Top 10 Celebrity Baby Weight Loss Surgery Secrets Revealed

Many new moms struggle with the idea and process of losing weight after having a baby. This process is often even more intense for celebrities. Women in Hollywood who make their living by flaunting th

Many new moms struggle with the idea and process of losing weight after having a baby. This process is often even more intense for celebrities. Women in Hollywood who make their living by flaunting their perfect bodies in photographs, looking lean and fit on television, or showing off their figure on the big screen have much more at stake when it comes to shedding the pounds after having a child. The paparazzi often follows these women through the entire pregnancy process, commenting on every pound gained. Of course, it's recommended to take time to lose weight post pregnancy and doing so should be a process of eating well and exercising regularly. However, when a career is on the line and the pressure is on for Hollywood stars, other measures are often taken to ensure a quick weight loss. Many weight loss boosts can be done via small to large surgical procedures. While many women would like to have the option, money doesn't always allow it. This is not the case for celebrities.

Celebrities as well as anyone with the financial means will often turn to plastic surgeons to help them get back into shape. More often than not, these surgeries take place just weeks after giving birth. It's not at all uncommon to see a slim celebrity on the cover of a magazine, showing off her figure shortly after giving birth. Whether these drastic measures to lose the baby weight are healthy or not is often debated, but it's common and even expected from many women in the spotlight. It should come as no surprise that these weight loss surgeries come at a high cost. Celebrities will spare no expense to get into the best possible shape. After all, their bodies are their source of income. Read below, as we look at ten cases of celebrity baby weight loss surgery secrets revealed. Some surgeries are rumoured to be true as they have yet to confirm the procedure.

10 Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba is well known for her thin body type as well as her all-natural eating habits. However, she has another weight loss secret that helps her to look great. Sources say that Alba visits a Los Angeles medical spa for iLipo treatments. This procedure helps to reduce fat in hard to target areas, something that the star struggled with after becoming a mom. The treatment costs $400 per session. While Jessica didn't have much extra weight to lose after giving birth to daughter Honour, the liposuction was used to smooth out a few trouble spots on her tummy and thighs.

9 Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona, singer and TV star, opted to have liposuction to get rid of her post baby weight. Kerry spent nearly $25,000 on the surgery which helped her to get rid of over 40 pounds. However, after undergoing the surgery, Kerry put the weight back on. The media became obsessed with the weight fluctuation and eventually Kerry felt the pressure. She went under the knife again and lost even more weight. Without proper diet and exercise, the weight won't stay off and the jury is still out on whether Kerry will continue scheduling the treatments.

8 Angelina Jolie

While the actress has never made a comment about whether she had a weight reduction procedure done after giving birth, there are plenty of rumors going around. How has Angelina avoided talking about those rumors? Some believe that the actress had a tummy tuck immediately after undergoing a c-section. This has become a popular way to go about removing excess baby weight for celebrities. The tummy tuck can be done at the same time as the birth, reducing the speculation that comes with recovery time when an actress has surgery after recovering from childbirth.

7 Mariah Carey

After giving birth, some starlets will team up with a weight loss program to make some cash while losing their baby weight. Mariah Carey joined team Jenny Craig. Photographers, tabloid writers, plastic surgeons, and the general public all gave the announcement some serious side eye. The singer shed over 70 pounds extremely quickly after giving birth to her twins. Experts noticed the new shape of her belly button as well as some obvious photoshopping on magazine covers. However, Mariah is denying the surgery so the cost is unknown.

6 Britney Spears

Speaking of Britney, there have been plenty of rumors that the pop princess went under the knife to get back to amazing figure after having children. Shortly after giving birth to her second child, Britney went out in public looking trim and fit. Midriff baring photos were watched with a close eye and incision sites were noticed.

The media immediately made claims that the singer had liposuction soon after giving birth. One plastic surgeon suggested that Britney opted for Lipodissolve, a less invasive procedure with a shorter healing time. The cost of the treatments depends on the amount of fat that is removed.

5 Shar Jackson 

Another woman that made no effort to hide her surgery is Shar Jackson. Shar, an actress on the TV show Moesha, had four kids, including two with Britney Spears' ex husband Kevin Federline. The actress fully admitted to a breast life and abdomenoplasty to shed weight and get her pre-baby body back.

The surgeries, combined, cost Shar about $15,000. When looking for new work, body image is an important thing for an actress to consider. Shar admitted to scheduling the surgeries to stay on top of her game. 

4 Patricia Heaton

Some actresses try to hide their plastic surgery. Patricia Heaton is not one of those actresses. The co-star of Everybody Loves Raymond openly admitted to having surgery after having four children. She also gave the most honest answer when asked why. She said it was purely for vanity. A tummy tuck and the removal of stretch marks helped Patricia get her confidence back after becoming a mom.

3 Dayna Devon

When your job involves being on television in front of millions of people every day, body image is a constant consideration. Extra cohost Dayna Devon made no attempts to hide her intentions of getting plastic surgery. In fact, her husband was her surgeon and she has discussed the procedure in interviews. The procedure was a new take on a tummy tuck that involved a smaller incision than normal. The TV personality only gained about 24 pounds during pregnancy and got back down to her pre baby weight of 130 pounds after surgery. While the surgery Dayna signed up for normally costs $15,000, we have a feeling her husband cut her a deal. 

2 Kim Kardashian 

The fiancee of Kanye West is one of the most recent Hollywood moms. Kim Kardashian is famous for her incredible figure which has led to a career as a model, in addition to finding her way onto several reality TV shows along with the rest of the Kardashian clan. While pregnant with baby North, Kim continued to show off her body with tight outfits and sky high heels. After giving birth, she jumped at the opportunity to get back onto magazine covers. While the reality TV star claimed to have lost over 70 pounds through exercise and following the Atkins Diet, the public was skeptical. It didn't take long before it was reported that Kim had been making frequent visits to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. At up to $5000 per visit, it's estimated that Kardashian has spent around $80,000 on treatments, including a procedure called Coolaser, to get rid of fat, eliminate stretch marks, and hide further evidence of having given birth. Kim has denied the surgery stories. 

1 Kate Gosselin 

Have eight children is a sure fire way to change your body in a big way. Kate Gosselin can attest to that. Another reality TV star, Kate became famous after her show aired, featuring her, her husband Jon, their twins, and their brand new sextuplets. The surgery wasn't in the name of jumping into a bathing suit for the cover of a magazine.

A plastic surgeon who heard about the growing family offered his services, free of charge, to help the mother remove the excess skin leftover after giving birth. Later, after divorcing her husband, Kate had further surgeries to reduce the effects of pregnancy on her body.

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Top 10 Celebrity Baby Weight Loss Surgery Secrets Revealed