The 15 Sexiest Valentine's Day Gifts She Actually Wants

Wasn’t it just Christmas? Didn’t we just exchange gifts? It sure seems like we did, and now it’s Valentine’s Day already. What will you get your girlfriend now? Her new diet she picked as a New Year’s resolution will keep her from eating chocolates, so that rules that out. She’s got enough teddy bears and stuffed animals around her apartment and you really don’t want to give her any more. You could buy her jewelry, but that’s a big investment and she doesn’t even wear jewelry that much. What will you get her this time?

It’s a well known fact that Valentine’s Day is simply a "Hallmark Holiday." It was made to sell presents. Everyone expects some kind of gift on Valentine’s Day and if you forget to get her something, she certainly won’t forget your apathy.  But why follow the standard conventions of Valentine’s gift giving? It’s a day meant to celebrate love and the people in your life that mean something special to you. That’s right, it’s not just about her, it’s about you, too. It’s about the two of you being together; not flashy gifts.

It’s about time we spiced up Valentine’s Day. Let’s forgo the teddy bear in favor of a teddy. Forget the box of chocolates and try another tasty treat. It’s time to celebrate your relationship and get something you’ll both enjoy. It's Valentine’s Day after all, so get her something you’ve both wanted.

Here they are - the 15 Sexiest Valentine’s Day Gifts.

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15 Let Her Pick The Lingerie She Wants

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Men have such good intentions when they buy their women sexy lingerie, have it wrapped up nice and pretty, and give it to her on a special occasion.  You're trying to send the message that she looks sexy and you think of her.  The message you're actually sending is that she doesn't look sexy enough in her own underwear or lingerie, and you'd like her to wear what you picked out instead.  Not all that romantic, is it?

Instead, surprise her with a trip to a lingerie store and tell her you want her to pick out whatever she wants.  She'll be likely to ask for your opinion a few times and maybe she'll even try a few things on for you!  It becomes the gift of finding something sexy together.  She'll feel confident and comfortable in whatever the two of you pick out together, which will make her more likely to wear it again in the future.

14 Netflix and Chill… The Old Fashioned Way

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Everyone is so busy these days, it’s hard to find time to just relax with your partner. If you’ve been struggling to find downtime together, plan a long day indoors. Order her favorite pizza, bust out some blankets, and sit on the couch in your underwear watching your favorite series. Better yet, find something the two of you have wanted to watch for a long time but have been putting off.

It doesn’t sound all that sexy right now, does it? It kind of sounds like a sleepy day in, and it can be! But... just wait.  Don't initiate anything- just wait and enjoy your time together.  After a while, maybe when Netflix asks you both, "Are you still watching this?," she'll hit pause on the show and she’ll play around with you. The best part of this gift is that, after you have sex, you can resume the date. Let the Netflix marathon continue! Until, of course, the mood strikes again and you can just hit pause.

13 See What She Wants to See

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This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday - and on a weekend with a lot of important movie releases. Some major TV series are coming back on, including The Walking Dead and Castle, and some very exciting movies are coming out that weekend, including Deadpool, Zoolander 2, and How to be Single. Even out of just these options there’s something here for everyone.

Even though you’re certainly excited for one particular option, be selfless tonight. Tell her you want to see whatever she wants. She might try to let you pick, or pick what she knows you want to see, but don’t let her unless it’s truly what she wants to see, too. Take her out to dinner and see what she wants to see. By the time the movie ends and you’ve gone home, she’ll be feeling as if you’ve been doting upon her all day and treating her to something special. She might return the favor.

12 Get Her Themed Lingerie

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If you really want to surprise her with a piece of lingerie, don't be boring about it.  She can go to Victoria's Secret any day to get a a new silky nightie.  She probably still has lingerie from past boyfriends.  Those guys wasted money on lingerie that she's still wearing when she's with you.  Get her something really remarkable so that, when she wears it, she'll always be thinking of you.

