Top 10 Heaviest People Ever

Food is surely one of those things that one just can’t say no to. People love to try as many types of food as possible, from the Asian cuisines to the Western specialties. Most of the time, food becomes the agent of unity as people gather during mealtimes or even  converse over a cup of coffee. Junk foods are also very popular to people of all ages - children, teens, as well as adults. It seems that whenever there is food, we just can’t stop eating. Unfortunately, some people have difficulties in balancing their meals and taking the right diet. They eat food from different fast foods and tend to be couch potatoes afterwards. This kind of lifestyle results in the food being stored as fats and these accumulate inside our bodies, thus, making us gain more weight. There are people who can’t seem to tone down their appetites and this can be very dangerous for their health.

Here are today’s top ten heaviest people in the world.

10 Dzhambik Khatokhov (324 lbs.)

Dzhambik Khatokhov, known as Jambik, is from Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia and is now 11 years of age. At birth, Jambik only weighed 6.6 lbs but upon reaching the age of one, he was already weighing 28 lbs. At three years old, he could already lift seven pound weights and weighed 81 lbs at four. The doctors were alarmed and told the family to put him on a diet of porridge and ice cream. However, his mother believes otherwise. She said that Jambik is a creation of God and his growth should not be stopped by anybody. Presently, he weighs 324 pounds and stands 5’2” tall. He was proclaimed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s fattest child.

9 Paul Mason (336 lbs.)

Paul Mason is a 50-year-old man from England and was once considered the world’s fattest man at 980 lbs. He went to a gastric bypass surgery and lost about 560 lbs. He blames Britain’s national health service for not giving him permission to see an eating disorder specialist when he was just over 400 lbs.

8 Manuel Uribe (400 lbs.)

Manuel Uribe was born in June 11, 1965 and is now living in Monterrey, Mexico. He was said to suffer from morbid obesity, weighing more than 1,320 lbs. Due to this condition, he was unable to leave his bed since 2001. He lost one third of his body weight when the doctors helped him establish his diet. He was featured in the documentary entitled “World’s Heaviest Man”. From then on, he started showing effort in losing weight. As of the present, he weighs 200 kg or 400 lbs.

7 Michael Hebranko (550 lbs.)

Michael Hebranko was born on May 14, 1953 and is known to be one of the heaviest people in the world. After his stay at St. Luke’s Hospital in New York, his weight dropped from 910 lbs to 200 lbs and his waist size shrunk from 110 inches to 36 inches in less than two years. He did this with the help of dieting and exercise. He started touring around the world and advocated both exercise and dieting. He even appeared on TV shows in order to show the world what he has gone through. However, over the few years, he again gained weight, increasing up to 1,000 lbs. And presently, he is residing in New York weighing 550 lbs.

6 Patrick Deuel (570 lbs.)

Patrick Deuel was born on March 28, 1962 and was one of the heaviest people in the world. He was part of the documentary “Half Ton Man” and through that, he was able to lose 700 lbs. He was a former restaurant manager but because of his weight, he reached the point where he was unable to leave his house. He became so enormous that his bedroom had to be cut in order to get him out of his home. He even had to undergo an operation in order to remove a mass of skin and fat that was hanging from his midsection.

5 Donna Simpson (602 lbs.)

Donna Simpson was born in 1967. Unlike the others, Donna actually wanted to become one of the world’s heaviest women. She had the desire to attain a target weight of 1,000 lbs. In June of the year 2010, she weighed around 602 pounds. She even maintained a website where she entertained fans who paid just to watch her eat. In 2010, she won the Guinness World Records slot for the title “heaviest woman to give birth”.

4 Terri Smith (700 lbs.)

Terri Smith was once an active woman despite being fat. By the age of 20, she weighed 252 lbs but she made sure that she would remain active as she was holding a job as a mental health worker. She helped others wash, feed, and dress themselves. As she was aging, she continuously gained more weight, making her one of the world’s fattest, weighing 700 lbs.  She is now battling to lose weight in order to survive.

3 Jon Brower Minnoch (798 lbs.)

At one point, Jon Brower Minnoch weighed more than 1400 lbs. He was gaining weight as the years went by, starting from 400 lbs and adding around 300 lbs almost every year. It actually reached the point where he needed 13 people to help him roll over the bed. He suffered from massive edema which made the doctors augment at least 900 lbs of fluid but went back on gaining weight after recovering. He was married and had two children.

2 Kenneth Brumley (1035 lbs.)

Kenneth Brumley was one of the fattest people ever documented. He was featured in a documentary entitled “Half Ton Dad”. He said that he had been bound in bed for four years and in order to submit himself for a gastric bypass, firemen had to put down a wall in his house just to get him out. His diet is still monitored as of the present. He currently weighs 1,035 lbs.

1 Mayra Rosales (1036 lbs.)

Mayra Rosales, a 1,000-lb woman is ‘too big to kill’. However, she was accused of murdering her 2-year-old nephew in the year 2008. A court in Texas has pleaded not-guilty for Rosales and ruled that the accused did not kill her nephew. This is because of the fact that Mayra Rosales weighs more than 1,036 pounds, which means that she weighs too much, making it impossible for her to even lift her arm in order to kill her nephew.

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