The Top 10 Best Hospitals in Canada

The Canadian Institute for Health Information, or CIHI, is a non-profit organization that collects and analyzes data on hospitals based in Canada. Data that it uses includes patient mortality, numbe

The Canadian Institute for Health Information, or CIHI, is a non-profit organization

that collects and analyzes data on hospitals based in Canada. Data that it uses

includes patient mortality, number of people readmitted, number of unexpected

complications and list of problems that resulted from care provided for by the


Based on these, CBC-TV’s fifth estate recently came out with the most outstanding

health facilities in the country. Here are the top 10 best hospitals in Canada. The list

is in no particular order and includes four large-community hospitals, one medium

size, three small-sized community health centres and two teaching hospitals. All 10

received an A+ rating.

10 Saskatoon City Hospital, Saskatchewan

Saskatoon City Hospital is a public hospital in Saskatoon, the largest city in the

province of Saskatchewan. It is considered as a teaching hospital and is one of only

two of the kind to be listed in the top 10, with the other being St. Joseph’s Health

Care. The facility boasts of 137 beds available for patients. This community hospital

is funded by the government and was established in 1909. At that time, it was only

the second municipal hospital in the entire country. It then moved to its present

location in 1993. The Saskatoon Health Region is running it.

9 St. Joseph’s Health Care, London, Ontario

St. Joseph’s Health is a teaching and research hospital affiliated with Western

University. It offers only 70 beds but it has distinguished itself with its long legacy

of service to the people of Southwestern Ontario that dates back to more than 140

years. It has a renowned research arm called the Lawson Health Research Institute

that helps develop new and practicable knowledge that can be applied directly to the

care of the hospital’s patients. It is considered as one of the best academic health

care organizations in the country. The hospital serves more than 400,000 patients

every year through its 4,500-strong staff and physicians.

8 Covenant Health Banff Mineral Springs Hospital, Banff, Alberta

Covenant Health Banff Mineral Springs Hospital is a small medical hospital located

in the mountain town of Banff in the province of Alberta. It only has 22 beds, plus one

labor and delivery suite, but boasts of a high standard of health care. The Alberta

Health Services run the hospital in collaboration with Covenant Health. It traces its

roots to the latter part of the 19th century when Dr. R.G. Brett, a former Lt. Governor

of the province, started to deliver health services from a boxcar. Sulphur hot spring

water was found in the area and was used to cure some diseases. The Sisters of St.

Martha then purchased the hospital in 1930 for $58,000.

7 Lamont Health Care Centre, Lamont, Alberta

Lamont Health Care Centre is a small hospital in Lamont, located to the northeast

of the provincial capital of Edmonton. It is affiliated with the United Church of Christ.

It aims to treat each patient with respect, compassion and dignity. Though it serves

anyone who comes through its doors, it is particularly committed to the care of the

people of Lamont County that has a population of around 10,000, as well as the

municipalities in the county and other immediate neighboring places.

6 High River General Hospital, High River, Alberta

The High River General Hospital is a small hospital located in High River in the

province of Alberta. The hospital has 27 beds ready to serve the small community

situated just south of Calgary. Aside from acute care and long-term care beds, it also

provides surgical services, obstetrical services and low risk clinic, X-ray and mental

health facilities. It also has an emergency service available 24 hours per day.

5 Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital, Ontario

Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital is a medium-sized community hospital

located in eastern Ontario. It is the only hospital from a medium-sized community to

land in the top 10. It boasts of 82 acute care beds. It actually has a couple of sites,

one in Perth and the other in Smiths Falls. It was incorporated in 1995 after the

amalgamation of the Smiths Falls Community Hospital and the Great War Memorial

Hospital of Perth. It boasts of a long history in giving out top quality health services to

the tri-county region of Lanark, Leeds and Grenville, whose combined population is

around 44,000.

4 Chaleur Regional Hospital, Bathurst, New Brunswick

Chaleur Regional Hospital is a large community hospital based in Bathurst. It is the

only health care facility from the province of New Brunswick to make it to the list. It

is one of the hospitals under the Acadie Bathurst Health Authority, or ABHA. It offers

215 beds and provides a wide range of secondary regional and specialized services.

It also counts more than 70 physicians among its staff members.

3 Grace Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Grace Hospital is a large community hospital located at the western side of

Winnipeg. It has 245 beds available. It traces its roots all the way back to 1890 when

the Salvation Army built a rescue home for women and children. It was incorporated

14 years later as The Salvation Army Grace General Hospital. In 2008, ownership

transferred from the Salvation Army to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

2 Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation, St. Albert, Alberta

Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation is a large community hospital in St. Albert,

located just north of the capital of Edmonton. It has 143 beds to serve and provide

quality health care to the people of St. Albert, North Edmonton and Sturgeon County.

1 Victoria General Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Victoria General Hospital is a large general community hospital located in Winnipeg

in the province of Manitoba. It was established in 1911 in Osborne Village. In 1971,

the hospital transferred to the southern part of Winnipeg just beside the University

of Manitoba. The hospital offers 231 beds and has more than 1,200 people under

its employ. It is known for its leadership and innovation in giving out health care


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