Top 10 Mega Homes from the Top Three Zip Codes

A lot of people dream of having a beautiful home with large backyards, lawns, numerous bathrooms and bedrooms or those with magnificent views. These types of houses can be seen in the top three zip co

A lot of people dream of having a beautiful home with large backyards, lawns, numerous bathrooms and bedrooms or those with magnificent views. These types of houses can be seen in the top three zip codes in the U.S., namely Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Aspen. Most of the homes in these three zip codes were sold for no less than $10 million. Today, more mega homes are being constructed with prices ranging from $12 million to $75 million.

Here’s a rundown of the top ten mega homes located at the top three zip codes in the country.

10 N Whittier Dr., Beverly Hills, California

Situated behind the gates with beautiful landscaping is a mega home that offers complete privacy. The main house includes six bedrooms with suite baths and two powder rooms. It has hardwood floors and plantation shutters are around the house. It has a breakfast area that leads the residents into the yard. The house also has eight fireplaces, two cedar lined rooms, and a guest spa. It measures 8,766 square feet and costs $9.3 million

9 Oak Pass Road, Beverly Hills, California

This mega home located in Beverly Hills is set on almost two acres of land. It is a gated estate that has a separate two-bedroom guest house, a lavish pool, and a two-story gym with a boxing ring. The main house has five bedrooms, which includes a master suite,  a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a 35-mm digital projection screening room. The property costs almost $13 million.

8 Mill St., Aspen, Colorado

One of the largest and newest ski-in houses in downtown Aspen is perched at the base of the Aspen Mountain. It has an exceptional view of the Valley and the Red Mountain. It also includes hardwood flooring, timber trusses, and vaulted ceilings. It has a billiards room, heated 2 car garage, minibars, and jacuzzi. It has four bedrooms and five spectacular bathrooms. This mega home costs $13.9 million.

7 Single Family Cabin, Aspen, Colorado

This wonderful home is nestled in the heart of the Castle Creek Valley, surrounded by the aspen groves and was designed to create exquisitely livable spaces with grandeur. The house has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. There are additional two bedrooms and one bathroom in the guest house that rests above the four-bay garage of the house. Each room has a private deck with comfortable sitting area facing the amazing views of the city. It measure 11,503 square feet and is sold for approximately $14.9 million.

6 Aspen Highlands, Aspen, Colorado

This unique mega home is artfully placed on the Thunderbowl at the Aspen highlands. This 9,310 square feet home features five full bathrooms, three half bathrooms and five bedrooms. It has two dining areas: one for formal events and one for everyday use. It also has two pantries, soaring vaulted ceilings, and exposed reclaimed fir beams. The house is made of oak floors, minibars and an exercise room with sauna. The garage measures 854 square feet and has an outdoor wood-burning fireplace. The home costs $14.9 million.

5 Single Family, Contemporary, Malibu

This mega home gives you the privilege of living a lifestyle like that of the celebrities. Living in this mega home would allow you to see amazing views of the ocean and the dramatic coastline. It’s made of stone floors and has a spacious living room and a rich wood cabinetry. It has 4 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms with a master suite that features a balcony, spa bath, fireplace, and sweeping ocean views. The home costs $15 million.

4 Herron Hollow, Aspen, Colorado

This David-Easton-designed modern home in Aspen basks in beauty from the natural lighting that is complemented with its handcrafted custom furniture. The master room is an Antique French inspired one with wooden floors and Venetian plaster walls created by skilled Italian craftsmen. It offers panoramic mountain views, having a three-story elevator, a very spacious kitchen and a lot of walk-out terraces. The mega home has six bedrooms and six bathrooms. It measures 7,862 square feet and costs $16.9 million.

3 Red Mountain Road, Aspen, Colorado

In the private hillside overlooking Aspen lies a one acre lot that would give residents a breathtaking view from the continental divide up to the famous Mount Sopris. Living in this mega home would make you feel like royalty as it is designed to be an immaculate stone house inspired by medieval European castles. It offers great views with 11 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. It measures 10,375 square feet at is priced at $18.6 million.

2 Wildlife Road, Malibu, California

Malibu has always been known for its amazing beaches and shorelines but a mega house built in the same place will definitely be the talk of the town. At the end of a road that is overlooking the private beach called the Little Dume, one can discover a mega home that measures 6,000 square feet. One can reach this home through a bridge beside a waterfall. It has five bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, all of which face the ocean. Its outdoors feature tennis courts and a bluff-top pool that has expansive views. It also has an open plan that boasts views from anywhere in the house. The master bedroom includes a balcony where one can witness and enjoy the beauty of nature. The price of this exquisite home is approximately $28.5 million.

1 Four Peaks Ranch, Snowmass, Colorado

If you travel outside Aspen, you’d definitely come across this 18,000 square-feet mega house that will surely catch your attention. This mega house is the center of attention in the Four Peaks Ranch, which was named for the spectacular views one can see of the famous Mount Daly, Snowmass, Capital Peak, and Mount Sopris. There’s no doubt that you’ll love this mega house as it has seven bedrooms and the whole property includes a beach where the waterfalls feed into three different large ponds. It also has about 15 miles of horseback-riding trails. The property is worth $75 million.

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Top 10 Mega Homes from the Top Three Zip Codes