Top 10 Greenest Houses in the World

Going green has always been about eating salad over pork, recycling over damping trash, joining the car pool over driving your car everyday and using recyclable bags over plastic. But some people have grown extra committed to the green movement and transformed their homes into "green" houses. Think of a household that generates energy instead of the usual home that just consumes it. Think of eco-inspired homes that are extremely beautiful not just mainly because of expensive furniture but the principle it holds. Think of a smart, innovative, and sustainable home and, basically, this is what a green house is all about. Now, put down that electric bill you just got as you are about to see how green houses have been made and why, you too, should invest in transforming your homes to an eco-inspired hub and transform the standard view you have on home and lifestyle.

To exemplify more on this topic, here are the world’s greenest houses:

10  10. The Orchid House

You can find the Orchid House in a nature reserve in England. A sprawling 2,400 square-foot house is one of the projects of the Lower Mill Estate. The latter specializes in creating vacation homes that are sustainable and extremely beyond the normal expectations. Dubbed to be the most expensive green home, the Orchid house has caused buzz all over the globe. In an average effort, it was sold at $14.2 million. One of the best eco-features that this outstanding Orchid House has is the geothermal heating underground pump that is believed to create energy more than the customary power that a household consumes. 

9 Athena Marie Plantation

Florida’s North Hutchinson Island is where the Athena Marie Plantation is located. Known to be the largest green home in the United States which measures 45,760 square feet, the Athena Marie plantation exudes over the top extravagance that will surely make heads turn and eyes open wide. It is also recorded to be the country’s first green home to use wind-powered electric turbines on its roof. Another exceptional and distinguished fact about the Athena Marie Plantation is that it was the first home in Florida to use 100% renewable energy.

8 The Bellwether of Belvedere

Talk about high-efficiency boiler, insulated roof, solar cells, radiant floor heating; everything that a green home needs is here at The Bellwether of Belvedere. The house itself is built with recycled, repurposed and sustainable materials that will make jaws drop. Whoever said that green homes lack the design will surely regret those words after seeing what The Bellwether of Belvedere can offer.

7 Green is in the Details

The homeowner was an Environmental Protection Agency’s former energy and climate change policy advisor. He is also a founding partner of the Clean Fund, which helps in funding finances for projects that drive renewable energy at its best. This home earned a LEED Platinum certification or much widely known as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Award. Some of its eco-features are double pane windows, retractable skylights, sustainable landscaping and radiant heating and fan coils. Technically, green is in the details.

6 Acqua Liana (The Green Giant)

Acqua Liana or also known as the Green Giant made big waves in 2009 when Frank Mckinney, a property tycoon, built the first green mansion of United States. It has an amusing 15,000 square-foot mansion in Palm Beach with everything that you can ever dream of. Talk about waterfall spa and floating sun terraces, the Green Giant is reckoned to be an energy-sufficient household despite its extravagance with all the other designs and fixtures created for the home.

5 Woodland Home

The Woodland Home in Wales was built by the owner with natural materials like stone, mud, straw, and reclaimed wood. It is claimed to be a large isolated house. Some of its amusing eco-friendly features are natural air cooling and water system ran by a nearby spring, a compost toilet, and solar panels for energy. The owner said that the house was built by himself and with the help of his passionate father in law.

4  4. Swiss Solar House

The Swiss Solar House is a 3,000 square-foot house in the Swiss Alps. Everyone will evidently notice how this green house has created its exterior with its heat-restraining translucent glass, a pool with water collected from the roof, and concrete walls that control temperature. This European beauty was one of the first zero-emissions in Europe. Forget about your electricity bill, you will not need any when you live in the Swiss Solar House. 

3 Finca Bellavista

Who has not heard of this modern and brand new Finca Bellavista? It is a residential tree-house community in its formative years in the south Pacific coastal region and is located in the base of a Costa Rican rainforest. This house was originally intended to preserve the rainforest as the community uses sustainable energy. On the other hand, it also offers other eco-friendly activities and centers. They have a community garden, a recycling center and to top it all off, the community has a hydroelectric turbine that gives power to the entire community. Another amusing features of this green community is their “Sky Trail” which allows them to transport from one place to another.

2 The Houl Residence

No one can deny that the Houl Residence in Scotland is just so beautiful that it can make hearts melt. But, what makes this even more interesting is, the exceptional insights of this stunning house. It is specially designed to export more zero carbon energy back for energy consumption. Also, it has high levels of insulation and it aims to produce zero net emissions of carbon dioxide. The Houl Residence is a project of Scottish studio, Simon Winstanley Architects, which was totally completed in 2009.

1 Ruin Reborn

To top the entire greenest house in the world, the Ruin Reborn is extremely, by far, the most extravagant. First, it is an old mill which is an idyllic property in southwestern France. The question is who would have thought that this renovated cabin, built in the 1800's, would make history. Created out of the ruins of a dilapidated mill, the builders from London, Anthony and Gillian Blee, created a building with solar panels, windows and skylights for natural light. It also has a wood burning stove with a built-in water boiler for heat. Indeed, a ruin has been reborn into an eco-friendly, stunning cabin. On a decent interview, the owners preached that they wanted to ensnare the ruinous and archaic quality of the building rather than doing something overtly new. An interesting fact is that the designers drew on the sun via skylights and strategically placed windows to light and heat the structure on their cabin which is partially underground.

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