The Top Ten Most Rewarding Credit Cards

When you want the best credit card available, there are a few key factors to look at before you sign up to make sure you're not only getting a card you'll be happy with, but one that will work hard fo

When you want the best credit card available, there are a few key factors to look at before you sign up to make sure you're not only getting a card you'll be happy with, but one that will work hard for you as well. Beneficial features such as great rewards, great service, and of course a great interest rate are all desirable ingredients that the most attractive credit cards can offer. The credit card companies know what you want.

Keep in mind that the most rewarding credit cards can offer you the best of what's available and should also be considered very powerful financial tools you hold in your grasp. Therefore, you should always use them wisely and with great caution. In the end, they can be your best friend or your worst enemy! Always proceed (shop) with care.

Fortunately for you, there are oodles to choose from with very appealing aspects just waiting to get into your wallet or purse. Before we get to the list let it be known, these credit cards have been selected in terms of pure benefit to the card holder if used properly. There are many beneficial credit cards on the market, this is our pick! So without further ado, let's examine the top ten most rewarding credit cards available right now so you can start reaping some of those rewards starting with credit card number 10...

10 Citi CITGO MasterCard - Save up to 10% on every CITGO purchase 

These days it seems you never know what you are going to pay at the pump. With the relentless fluctuations in gas prices, the more money you can save on gasoline - all the better. Citi CITGO MasterCard takes a bit of that pressure off when you need to fill your tank. Save up to 10% on every CITGO purchase, together with gas, when you use your CITGO card. You will still earn a generous 5% rebate on every CITGO purchase even after the introductory period ends. Also, you can earn 1 - 2% on every other purchase as well. This does include a limit of $50 in rebates per month. However, it's so simple and easy to get these rebates. Check your credit card bill the following month to view the amount of the rebate and note how it automatically shows as a credit on the bill. There are no minimums or a redemption process required in order to get the credit. In all fairness it must be mentioned that the penalty interest rate is 29.9% but there are no annual fees.

9 Elite Rewards World MasterCard - 800 bonus points upon first purchase 

You will feel like a privileged VIP when you use your Elite Rewards World MasterCard. The card allows you to earn double rewards points upon making purchases from a wide variety of participating businesses in addition to getting 800 bonus points upon making your first purchase. That's how you get on the fast track to redeeming your rewards, merchandise, and gift certificates. Other advantages include 0% APR for the initial 12 months regarding all balance transfers and absolutely no annual fee. Also, travel rewards are stress-free. Fly on virtually any U.S. major airline with zero blackout dates and receive discounts from places like Avis Rental Cars along with others when you employ the Elite Rewards MasterCard.

8 Capital One Platinum Prestige Card - Personalization instead of penalties 

The Capital One Platinum Prestige Card will keep your rates nice and low if you have a history of superb credit. All purchases and balance transfers incur a fixed 7.9% APR. What you see is what you get with the Prestige Card - no confusion or teaser rates; just a simple low rate. Even better, Capital One will not penalize you for accidentally forgetting a payment or going over your credit limit. There are no balance transfer fees or annual fees to worry about. The straightforward rewards point system makes this an easy choice for people who wish to avoid annoying distractions and desire to use a highly esteemed and prestigious credit card.

7 Bank of America World Points Card - Every dollar spent is a point earned 

Bank of America World Points credit card provides a solid rewards program and is one of the most rewarding credit cards available today. And to everyone's surprise, it's not exclusively for people with stellar credit histories. For every dollar spent, you can earn one point and ultimately exchange your points for cash, gift certificates, merchandise, or perhaps travel. The card has a 0% interest rate for the initial 12 months regarding all cash advance checks along with balance transfers. Upon a sufficient amount of qualifying transactions, Bank of America will even present you with a $50 bonus and directly credit it to your statement.

