The World of Sugar Mommas

Back in the 1980s, there was a movie entitled “Class” in which a young Rob Lowe challenged his shy roommate, Andrew McCarthy, to go to the big city and find a woman he could have sex with. McCarthy go

Back in the 1980s, there was a movie entitled “Class” in which a young Rob Lowe challenged his shy roommate, Andrew McCarthy, to go to the big city and find a woman he could have sex with. McCarthy got back the following day with a woman’s underwear in his hands. He had hooked up the night before with a sultry older woman in Jacqueline Bisset, who played Rob Lowe’s mother.

These days, Bisset will probably be termed a cougar for having a much younger man as a boyfriend. A few years ago, there was a television series entitled “Cougar Town” that starred Courtney Cox as a divorcee in her forties who tried to relive her twenties by dating younger men. Cox used to play a sugar baby when she played a single woman who was going out with her dad’s friend played by Tom Selleck in her old television hit series entitled “Friends.” It turned full circle because in “Cougar Town,” she played a sugar mommy.


3 What is a Sugar Mommy?

A sugar mommy is an older woman who lavishes a younger man with money or gifts in exchange for companionship. They usually use their money to flirt with a young man, often going to the point of buying him gifts that boys love to have, like gadgets, sneakers, sports items and the likes.

Sugar mommies do the pursuing, as opposed to the normal societal expectation of a man courting a girl. Sugar mommies have a tendency to believe that their body and look cannot compete with a hot young girl anymore, so they try to compensate through their generosity and money.

Sugar mommies usually go after a young man because he represents all the things that a man in the same age range as hers has lost. Young men have more passion and spontaneity. Even the wildness associated with youth is viewed as a plus factor.

If things get intimate, a sugar mommy will most likely appreciate and even match the young man’s sexual dynamism. This is because a woman reaches her sexual peak much later than a man, so a thirtysomething woman would match up pretty well in bed with a young man just out of his teens.

The main thing about sugar mommies is that they just want to feel young again and remember those days in their youths when the possibilities were endless. They will usually connect with young men who make them feel passionate about love and life once more.


2 Advantages of a Sugar Mommy

A sugar mommy offers a lot of advantages. Among them are the following:

  • Sugar mommies know what they want and are usually in a position to get hold of it. They do not waste a lot of time anymore procrastinating because they have already seen everything.
  • Sugar mommies usually have high sex drives. Just the mere fact that they are looking for young men is enough proof that there is still a lot left in them. If they are already tired and dry, chances are they would just stay at home and mind their kids.
  • Sugar mommies have a steady source of income. Chances are they will pay everything during a date.
  • Sugar mommies have a much more sophisticated and higher taste. That means when they go out on dates, the young man will be in luck because they would probably go have fancy and complete meals in top restaurants.
  • Sugar mommies carry a lot less emotional baggage than girls of college age. They are less likely to get mad if a birthday or anniversary is forgotten and more likely to understand if they do not receive any flowers or chocolates during special occasions. Although of course, if the young man is thoughtful enough to remember special dates and give out special gifts, those are huge plus points that the sugar mommy will not easily forget.
  • Sugar mommies are increasingly becoming hotter. Think of the likes of Demi Moore or Heidi Klum. They are advancing ever gracefully as they age along.


1 Drawbacks of a Sugar Mommy

There are also disadvantages of being a sugar mommy. Among the drawbacks are the following:

  • Sugar mommies will tend to mold a young man to what they want him to be. They may therefore be viewed as manipulative and imposing, things that young men usually rebel against.
  • Sugar mommies are viewed as predators who take advantage of young men. Even in modern society, people tend to treat differently those who are having a May-December affair. This is true even for relationships where the man is much older. Society is even more judgmental of relationships where the woman is the older party.
  • While sugar mommies may be able to keep up with a young man’s passion in bed, the same may not hold true with regards the young man’s social activities. It is doubtful if a sugar mommy can tolerate the music and club scene that young men listen and go to. Besides, while young people listen to the likes of Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Kanye West, the sugar mommy will probably end up just comparing them negatively to her icons back in her prime, like Madonna, Debbie Gibson and Prince and the Revolution.
  • There will be a lot of teasing and taunting especially among the young man’s friends. If sugar mommies think that it is difficult to date a guy who is young enough to be her son’s classmate, the opposite holds true as well. The young man will find it awkward to be seen in a club or a mall holding hands and being intimate in public with a woman old enough to be friends with his mother.
  • Sugar mommies may be viewed as gullible women who are easily taken advantage of by younger men. The sugar mommy will always have a doubt lingering in her mind if a young man really loves her or if he is just after her money, with free sex to boot.

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The World of Sugar Mommas