Top 10 Bucket List Items

From being able to invent something useful to becoming a homeowner or being seen on TV, all of these are things that people have considered and wanted for themselves. As long as you are alive and kicking, then you still have time to do and achieve all of these. Here is compilation of the top 10 bucket list items that should also be on yours.

10 Create an Invention 

All inventions come from an idea or a combination of ideas. If your head is full of these great and innovative concepts, you should begin tinkering with them. Being able to invent something that not only would benefit you but also millions of other people should definitely be on your bucket list.

9 Start your Own Business

Starting, establishing, and managing your own business is definitely one of the most satisfying things that you can ever have. You are your own boss and there is no one who has control over you but yourself. When you have your own business, you do not have to work for anyone. You can choose any type of industry that you want. If you are great in computers and technology, set up a shop that offers repairs or improvements. If you are great in baking, put up your own bakery. Whatever works for you, go and take the leap to become a business owner.

8 Become a Home Owner

Transitioning from a simple apartment renter to a homeowner is a very big step that you will have to make in your life. There are a lot of things that you would need to think and worry about, such as the down payment you would have to make, your monthly mortgage fees, repairs, utility bills, and renovations among many others. However, all of these things are small compared to the great feeling you will have once you finally become a homeowner.

7 Have Your Own Kids

Possibly the hardest task that you will ever have to face in your lifetime is to become a parent. However, this is also the most worthwhile job that you will ever be presented with. Having your own kids is a truly special thing. Someone will love you unconditionally and in ways that you can never imagine, you will never be alone, your house will always be a mess but it will feel very much alive, and most of all, you will not die without someone holding your hand.

6 Graduate from College

It is very common for a lot of college students to think only about one thing: getting out and graduating. People go to college because they want to get their degree, have an ethical job, get a better-paying position, and of course, a title. Many think that being in school and spending years in it is too long for them because they believe that there are more things in life worth spending time on. If you think about it, the time spent in college is just a fraction of your lifetime compared to what you will get in return. So if you are thinking about no longer attending college, erase this thought and enroll now.

5 Author a Book

Becoming an author does not require a college or a master’s degree. If you are great in what you do and you have the skills to write something, then consider writing a book before it is too late. Being able to share your knowledge with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people from all over the world will not only make you a wealthy person, but also give you the feeling of general happiness. Whatever topic you choose to write a book on, get started as early as now.

4 Tie the Knot

One of the things that many people fear is living and dying alone. So if you have a special someone, then why not tie the knot already? There is no point in not sharing your life with someone that you truly love and care for, so go ahead and tie the knot. Living with someone you consider as your ‘better half’ will definitely make things a lot more worthwhile and easier. Yes, disagreements and arguments cannot be avoided, but these are just things that make life much better after when you get to share your life with the one you love.

3 Be Seen on TV

Almost all people out there want to be seen on TV, which is why it is included in their bucket list. If there is an event happening with cameras rolling, try your best to be seen in front of the camera. Whether it is a news report, a talk show, or a ball game, the feeling of being seen by millions (or even billions) of people will definitely give you a thrill. You will find yourself shouting “Hey! That’s me! I’m on TV!”

2 Go on a World Tour

As cliché as it may sound, it is true that there is so much to see, yet so little time and resources to do it. Many people have lived in the same city or the same town for most of their lives, without even venturing into the next location. So if you are one such person, there is no other good time for you to explore the world than now. Take little steps such as visiting the nearest cities to yours. After this, visit the nearby states. Go on to becoming a tourist in other countries. Regardless of what your age is, as long as you can handle the trips, then by all means, go on a world tour.

1 Skydive

To go on a skydiving expedition should definitely be the number one thing on your top 10 bucket list items. It is never too late to do such an activity, except of course, if you will not be able to handle the rush and the thrill that it brings. This activity is considered by many as the closest a person will get to flying. Even those in the 80 plus year old age bracket have done this. Whether you want to feel the rush that the ride up will bring or the thrill of falling itself, skydiving will definitely give you the chance to experience both.

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