Top 10 Least Expensive Countries in the World to Live In

Living abroad can be a mind-opening and exciting experience. It is also one of the best ways to learn about other cultures. However, it is made even better if you know that your money can go further there than it does at home.

Many countries nowadays have been pushing people to their limits through rip-offs in public transport, expensive housing, or even beers that actually cost as much as the average hourly wage. Fortunately, there are still countries where money can be stretched a little farther. These countries share quite a lot of characteristics in common: lots of activities to keep you active and thrilled, cheap accommodations, and climates that make living a lot more enjoyable. Of course, they also offer wonderful scenery like pristine beaches, mountain ranges and rain forests.

If you can manage to go out of your comfort zones and look for someplace else, you will be surprised to find a better quality of life. The paradise kind of life that you dream of can actually be a reality. And the good news is, it will cost you a little less than the status quo.

So, here are the top 10 cheapest countries to live in.

10 Brazil

Everybody knows about the famous rivers, waterfalls and forests of Brazil. But the country is not only known for its wonderful environment. It also has a fair economic policy. This keeps prices of its goods and services lower than its neighboring countries. One of the most breathtaking places in Brazil is Rio de Janeiro, which is loved by many residents. You can live in Brazil for at least $3,000 a month.

9 New Zealand

The world has pronounced New Zealand as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. This is also the place where people can spoil themselves with the luxurious life without spending too much because the country is known for its fair prices. Aside from this, New Zealand has beautiful forests, meadows and valleys which attract many locals. They are also famous for their cows, pure beef, and high quality milk products. The average monthly cost of living in New Zealand is $2,500.

8 Mexico

Mexico is known to be one of the most amazing countries in the world. The beautiful landscapes, the cool breeze of the air on the beaches and the forests, together with the controlled prices of goods, especially the basic commodities are great reasons to live and experience Mexico. You can live in this country for about $2,000 monthly. It also offers first class retiree benefits program such as discounts ranging from 5 to 50 percent off the full price of both goods and services.

7 Morocco

Morocco is one of the most stable and beautiful countries in between Africa and Europe. The economic condition of this country is predictable and stable, which add up to the positive outlook on the country. It offers promising opportunities to its residents. Compared to other African countries, spending your time in Morocco would allow you to spend far less. One can feed their family for just $55 a week and can even enjoy it with beer for an additional $40 a week. Living in Morocco would cost at least $1,800 a month.

6 Bali, Indonesia

Bali may be small but it is known to be one of the most beautiful islands in Asia. It has always been a source of attraction for many people around the globe. The prices of the services and goods in Bali are within the reach of the average man. People who have been in Bali just can’t believe how magnificent the country is. Bali also has plenty of beaches, volcanoes and tropical jungles. The food there is out of this world and very inexpensive. Living in Bali will only cost you around $1,500 a month

5 Greece

Greece is known to be the land of the ancient scientists and philosophers. The country offers blue beaches and very wonderful residential architecture in the hillside and mountain tops. Moreover, Greece offers promising opportunities to both residents and visitors. Prices of commodities are also much lower compared to other countries in Europe. There are lots of island houses either for sale or rent in Greece. If you wish to rent a place there, it will only cost you only around $200 a month. This is indeed one of the cheapest rental prices in Europe. Aside from these, having remarkable landscapes and cleaner environment adds up to the beauty of Greece.  Living in Greece will cost you around $1,000 per month.

4 Croatia

Europe is known to have very beautiful places and one of them is Croatia. Croatia has attractive and beautiful scenery that attracts many people over the planet. One of the most wonderful features of this country is the fact that the prices of commodities do not increase that much and not as often because the government adopts very strict economic policies. They value the money of their residents, which translates to a lower cost of living. A month’s expenses in this country is only about $980.

3 Peru

Peru consists of landscapes that are absolutely breathtaking. It has rain forests that provide an attractive atmosphere to its residents. Furthermore, the prices of both services and goods are significantly lower in Peru, which is also one of the reasons why tourists just love to visit the place as often as they can. There are also a number of businessmen that have been investing money in the mining and shipping industries of Peru because of its stable economy. You can enjoy living in Peru for about $920 a month.

2 Sri Lanka

Formerly known as Cylon, this beautiful island of Sri Lanka is considered as one of the best places in the world. Sri Lanka has beautiful forests and beaches that are simply breathtaking. Once you visit this place, you will be in great awe. Aside from its tourist spots, the prices of the goods and services in Sri Lanka are relatively low because its economy depends primarily on the indigenous resources. This further enhances the economic condition of the natives and other residents. An average family can live for about $830 a month.

1 India

India is known to have one of the highest populations in the world. But despite its affluence in both entertainment and commerce, it is head to head with Sri Lanka as the cheapest country to live in. This is because of the differences in their income, India has kept the prices at a minimum to make sure that households can live at a moderate income. The cost of living in India is approximately $650 a month.

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