Top 10 Most Common Plastic Surgeries for Women

It is undeniable that women of today are becoming more conscious about how they look. Some dress according to the present trend while others put on heavy make-up just to look more beautiful. For those who are having problems with their size or weight, diet and exercise as well as hitting the gym after work seem to be very good solutions to their dilemma. Most of these women would do anything in order to look good, but sometimes, the traditional lifestyle changes do not contribute much in addressing these body problems. That is why many women now opt to undergo plastic surgery. It’s a surefire way to achieve the face and body they have always been dreaming of.

So, here are the top ten most common cosmetic surgeries for women.

10 Breast Lift

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is performed on women who desire to have their sagging breasts reshaped and raised. The procedure involves the removal of extra skin and the repositioning of the remaining nipples and tissue. The recovery period would take from a week up to a month.

9 Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the process of enlarging the breasts of a woman with the use of either saline or silicone filled implants. This surgery needs only a number of days in order to recover. The patients, however, are asked not to have any physical contact with the breasts for at least four weeks.

8 Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, involves the reshaping of the nose, making it either bigger or smaller. The procedure also involves narrowing the span of the nostrils and/or changing the angle between the upper lip and the nose. Although this procedure is popular in both men and women, the majority of the patients or 67 percent, are women. People would typically need at least two weeks to recover but they should avoid strenuous activities and direct exposure to the sun for at least eight weeks.

7 Ear Surgery

Large ears or those ears that are very prominent as they stick out from the head can result in lower self-esteem. That is why there are people who undergo ear surgery. In this procedure, the cartilage of the ear is either removed or bent back in order to bring the ears closer to the head. The head is usually bandaged for a number of days and after a week, the stitches will be removed. Any activity that might bend or hurt the ear should be avoided for at least a month. About 59 percent of the patients who have undergone ear surgery are women.

6 Eyelid Surgery

An eyelid surgery aims to correct eye bags and drooping upper eyelid through the removal of extra muscle, fat, and skin. Women are more into this procedure than men. In fact, 86 percent of the patients who have undergone eyelid surgery are women. Patients are required to have at least 12 days of rest to recover. Those who are wearing contact lenses have to give their eyelids two weeks before they are allowed to wear their corrective lenses.

5 Dermabrasion

Patients who are new to this would think that the name sounds like a medieval torture tactic but this is actually a procedure which involves the rubbing out of facial blemishes and wrinkles with the use of a high-speed rotating tool. This is done in order to scrape the top layers of the skin away, leaving newer and softer layers. Women make up about 88 percent of the population of the dermabrasion patients for the past 10 years. The recovery period is usually two to six weeks, though the redness of the face might last up to three months.

4 Liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure that involves the removal of fat deposits with the use of a tube that is inserted beneath the skin. Upon insertion, the fats are then sucked out with the use of a vacuum-like device. Most women sign themselves up for this procedure because they want to get rid of the unwanted fat in their hips, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, and the upper arms. Out of all the patients who have undergone liposuction in the past ten years, 89 percent of them were women. The recovery period for this procedure would range from one to four weeks.

3 Face Lift

Some people who are new to this procedure would ask the question “is anything actually being lifted?” Well, not really but the extra fats are removed and the facial muscles are tightened. Besides, calling the procedure a “face-lift” is surely easier than rhytidectomy. Regardless of how you call it, this procedure results in the tightening of the skin on both the  neck and the face. About 90 percent of people who sign up for this procedure are women. Patients should rest for about two to three weeks in order to fully recover. Sun exposure should be limited for a number of months.

2 Lip Augmentation

Many women dream of having lips as gorgeous as Jennifer Lopez’ or as seductive as Angelina Jolie’s. Some would want lips that are as kiss-able as Drew Barrymore’s or as hot as Scarlett Johansson’s. Well if your lips are not as prominent as theirs are, then you can pump them up with a plastic surgery known as a lip augmentation. This procedure allows the surgeon to hollow out a portion of the lip and then insert an implant in order to give the lips more body. The usual recovery period would involve two to three weeks, just enough to allow the lips to stop swelling. Fuller lips are known to be more important to women. No wonder that 95 percent of the patients who have undergone this surgery are women.

1 Tummy Tuck

Having beer guts may be more associated to men but when it comes to tummy tucks, women are always in front of the line. This procedure involves flattening of the abdomen by removing the extra skin and fat as well as tightening the abdominal muscles. Around 96 percent of the patients who line up for this surgery are women. Patients need to have at least six weeks of recovery time.

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