Find a common interest and get her themed lingerie!  It sounds a bit goofy, but consider the possibilities: Do you both love watching Batman movies, for example?  Imagine a Harley Quinn inspired corset and panty set.  Doesn't sound so silly now, does it?  It's something that will make her giggle when she first sees it but, when it's put to good use, gets her and you more excited than you'd ever guessed was possible.

11 Clean Her Apartment

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I should mention first that this is not the sexy part; that comes later, you have to wait for it. If you live together, clean your place. Don't do it together, that's not romantic at all. Get her out of the house for a couple hours and clean. I mean, CLEAN. Get the baseboards. Get that place shining like Cinderella and a bunch of birds bustled through there before she gets back. You'll be rewarded later...

10 Get Her Favorite Booze

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It's true: if you get anyone liquored up, they're more likely to be, ahem, "physical."  But do you want to have drunk sex or do you want to have good sex and then get drunk?  The latter is usually the more enjoyable experience.

Usually we cheap out on our booze, especially when we're younger.  We  rationalize, "I could buy one bottle of fine wine and enjoy it over the course of one night, or I could buy four bottles of tolerable wine and enjoy them over the course of a few weeks" (or, if you're really young, still, a week).  It's an economical decision.  However, this is a special occasion.  Treat it as such.  Get a nicer beverage that you'll both be able to savor and enjoy.  Get something she'll love the second she sees it and be sure to enjoy it together.

9 Get Her A "Toy"

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You're probably thinking, "Why would I do that?  I want her to want to have sex with me, not give her the tools to take care of herself."  Hold it right there.  A man secure in his relationship shouldn't feel threatened by a small toy and, honestly, if you give her the tools to get herself started, she'll want the real deal even more.

Let's be upfront, shall we?  Masturbation is great, but sex is better.  Sure, she has sex toys she uses on her own time but, if you ask nicely, she'd probably be willing to share.  Pull her toys out during foreplay and things will get more interesting.  Figure out what she does and doesn't like when "accessories" are involved (and try to get the honest opinion).  Get her something you want to play with; something you want to see her play with.  This is a gift that will keep on giving.

8 Things You Can Laugh About In The Bedroom

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Don't freak out!  A lot of people associate laughter during sex with something bad.  Don't worry, no one is laughing at your equipment or how you look.  Sex in a healthy relationship is about more than the physical act; there comes a time in a relationship where honesty emerges.  You both need to admit to wandering thoughts during sex, like when something she said reminded you of an Austin Powers movie.

Laughing during sex is fine.  It's healthy and honest.  It shows an emotional bond that's more meaningful than sex.  Find something that will make her giggle before beginning the act and surprise her with it- it'll show that you're not just trying to get laid.  It shows you want to be with her, not just her body.  It's a subtle gift, sure, but it'll definitely work out in your favor.  Besides, who doesn't like to be a little weird and goofy sometimes?

7 Get Her A Project, And Work On It Together

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This one might make a bit more sense from a testimonial:

"I told my boyfriend that I loved doing DIY projects, but we were both in college and you can't do a lot of that in your dorm.  For Valentine's Day, he drove me to an antique store and told me to pick out whatever I wanted, under the condition that it be something that needed cleaning up or modernizing and that we could do it together.  I thought it was the most romantic gesture he could ever make."

Kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it?  The gift shows he believes in her, even though he might not have had any proof other than her word.  It proves he wants to spend time with her, not just have sex with her.  He wants to make something with her.  That's beautiful.  And when you're covered in sawdust and carpenter's glue, you guys will be irresistible to each other.

6 Buy Yourself A Cologne That Complements Her Perfume

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It wouldn't hurt to go ahead and buy another bottle of her perfume when you're buying a cologne that complements it. This is such a specific detail of her appearance that, if you take careful notice of it, she'll be so touched and complimented that she'll be likely to give special treatment.  Plus, you'll smell great.

