Top 10 Biggest Mistakes You're Making In Bed

As much as anyone wants to be the perfect lover, it’s quite possible you could use a little fine-tuning in some areas. Maybe you need to work on your foreplay or become more limber to try out more positions. The bottom line is you should probably grade yourself in bed with a critical eye – not an egocentric one. Your goal should be giving your partner your best performance every time, and they should be reciprocating.

It’s pretty easy to think about being an ideal lover and what it takes to be able to claim this title. Offering compliments, dressing well, going out with your partner often – these are all good ideas when it comes to setting the mood and having a nice time. Love making isn’t always so easy, though, and sometimes there can be a disconnect between the lover you want to be and the lover you actually are.

Judith Orloff M.D. reports that there are certain qualities partners can exude that make them more likely to be a bad lover, including “time constraints, self-centeredness, inhibitions, and lack of technique.” If you’re seeing a trend in dissatisfied partners, it’s quite possible they aren’t the problem – it’s you. You might be making a mistake in the bedroom. Could it be one of these?

10 Not Talking Enough


Communication is key in the bedroom. It might be sexy to think about simply locking eyes with your lover and having a psychic connection, doing absolutely everything the other desires just because a higher power willed it, but real life isn’t a romance novel. This doesn’t happen very often, if at all – it’s likely you’ll go through life never experiencing that moment, and that’s okay.

9 Being Too Aggressive

8 Being Too Passive

7 Getting Distracted

When you’re being intimate with a partner, your focus should be on them and the act you’re performing. Talking about unrelated subjects, looking distant or acting disinterested can make a partner feel neglected, causing them to under-perform. No one will have a good time in this case, meaning you both walk away without being completely satisfied.

6 Neglecting Hygiene

This can apply to both sexes, but mostly men. Most women take the time to shave, trim and shower before they know they’ll have a sexual encounter, but men often neglect these extra steps before getting lucky. If your pre-sex grooming routine is slapping on some deodorant (maybe) and running a hand through your hair, this is where you’re messing up.

5 Fouling Up Foreplay

4 Going Too Fast

Sometime you want it quick and fast. That’s fine. However, if you’re consistently going through the motions at lightning speed, ready to get release as soon as possible, you’re missing out on a lot of sensual opportunities in bed. Men are very much to blame for this – the sexual release cycle for men is typically much quicker, as it takes women about 20 minutes to feel orgasmic.

3 Not Being Flexible

This definitely doesn’t mean what you think it means. Instead of being about how many different positions you can pull off in bed, think more about your willingness to consider what your partner needs sexually. When you aren’t willing to compromise and listen to what your partner wants, you’re going to suffer for it. This attitude of “I want to have sex my way and that’s that” can not only make your sex life stagnant, it can also be a relationship killer.

2 Faking It

When you fake it in bed, you’re being dishonest. If you’re with a partner exclusively, it’s important to talk to them about what you are looking for that you obviously aren’t getting. If it’s a one night stand or the first time with someone, you still have an obligation to talk about it. If it doesn’t work out and they move on to someone else, you’re just passing the buck to another woman to deal with. Stop the problem at the source and tell your partner how to actually please you.

1 Not Dressing Up

If you have the opportunity to get dressy before your sexual encounter, do it. You don’t have to constantly be decked out in your sexiest lingerie, waiting for the opportunity to strike, but if you know you’re going to have a sexy encounter? Dress for success. Your partner will love the fact you’re trying for them and the act of wearing your best sexy undies can help heighten your own anticipation. Look good; feel good, as the saying goes.

You can also tailor your outfits to your partner’s fantasies. If you know he likes red lacy panties, put some on before your dinner date. If she’s into tight shirts and snug boxer-briefs, make your girl happy with your ensemble before you get down and dirty.


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Top 10 Biggest Mistakes You're Making In Bed