Top 10 New Year's Resolutions That Already Failed In 2016

It’s that time again for the age-old tradition of beginning our New Year’s resolutions. The day before January 1 is rung in, everyone is clamoring to the stores to stock up on junk food, beverages of all kinds, and party supplies to ring in the “new year, new me” promise they had made a month or so prior. We all have that one thing we have been wanting to tweak, change, or transform dramatically and what better time to begin a new phase in our lives than the New Year?

Unfortunately, as the year progresses, we all start to remember we’re human and life gets in the way of us fulfilling our goals. Almost 50% of Americans form a contract with themselves to make a change in their everyday lives. A quarter of those Americans will fail every year, and barely 10% will achieve the goals they had set. Many of the same resolutions are set every year in hopes the person can overcome their self-defeat and try again.

Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions that usually fail within the first 6 months and how to avoid the failure.

10 Lose Weight

9 Save Money

8 Quitting a Bad Habit

7 Get Organized

6 Finish the Unfinished

5 Learn a New Skill

4 Unplug

3 Pay it Forward

Giving back to the less fortunate is one of the most selfless acts someone could do. It not only makes someone else feel good, but it also provides an intrinsic reward for yourself to give back to your community. Abandoning a goal such as this one mainly stems from monetary reasoning: “I can’t buy anything to give to my local food pantry.” “I don’t have time to bring this stuff where it needs to go.” I’m not saying to dump your entire house into bins and send it off to goodwill, however there are items you can part with and more than likely after you bring it, you won’t even think about it again.

2 Sustainable Living

1 Live a Fuller Life

This is always a tricky one to comply with when making it your New Year’s resolution. Everyone loves vacations but the majority of us cannot afford to drop everything and run off to a foreign country and have a brand new unforgettable experience. Therefore, we plummet our brain into the “I’m too poor”, “I don’t have the time” frame of mind. As the year progresses, we lose sight of what has occurred over the past year and realize all we really did was work to pay bills and daydreamed about winning the lotto. Don’t make the same mistake this year! A lot of adventures you can have right in your own backyard. Visit a historic site with a group of friends, have a girls or a guys' night once a month to break up the family routine, go to an event you would normally say no to and see if it was worth saying no to, visit a museum, a park, etc. Unforgettable experiences are not just about where you go, but your attitude, who you’re with, and what you want to do when you get there. Your life is for you to fill, start planning past the six-month mark!

New Year’s resolutions are supposed to bring change and excitement. Many fear the changes and could develop an anxiety from not knowing how to implement that change. If further assistance is needed, there are always professionals available to help you through the process. Planning past the 6-month mark and having it in writing is always a better way to ensure a fail-proof plan. Whether you have a planner book or you use a calendar on your electronic device, utilize your resources to work for you, not you be a slave to them, and have a very New "You" Year!

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Top 10 New Year's Resolutions That Already Failed In 2016