The Top 10 Best Hospitals in the United States

Health care is a sensitive issue in the United States. It has been the subject of a lotof passionate debates and discussions. Through all this, hospitals try to remaininsulated from politics, as they have to continue providing quality service to itspatients no matter what happens. Here is a list of the top 10 best hospitals in theUnited States.

10 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

The University of Pittsburg Medical Center, or UPMC, is a teaching hospital that has20 medical facilities around the world. It has more than 54,000 employees, 4,200beds, 400 outpatient sites and a health insurance division with 1.5 million members.It is in the top 10 of 10 different specialty areas as determined by the US News &World Report. It is also ranked highly in six other specialties. Established in 1893, ithas its headquarters in Pittsburgh and earns revenues of more than $9 billion.

9 Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Brigham and Women’s Hospital is a teaching hospital based in Boston. It has 777beds and serves nearly 46,000 admitted patients every year. Its surgical facilitiesperform nearly 20,000 inpatient and more than 12,000 outpatient surgeries everyyear. It ranks highly in 13 different adult specialties.

8 Duke University Medical Center

Duke University Medical Center is a teaching hospital based in Durham in NorthCarolina. It has 924 beds and is considered as the flagship of the Duke UniversityHealth System. It is one of the three Level I referral centers in the state’s ResearchTriangle, with the other two being the University of North Carolina Hospital inChapel Hill and Wake Med Raleigh in Raleigh. Duke University Medical Center wasestablished in 1930 and started out as a small regional hospital. It has since grownto become a full-fledged academic medical center.

7 New York Presbyterian Hospital

New York Presbyterian Hospital is a university hospital based in New York City. Itis considered as one of the best hospitals in the world and it is affiliated with twoschools from the prestigious Ivy League; Columbia and Cornell. The hospitalis composed of a couple of medical centers; the Columbia University MedicalCenter and the Weill Cornell Medical Center. It is a major referral center bothregionally and internationally. It was chartered in 1996 but it can trace its roots toway back in 1771 when King George III granted a charter to the New York Hospital.The Presbyterian Hospital, on the other hand, was formed in 1868. The two thenmerged in the 90ès and it is now the largest private employer in the entire city.

6 Barnes Jewish Hospital

Barnes Jewish hospital is a teaching hospital based in St. Louis. It is consideredto be the largest hospital in the entire state of Missouri. It is affiliated with the   Washington University School of Medicine. It was formed in 1996 after the merger of Barnes Hospital and The Jewish Hospital, two medical facilities that stood a couple of blocks away from each other in Forest Park. It traces its roots to 1892 when Barnes Hospital was established through the bequest of Robert A. Barnes and to 1902 when   the Jewish community in the city built The Jewish Hospital.

5 Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is an affiliate of the University ofCalifornia, Los Angeles. It is one of the medical facilities under the UCLA HealthSystem, a healthcare system considered to be one of the most comprehensive andadvanced in the world. It has research centers that cover practically all the majorspecialties of medicine and dentistry. It is also the primary teaching hospital ofthe David Geffen School of Medicine of the university. It is considered as the besthospital on the entire West Coast.

4 Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic is an academic medical center located in Ohio. Its affiliateuniversity is the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case WesternReserve University. Established in 1921, it is one of the largest private medicalcenters in the world. It is considered as one of the best hospitals for cardiac care. Itsurology center has the largest full time faculty in the country. It is also ranked as thebest in nephrology.

3 Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is a medical research center based in Rochester in Minnesota. Itis a non-profit medical group whose practice is distinguished by integrated care. Itspecializes in treating difficult cases and spends over half a billion a year just forresearch. It has under its employ more than 3,800 physicians and almost 51,000other medical staff. It is considered the best in the fields of gastroenterology andgynecology, as well as in the treatment of diabetes, endocrine disorders andkidney diseases. It also ranked highly in cardiology, neurology, orthopedics andpulmonology.

2 Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins Hospital is a teaching hospital located in Baltimore. It is affiliatedwith the School of Medicine of Johns Hopkins University. It is considered as thebirthplace of modern American medicine and is credited with pioneering medicaltraditions like rounds and residents. Established in 1889, it has 982 beds availablefor patients. It is considered as the top ranked hospital in the fields of ear, nose andthroat, neurology, rheumatology, psychiatry and geriatrics. It also has an outstandingradiology department considered as the best within a hospital and in interventionalradiology.

1 Massachusetts General Hospital

The Massachusetts General Hospital is a teaching hospital based in Boston. Itis affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Established in 1811, it has 1,057 bedsavailable for patients. It boasts of 11 Nobel Prize winners. It is considered as thebest hospital in the country, having been ranked prominently in all adult and pediatricspecialties. It was the first hospital in the state to receive a Magnet recognition, anaward that is considered the highest honor for nursing excellence. It employs morethan 14,000 people, making it the largest non-government employer in the city.

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