6 Capital One No Hassle Rewards Card - Earning miles 25% quicker than most other cards

This card is truly one of the most rewarding credit cards available and it really is a "no hassle" card. You have likely seen the many commercials where the miles acquired via Capital One aren't subject to any restrictions or blackout dates. And indeed this is true. You have the option to redeem your miles whenever you wish for any flight and your miles will never expire. There is a reasonable interest rate of 13.9%. Also, for every dollar spent you earn 1.25 miles instead of 1.0 like the majority of other cards offer. When there is no ceiling on the number of miles you can acquire along with earning miles 25% quicker than most everyone else - this No Hassel Rewards card from Capital One makes for quite an appealing credit card indeed.

5 Commerce Bank Visa (NJ) Card -  No added fees for late payments

It's likely you've never heard of Commerce Bank if you are not from New Jersey. However, every sophisticated and savvy credit card shopper needs to check out this premiere credit card. Comparatively speaking, there are no cash back bonuses or true gimmicks like other credit cards fixate on. But this is a solid, strong, reliable card with interest rates varying from 2.99% - 8.99% and no annual fee. Happily there are no other fees for going over your credit limit, paying your bill late, taking out a cash advance, or transferring balances. Can you find any other credit card that can stand up to those features? Also, this card works great with loyalty program fans. For every dollar spent using the Commerce Bank Visa, you can earn three useful Visa Extras Reward Points as well. The card also consists of various additional cost-free services and features where typically other cards will charge. For example, there are no added costs or fees for travel and emergency roadside assistance, warranty management, unauthorized transactions, or baggage delay and global travel accident insurance.

4 Discover More Card -  5% cash back on entertainment expenses 

Discover has historically been a strong advocate of "cash back"; and nothing pushes that motto harder than the Discover More card. You can earn up to 5% cash back on such items as entertainment expenses, restaurants, gas, and qualified travel with the More card. Bonuses can vary by as much as a 20% cash back reward when shopping online via their shopping website. Most other purchases enjoy a basic 1% cash back reward. With a 0% APR and no annual fee for an entire year on every purchase and balance transfer, this appears to be a most alluring card to sign up with. If there are any downsides to this card it would likely be that a few small businesses will not accept a Discover card along with a few restrictions regarding your cash back bonuses as well.

3 Citi CashReturns Card - Automatically receive a check every time you earn a $50 cash back reward

If its cash back and savings you want, the Citi CashReturns card delivers. You can earn a 1% cash back reward on all single purchases you make. Also, you get a 20% reward regarding your cash back bonus and 0% APR on all balance transfers for the first year. Redeeming your rewards is a straightforward and virtually effortless process and no annual fees either. You will automatically receive a check every time you earn a $50 cash back reward. No need to call customer service or go through a tiresome redemption process to receive your rewards and bonuses since the CashReturns card guarantees them upfront.

2 American Express Blue Card - Blue card provides access to their most prestigious rewards

American Express is synonymous with dedication to excellence and outstanding customer service and the Blue card is just one more piece of evidence of that as well. There is a 0% APR up to 15 months and no annual fee for new applicants. Balance transfers boast an extremely reasonable 4.99% low interest rate for the duration of the balance. Also, American Express doesn't mess around when it comes to how payments are applied in order to boost the interest on their behalf. Aside from having a very attractive card, using your Blue card provides access to their most prestigious Rewards Express program where you may earn your points toward entertainment, gift cards, and other such items or gifts without any hassle. You will receive cash that's directly deposited into your high-earning savings account if you should choose the Blue Cash program.

1 Chase Freedom Card -  Allows you to select rewards points and rebates

Credit cards typically propose things such as cash back bonuses, gift cards, reward points, frequent flyer miles, and gas rebates. The Chase Freedom card lets you easily choose one by letting you pick more than just one. You can have it all with this Freedom card. No matter what you do, Chase routinely reviews your bill every month and then automatically places you in the best program that will offer you the most savings. It looks at the most frequent places you shop each month and offers a 3% cash back bonus or triple reward points. All other purchases allow 1% cash back or simply 1%. Chase offers a 14.99% interest rate and a few limitations regarding the number of rebates you can receive or get back. However, there is no annual fee and it's somewhat simple to redeem your rewards too. To some extent, there may be better cards out there, but on the whole, there's no need to ever worry if you are getting the best savings possible with this card. Chase offers exceptional customer service and online account tools for your convenience as well.

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