The Top 10 Items That Men Love To Splurge On

While many men tend to be minimalists, there are some favorite items that they don't mind pulling out their wallets to purchase. Although these purchases change slightly, these are the top 10 items that men love to splurge on.

10 Luxury watches

Brands like Cartier are a huge status symbol for men. They are one of the few accents that are acceptable for men to wear, and can be justified since they have a practical use. These watches tend to run into the thousands of dollars, but may actually be a smart move financially since they last for generations. A favorite with men over the years, these luxury items can run a pretty penny.

9 Spirits

Men tend to spend about $550 every year on their favorite alcoholic beverages. Whether sitting down with a drink to watch the game, or enjoying a bottle of wine with dinner, this is one item that men don't like to to be cheap about. Although an expensive pastime, this habit continues to be a favorite and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

8 Apple Gadgets

This is another area where men tend to spend a lot of money. While there are some great off-brands available, men will pay top dollar to have the latest tablets, phones, and other gadgets that this company makes. With some of the high prices for recently released items like the iPhone 5's $599 price tag, it's no surprise that these make the top ten list. A huge industry, this company makes the majority of its initial sales in the male demographic.

7 Televisions and audio/visual equipment

This is another area where men don't like to sacrifice anything. When watching a movie, a game, or playing video games, they want the best in definition, sound, and graphics. You're not going to find a man settling for an old television when the new flat-screen HD television is available. Electronic companies do very well with their male customers, and it's not unusual for men to consider spending 2,000 or more on set-ups for the den.

6 Gifts

This is especially true for men who are dating or married. Most men like to splurge on the people they love. They seem to think that the more that they spend, the more their affection is conveyed. This isn't always a bad thing, especially since men tend to purchase jewelry which can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars, especially over a lifetime. Men also tend to be more generous in their gift-giving and can spend a huge amount of money during the holidays.

5 Dates and relationships

Whether paying for a weekend cabin in Vermont or impressing his woman by flying out her parents for the wedding, men tend to make the majority of the purchases in the relationship. Since many of these extravagant purchases really aren't necessary, we feel comfortable putting them in the splurges category. Sure, it's nice to see a guy pull out his wallet and pay for dinner, but sometimes it gets to be a little too much. However, we're betting that most women won't complain about this.

4 Life experiences

Men want to enjoy life to the fullest and will make some crazy spending decisions. They tend to spend money on sky-diving, expensive trips, and other experiences that will give them great memories, but probably recieve very little return.

3 Sports

Men love sports and there are a huge number of ways to spend money on games. For the avid sports fan, season tickets and playoff tickets can set you back a pretty penny. However, even the less enthused fan will end up spending a lot of money on memorabilia, game-day expenses and home season tickets. Following sports is not cheap and chances are, the more they like the game, the more they're going to spend. The average amount that men spend in sport-related expenses is about 20,000 every year.

2 Gambling

This is a habit which can easily lead you to the poorhouse. Although some men content themselves with small bets on the outcome of a game with friends and don't spend much money, many guys like to travel to the large casinos and spend thousands of dollars every year. Gambling has also seen a huge rise since online poker became popular. The ease of this habit makes it possible for men to gamble wherever they are, and this is a huge splurge for men.

1 Cars

This probably won't be a surprise, but even with their extremely high price tag, men continue to buy fast and expensive automobiles. They also tend to purchase less energy-efficient models, meaning that they're going to pay top dollar for gas as well. Male buyers either go for the brawny trucks or the high-priced, performance vehicles. Although we think of these as mid-life crisis purchases, they can actually happen at any time. A high-performance car definitely tops this list, with these automobiles costing easily 100,000 or more.

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