Top 10 Harsh Realities About Getting Older

realities of getting older

There is something weird that happens when you reach a certain age. The exact age is different for everyone, but at one point in time you will realize that you have an un-realistic view on the world. With age comes experience and with experience comes maturity. There are certain inevitable truths about aging and the following is a list of ten “harsh” realities that come with getting older.

Your twenties are, for the most part, amazing years of your life. It is the age at which you begin to form an opinion on the world around you and it is the time where you begin to understand life on a more realistic level. Although being in your twenties has a lot of benefits, there are many aspects of life you only begin to understand as you get older.

Life is a tricky but beautiful gift, and the following ten realities are harsh but inevitable when dealing with this game of life. Some people believe that your youth is the best time of your life but for many, the older they get the more they learn about themselves and the more they understand life. Don’t let anyone tell you who you should be or what you should be doing. Do not compare yourself to others, figure life out at your own pace and these ten realities won't seem as bad!

10 The Little Things Don’t Matter Anymore

There is a time in everyone’s life where the little things just stop mattering. At one point of our lives we are obsessed with knowing everything and are consumed by being viewed as “perfect” by the world. However, the older you get the more you realize that in the grand scheme of things, the little things don’t really matter. What I mean by "little things" is that clothes you wear, the grades you get and the silly mistakes you make are not as important as the person you are. Life is really about giving and receiving and being the best version of yourself you can be. Once you understand that, you will see that the little things in life are simply just that - little things.

9 You Need to Start Paying Bills

This is just another certainty in life, it's like the saying goes; “the only thing guaranteed in life are death and taxes.” When you are young you truly have no concept of money. You don’t understand how hard it is to make and how easy it is to spend. When you move out you realize how expensive being alive really is - TV, internet, phones, groceries, rent, hot water and electricity are just a few of the things you will have the luxury of paying for. So for all of you who are dying to move out of the comfort of your parents home, wait until you see what you have waiting for you.

8 Your Body Changes

So this is the opposite of money; weight is so easy to gain and so hard to lose. When you are young, you can literally eat whatever the hell you want and it won't show. The closer you get to thirty, especially for women, the more you need to start paying attention to what food fuels your body. The older you get the more you begin to understand the importance of taking care of your body, it is the greatest instrument we as humans are given and one most of us take for granted. Weight gain is just a sad reality about getting older which is why you should start a healthy lifestyle at as soon as possible.

7 Everyone Around You is Getting Married, Engaged or Pregnant

Okay so after the age of 25, you will notice that your Facebook feed is no longer filled with parties and bong hits; instead pretty much everyone you know begins to get engaged. The engagement phase is bad, however when the wedding photos come it begins to annoy you and then the inevitable baby pictures are the icing on top of the cake. It is like everyone you ever met wants to shove their happiness in your face, and whether we admit it or not, you start to feel the pressures of society. People expect you to meet a man, marry him and start a family. However, with a divorce rate of over 50% in most places in North America it is wise to make sure you are with the right person before saying “I do.”

6 Bad Hangovers

There was once a time where I was able to go out drinking into the wee hours of the night, wake up the next morning and go to my mind numbingly dull job at a tacky shoe store. However, as you grow up and your responsibilities get bigger, so do your hangovers. The other morning while brunching after a night of drinking I said something I had never said before “I’m getting too old for this sh*t” and I was right. My hangovers have gone from needing Gatorade to needing to spend an entire day in bed in the blink of an eye and I miss the days where I could drink and feel no remorse the next day…those were the days.

5 Good Things Don’t Come Easy

Life is a tricky thing, it has a way of throwing curve balls at you but in the end, all the hardship is worth it. William Shakespeare once said “Expectation is the root of all heartache,” which is a quote I find myself constantly telling myself. If you expect life to go a certain way and you expect things to just happen, you will always be left disappointed. Persistence and hard work are the best ways of getting what you want in life. Success comes from within and no matter how far a goal may seem or how hard life can be, the more you persevere the more likely you are to get what you really want.

4 There is No Excuse for Laziness Anymore

When you are younger, you can more or less float through life. You don’t need to make any huge choices so you can afford to be a little lazy. As teenagers we get into the habit of sleeping hours past noon without feeling any remorse. If you are still doing that in you’re mid twenties you need to start re-evaluating your life. You need to surround yourself with people and places that inspire and motivate you or else you will wake up one day and realize that while you were being lazy the rest of the world was doing something with their life.

3 You Lose Friends

This is just a sad part of life, however it is a reality. Each friend you make in life has a specific reason to be there. As you get older, you find yourself having less and less time to spend with friends. That is where the real test of friendship lies. True friendship is not determined by how much time you spend together, true friendship is determined by how much time you spend apart and how nothing changes. Whether you like it or not, you will inevitably lose touch with certain people, which is why you must always make an effort with those special friends because you need them to get through life.

2 People You Love Die

This is one of the hardest and saddest parts about getting older. As a child, the concept of death is so foreign to us that losing someone you love only affects you as you grow. The older you get the more understanding you have of life; you see those you love who were once independent lose that independence; you witness diseases so powerful that a person is no longer recognizable both body and soul. Death is one of the only certainties life has to offer and instead of dwelling on the fact that well…life’s a b*tch, we need to learn how to live each of our days to the fullest.

1 You Need to Start Making Decisions for Yourself

This, for me, is the hardest thing about getting older. Your entire life you are told what to do, where to go and pretty much who to be. Our parents guide us for as long as we let them, however at one point we all need to take control of our own life. This thought can be extremely intimidating and scary but it is a reality that has to be dealt with. Don’t get me wrong, your parents (and parental figures) will always be there for you to help guide you but the reality is that you will only be happy when you are living your life the way you want. Everyone on this earth is given their own chance at creating their own destiny, don’t let anyone tell you your dreams are impossible.

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