mostly an issue for women who are attempting to date and want to find someone younger. It is better sometimes to tell him you're 29 instead of 36, because he may feel that you're better for some reason.

Most do not care about the age of a woman. As long as there is an attraction to her, age means absolutely nothing. However, women lie about it more than you think. Women don't want people to think you "look" a certain age, which is one major reason it's used. However, age is merely a number to most today and it's certainly not one to lie about. Yet, it is more than it should be.

2 Their Weight

Women lie about their weight quite a lot. This happens a ton on their driver's license, because you're forever your weight at 16, right ladies? It's a part of life to grow up and to gain some weight, we all do. However, girls lie about this more often than most really realize.

Some are happy with their weight and will have no problem telling you they weigh a certain amount. Sadly, there are many women unhappy with how they look and even if they look terrific, they will think they weigh too much. Hence the weight lie.

Most girls don't want you to know their dress or pants size as some things might seem bigger but aren't. You might need a size 8 but really have a 6 waist. Some are weird about this and don't realize that every woman has a different and unique body that they have to buy certain items for. Naturally, they will lie and tell you something untrue if you ask....which you shouldn't!

As guys, you always see women obsessed with the latest diet craze and exercise to lose those dreaded two to three pounds. It's commonplace for us to hear about losing weight in a world where we eat too much. At the end of the day weight gain does occur and nearly every woman seems to think she might need to lose a few pounds even if she's perfect just as is.

1 Number of Sexual Partners


You know those questions that are asked when dating first begins. What's your favorite food? Favorite color? What do you love to do? How many people have you slept with? You know, the need-to-knows!

Some people don't want to know how many people a girl was with while others find themselves to be curious regarding it. It is said that with men you multiply by three and with women you divide by three. Basically saying that women sleep with more people than they say and men sleep with less than they claim.

For men, it's almost considered a conquest to say you slept with numerous women, while for women, you're seen as a whore for sleeping with more than one or two men. This is obviously wrong and should not be the case. However, that is sadly the culture we're living in.

Due to this problem, women lie about how many people they slept with just so they are not seen as a bad person or some sort of whore by people. Let us be honest and say that there are some who fit this description, but not every girl who has slept with more than one person is under this banner.

That said, it is understandable why women lie about this. However, if you care for someone, ladies, it's better to be honest than not if they want to know.


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