The Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20s

Here are the top 10 mistakes to avoid in your 20s. 10. Chasing Women Never ever chase a woman. After all the fun and thrill of romance and crushes during her high school years, by the time a woman

Here are the top 10 mistakes to avoid in your 20s.

10 Chasing Women

Never ever chase a woman. After all the fun and thrill of romance and crushes

during her high school years, by the time a woman is in her 20s, she has most likely

heard it all. Guys have this tendency of putting their best foot forward just to impress

a woman, especially if she is hot. You tend to embellish your accomplishments,

bloat your status and responsibilities and generally present a rock star genius of

yourself. It may be the natural thing for guys to do especially when confronted with

a woman who just shakes up your world in a positive way. However, it is wise to try

to avoid this tendency. Be natural and stay that way. Go up to the woman, introduce

yourself and have confidence in presenting the real you. If she likes you in the same

way and level as you like her, then things will progress naturally. Chances are that

the relationship will be deeper and more meaningful if you just let things fall into

its proper place. If you chase a woman, she may end up falling for the impressive

version of yourself. You know, the one that sends flowers or chocolates every week,

the one that treats her out to a fancy dinner every weekend, the one that buys her

the most expensive jewelries and accessories for every important occasion. And that

is not a good thing. It also brings us to the next point.

9 Buying a Woman’s Love

Buying a woman’s love is something that you must avoid in your 20s. This point

is connected to the previous one, as courting a woman with flowers, chocolates,

jewelries, luxury accessories and other similar items is tantamount to chasing her by

buying your way to her love. It is no different to an 85-year old billionaire drowning

a young woman in her 20s with expensive items in exchange for her affection. In

the end, you should really think if the woman fell in love with you or your gifts? And

do not even bother to justify by saying the things you give her are not really that

expensive. Taking her out to fancy dinners that cost a couple of hundred bucks in the

first date may soon become a dinner costing a thousand dollars in some Michelin-

rated restaurant. Those sweet little flowers might graduate one day to expensive

jewelries. Whether you admit it or not, it is buying a woman’s love.

8 Engaging in Materialism

Before you buy something and put it n your credit card, ask yourself if you really

need it. Are you buying the latest tablet computer just because everyone else has it?

Do you really need to have the latest iPhone when your existing smart phone is not

even a year old? There is no problem if you can really afford it right now, but there

are two basic rules of thumb that you should follow. The first one is that even if you

can afford to purchase an item, make sure that you are buying it because you need

and want it and not because it is the trendy thing to do. Satisfy your own pleasure

and not because you succumb to the pressure from your peers and the expectations

of society. The second rule of thumb is simply that if you cannot afford to pay for an

item in cash, then you do not need it. Otherwise, you will end up spending money

that you do not own. This brings us to the next mistake to avoid.

7 Amassing Personal Debt

Avoid at all cost amassing personal debt. It may be in the form of loans, mortgages

and credit card bills. Remember the second rule of thumb mentioned in the previous

point? If you cannot afford to pay for an item in cash, then you do not need it.

Otherwise, if you insist in paying for something through credit, you will end up living

your life paying for the past. And as practically everything depreciates, by the time

you finish paying your debt, the item you had bought may already be practically

worthless. Even real estate assets that were thought to be safe investments are not

safe anymore. It was one of the reasons why the economy fell into a recession.

6 Being Fanatical for a Group of People

People will always let you down. You spend a lot of time following and being

fanatical about someone, only for something to go wrong towards the end. It hurts,

it's painful and it was such a waste of time. Examples abound, from the sports team

that always ends up short of the title to rock artists that sell out to leaders who break

their promises. The only one you should be fanatical about is yourself.

5 Failing to Finish Your Education

The world is very competitive and a degree is a must unless you are Mark

Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. Master your craft and finish your education. It will help you

go a long way.

4 Being Lazy in Your Associations

Always take time to spend moments with the people you love. It will help keep you

grounded. Don’t make excuses because time will not wait. Otherwise, before you

know it, your friends may have gotten used being without you already.

3 Not Taking Care of Your Body

Exercise. Take your vitamins. Get the proper amount of sleep. Most importantly,

watch what you eat. Remember, no matter how long you work out in the gym, you

cannot train a bad diet.

2 Not Being Open to New Paradigms

Do not close your mind to new ideas. Be open to new things and fresh ideas. Stay

open to new paradigms. Remember that you should never stop learning. The day

you stop being open to new ideas is the day you will stop growing as a person.

1 Wasting Time

Do not waste time. Don’t stay in a bad relationship. Don’t be fanatical about any one

person or group. Don’t chase women. Time is gold and should never be wasted.

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