This is a complicated gift: how does a guy go about doing this, you might ask.  A simple answer is that designers make colognes and perfumes that compliment each other.  If your girlfriend wears Burberry perfume, get a Burberry cologne.  Maybe it's not that easy. maybe your girlfriend likes to frequent Bath & Body Works, where she buys a variety of sugary body sprays.  The solution is in the problem there: most Bath & Body Works sprays are very sweet, so get something that smells light, like an oceanic scent.  The easy way to do this is to smell her.  Does she smell sweet?  Flowery?  Spicy?  Get something that will complement it.

5 Luxury Bath Set... and Offer Your Helping Hands

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Almost everyone enjoys a relaxing bath every once in a while.  If your girlfriend's been feeling stressed or busy, fix her up a soothing bath set.  Some tools to include might be bath salts, bubble bath mix, candles, a loofah, moisturizing lotion, and natural soaps.  Go the extra distance and sprinkle a few rose petals around the tub and pour her some wine.

But the gift isn't over yet.  Offer to wash her.  It sounds weird, but picture it.  She's in the bath, you're soaping her up, she's relaxing in the warm water, her skin is smooth and soft... you see where this is going?  If she needs a little more warming up, offer her a massage after.  Just be careful you don't get her too relaxed, otherwise, your date might fall asleep on you before you get to the really fun part.

4 Watch Adult Entertainment Together

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Hold it right there. Mr. Don't pull out your laptop and open up your red files full of whatever kinky sex you're into.  That level of honesty, especially if you two have never watched adult films together before, is probably overwhelming and may cause more of a rift in your relationship than bring you together.

I'm talking about bad adult films.  As in, corny lines and ridiculous plots.  Make some popcorn, drink some bad wine, and watch a bad adult film together.  Make jokes, laugh at silly and stupid moments, but admit when you think something's hot.  If you lead in this fashion, she'll feel comfortable following.  It's important you don't take this too seriously.  Just have fun.  By the end of the movie, you've both basically watched a comedy while observing people having sex, which will definitely keep sex on your minds.  Maybe you both saw a move you want to try.

3 Take A Sexy Secret Out In Public

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Secrets bring those who keep them closer together.  Have a sexy secret and take her some place nice.  If you've never done anything risque like this before, maybe just ask her to go commando and you can keep her panties in your suit pocket.  If you're a bit more experienced in scandals, there are vibrating toys that can be remotely controlled through your iPhone.  Imagine pretending to text at the dinner table and seeing what happens when you hit send.  Try to wait until you get back home to drop the charade and pounce on each other.

It's important that she's totally on-board with this idea.  If she's not, or if she's tentative, don't push anything too nerve-wracking.  Stick with the lowest comfort level.  If either of you is less into it than the other, stick with the least scandalous option.

2 Visit A Nostalgic Date Spot

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Not all gifts are tangible items.  Some of the greatest gifts you can give can't be held in anything but your memories.

Surprise her with this one.  Whether it was the restaurant where you went on your first date, or the park where your dog got away from you and ran straight to her, go to a place that holds meaning to you both.  Tell her you're going to some other place, maybe even make it sound selfish at first ("I got us reservations at a new steak house across town!" or "I thought we could see the new Tarantino movie").  Then take her there instead and watch her eyes well up.  Have a lovely time reminiscing.  Then take her back home and let her take the lead.  She'll find a way to show she appreciates how much you care.

1 Indulge Her Fantasies

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This time, it's not about you.  Give her the lead.  Ask her what she wants and refuse to give her anything until she explicitly says what she wants.  Fulfill her desires and give her complete control.  Women who are usually more dominant in the bedroom frequently wish the guy would try a different style or experiment more with positions, while more submissive women would thrive under the responsibility of leading during sex.  Demand to know what she wants, then let her have it.

To take it a little further, bring a few toys and tools into the bedroom.  Vibrators, handcuffs/silk ties, blindfolds, whatever you'd like to provide her with.  Ask her to take her pick of what she wants to try.  See what she's into and how she'll use the tools at her disposal.  She may surprise you with what she's capable of.

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