Top 10 Celebrities Most Obsessed With Selfies

Let’s face it; our selfie obsessions have been triggered by the selfie obsessions of our most beloved celebrities. Or is that vice versa? Oh well, whatever, you get the point no? That these are the ti

Let’s face it; our selfie obsessions have been triggered by the selfie obsessions of our most beloved celebrities. Or is that vice versa? Oh well, whatever, you get the point no? That these are the times of selfies – innovative selfies, glamorous selfies, pajama selfies, coffee selfies and selfies with the best of friends!

For the laggards who still don’t know, selfies are self-taken pictures of the self! Laugh out loud, I just had to put that in somewhere. Oh and yes, it is officially a word in the dictionary now, so if you've got yourself a new one, you can look it up (or Google it, whichever suits you).

So selfies are the current rage and celebrities wouldn't really be celebrities if they didn't ride on everything that’s current. Yet, some of these selfie-obsessed celebrities have a knack of driving us crazy. Some so much in fact, that we’d really like to scream out at some of them – really now, we’d much rather not see you giving your camera an invisible kiss with you face mask on!

10 Ashley Benson

Asley Benson (Via

American actress, model and dancer, Ashley Benson sure knows how to stir things up with interesting selfies. Whether it is with super duper sexy bikini pics, or with hilarious pics mocking some other celebrities, Ashley undoubtedly keeps her Instagram followers always looking forward to her latest picture postings. Ashley's selfies are trendy and portray a lot of current fashion. With over a hundred selfies, Ashley Benson of the Pretty Little Liars fame bags spot number 10 on this countdown.

9 Lady Gaga

Whether they are totally unexpected, make up free photos, or the totally freaky photos in wildly inconceivable costumes (that make you gasp), selfies from Lady Gaga never fail to generate some kind of viewer response! There are so many terrible selfies from this star that she features on our ‘terrible’ selfies list as well! Not only does the lady post selfies of herself and her friends, but she also does the same with and of her beloved (and long suffering if one one may add) bulldog.

8 Ciara


With over a 100 selfies in her kitty, Ciara is certainly climbing her way up this chart in a hurry. The singing sensation has all kinds of selfies in her bag; fashionable and flawless ones, 'just chilling with my drinks' ones, bonafide no make up ones and also 'cute pregnancy' ones. Does this lady really need any further explanations for being featured on this list?

7 Beyonce Knowles


Beyonce Knowles has some great selfies to her credit. When Queen B goes barefaced without her make up and makes hilarious facial scrunches just to capture some innovative selfies, she becomes one of the few stars that actually entertains us, as opposed to shocks us, scandalizes us or makes us grit our teeth in vain, that is. From intimate bed selfies to totally made-up red carpet ones, this lady’s Instagram account and her Twitter handle sure are a treasure for her fans.

6 Kat Von D


The tattoo queen, Kat Von D also creeps up on this list of selfie obsessed celebrities, as she has a selfie tally that almost sneaks up to 200. This gorgeous and stylish tattooed celebrity is just as good with her long shots as she is with the pics that show her facial tattoos, up close and full pixel. Not so very long ago, she used to love posting selfies with her boyfriends but after her split with Jesse James, she has gone a little quiet on the couple selfies.

5 Rihanna

With almost 200 selfies in her bag, Rihanna too is on her way to getting crowned the ‘unofficial selfies queen’ of the future to come. RiRi has an out of the world sensibility when it comes to selfies and a lot of them are in desperate need of censorship. If you can handle the bold as brass couture and the blatantly scandalous bikinis, Rihanna has some really sexy selfies on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Although, RiRi’s selfies also showcase holiday locations in the background, such as Aspen, or wherever the star’s vacationing these days.

4 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus (Via

Miley Cyrus’ selfie talent can be summed up in one word, ‘crazy’ though I’d also take ‘looney’ any day. The star has gone a little crazy in her head, and has come a long long way astray from her glorious Hannah Montana days. Her modern selfies are often semi nude, topless, in her shower, on her bed or with her dogs. Her selfies are provocative, revealing and often questionable too. For most of us normal folks, her selfies are also completely censor-worthy!

3 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian (Via

No list of self-obsessed celebrities can be completed without a Kardashian, and of course, this list of celebrity selfies has Kim on the top 3 spot. Kim is on a whole different level of self-obsessed though, for her selfies are often about some parts of her body (parts that shall not be named here). Her selfies have often come under the scanner of the photoshop police. Hardly surprising, considering that so many of them are beyond anatomically incorrect and in so many ways too! Considering that Kim has 1700 photos on her social media account and a substantial percentage of those being selfies, maybe this star will climb her way to number 1 rather soon.

2 Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner (Via

Here’s another from the Jenner-Kardashian family that made it to this top 10 countdown. Kendall Jenner clearly follows the footsteps of sister, Kim Kardashian in posting obnoxious, scandalous and hardly appropriately covered selfies. The lady sure gets her smile and make up absolutely perfect in her selfies. She, along with her sister Kylie Jenner, also has some video tutorials for how to get perfect selfies. Her sister Kylie just happens to be the next and top ranked celebrity on the list. Now, her association with selfie obsessed siblings Kim and Kylie makes it enough for Kendall to deserve her ranking of number 2 on our list, no?

1 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner (Via

Reality TV star, Kylie Jenner is most definitely a Selfie Queen; something that she can categorically add to her resume that reads reality TV star, model and fashion designer. The youngest starlet from the Kardashian-Jenner family has been making the most of her good looks by posting some ultra-glam selfies on her social media handles. This self-absorbed celebrity sure knows how to get her Instagram followers, for her selfies (which go well over 400 in number) really let viewers in on what’s happening in her life, giving constant snap shots, be it of vacations or of music videos!

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