The 15 Most Promiscuous Cities In The World

Hot people, loose morals, lots of flirting and plenty of bare skin. Some cities really do seem to have it all. There are cities that are known for fashion, cities that are known for food and even some cities that are famous for fitness. But when your idea of a good time means having good times, you want to go to a city that’s a little bit more well-known for something steamier in nature.

Visit one of the most promiscuous cities in the world for flirtation, and possibly lots more. These are the cities where you’ll find hot people, wild night life, secret sex and partners who are willing to try anything at least once...or a few more times, after that. The most promiscuous cities have active dating scenes, active sex scenes and maybe even places that look like they were created to be part of scenes in a sexy movie.

The world’s most promiscuous cities are also the world’s sexiest places. From a Naked City to a city where sex sells itself under red lights, these places are all worth visiting if you’re feeling a little wild. Whether you just want to flirt or you’re trying to have a full-blown affair, this is where you need to go to make your promiscuous fantasies come true.

15 Carlisle, United Kingdom

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A survey through a dating website determined that Carlisle is Europe's most promiscuous city. In this city, a shocking 100 percent of male survey-takers said they had 14 or more sexual partners a year. In case you're not doing the math, that's more than one hook up a month. That much promiscuous behavior is bound to make tea time much more fun.

Of course, the results do vary by gender. If you're looking for promiscuous women, Carlisle might not make first place on your list. While men reported to having numerous sexual partners throughout the year, women here only have three to four different partners a year.

14 Portland, Oregon

Dating site OkCupid rated the U.S. cities with the most people seeking casual hookups, as opposed to relationships. These people don't want to get to know you or spend a lot of time with you. They just want to have a little casual fun. That’s definitely promiscuous by most standards.

According to the results, Portland, Oregon has the most people using the site just to find a casual fling. So if you’re looking for a good time and not much more, go here. The numbers suggest that casual flirtations and flings are a big part of the Portland dating scene.

13 Toronto, Canada

It’s much hotter in Toronto than many people realize. A survey of Canadian men showed that Toronto is Canada's busiest city for getting busy. Men here have twice as much sex as the national average, according to the results of the survey. That means they’re getting it on twice as much as the rest of the country, which is a really good way to stay warm during those frosty Canadian nights.

The survey results suggests that men in Toronto are highly promiscuous and having frequent sex. Now it makes sense that Canadians have such a big reputation for being friendly.

12 Barking, England

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It’s true that Barking, England doesn’t sound much like a sexy town, but there’s a whole lot of promiscuity going on here. Statistical data has revealed the true nature of this innocent-sounding English hamlet. That’s right: this city has the highest pregnancy rate in all of merry old England.

The proof is in the numbers. Among women aged 15 to 44, one in 10 were pregnant in 2013. So if there’s not a lot of promiscuity going on here, then something strange is definitely going on in little old Barking, England. If you do go here looking for a little fun, remember to play it safe and bring your own protection.

11 Pattaya, Thailand

What’s the most sinful sin city in the world? According to one study, it’s in Thailand. The study wasn’t precisely scientific, but it did have rules. A "sin" city is a place where can find debauchery on all levels. To make the cut, cities considered for the list must offer up drugs, parties, drinking, gambling and sex.

The best place to find all of this, according to one survey that used all these factors, is Pattaya. There's no shortage of massage parlors, bars and brothels, and that's just the stuff that can be mentioned. Sex is everywhere here, whether you want to pay for it or get it for free. You can see it on a stage, talk about it in the streets and look for it everywhere you go -- because it's there.

10 Athens, Greece

Badoo ranked the flirtiest cities in the world based on Internet flirtations, and the results shouldn’t come as any surprise. Athens, Greece came in at the top of the list, way ahead of sexy Madrid and Paris, city of love. According to a Lonely Planet expert, flirtation and sexy talk are part of the daily lifestyle in Athens. That means promiscuity fits in quite well here.

Greece is steeped in sexual history. It's well-known for its ancient days of heavy partying and sexal openness. Athens seems to be carrying on that tradition with flirtiness, the natural first step in full-blown promiscuity.

9 Ottawa, Canada

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If you want some hot secret sex, go to Ottawa. Now that the private details of extramarital hook up site Ashley Madison have become known, it's known that an above-average amount of Ottawans were using the site for secretive affairs. One in five residents of this Canadian town were subscribed to Ashley Madison, and that's a lot.

Ashley Madison's slogan "life is short, have an affair" must have really struck a chord with the residents of Ottawa. There are about 200,000 people living there, which means around 40,000 people were cheating on their spouses. That’s promiscuity on a massive scale.

8 New York, New York

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A promiscuous city is the one where the people are good-looking, the spirit is free and the rents impossibly high? Apparetly, yes. According to “Playboy,” New York City is the sexiest city in the entire U.S. If “Playboy” thinks a town is sexy, then it’s sexy. Since New York, New York is also famously the inspiration behind “Sex & the City,” a show all about women having lots of sex, this town seems like a surefire bet for a few casual flings and lots of steamy fun.

New York is known for pushing the envelope and being edgy, so it’s easy to find promiscuity here. Just be prepared for it to come with gadgets and costumes, too.

7 Amsterdam, Holland

If you’re looking for promiscuity, look no further than Amsterdam. The famous city in Holland has a lot more to offer than a relaxed stance on marijuana. In a city known for providing every kind of hedonistic pleasure you can imagine, De Wallen is the place to go for promiscuity. This is the biggest and most famous red-light district in Amsterdam. There's an actual sex museum here, not to mention all the sex shops and theaters.

In other words, sex is everywhere you look in this part of Amsterdam. Promiscuity practically oozes out of the doorways in De Wallen...or maybe that’s something else.

6 Cap d'Agde, France

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Is there anything sexier than a place that's nicknamed "Naked City?" The beach in Cap d’Agde, France is famous for its nudity. People lie around here in the buff and soak up the sun all day on the sand. But it doesn't even there. This city is clothing optional pretty much all the time, and that’s why it’s known as Naked City.

Here, people shop naked, run errands naked and walk around naked all the time. There's just one rule: don't take any pictures. When clothing comes off in Naked City, the cameras get put away. By the way, you have to figure out where to put that camera on your own.

5 Madrid, Spain

Where there’s a hot party, there’s hot promiscuity as well. Travel know-it-all Fodor's rated Madrid's nightlife as the best in the world. Here, the party goes all night long. Gin and tonics flow like water, the tapas are always steaming hot and the people are a mix of sexy Spaniards and visiting Europeans. A city with active nightlife that’s known for its wildness can't be too prim and proper, right?

The math in Madrid is pretty simple to do, even when you’re full of tapas. Mix all-night partying with gin and sultry Spanish weather, and promiscuity is definitely on the menu as well.

4 Tokyo, Japan

Sex is nothing to be ashamed of in Tokyo, where sex shops don't have to be hidden in small buildings in the seedy part of town. Electric Town is a veritable department store of sex. This is one of the biggest sex shops in the entire world, and definitely one worth visiting if promiscuity is your thing. Here, women walk around in sexy costumes, panties come out of dispenders and there are sex dolls all over the place. Shop for sex machines, toys, clothes and anything else you might imagine that's sex-related while you’re here.

Playboy ranked Electric Town as one of the hottest sex shops in the world, and you'll definitely agree if you visit here. The anything-goes sexual atmosphere proves that Tokyo is one steamy town.

3 Montgomery, Alabama

What makes a city more promiscuous than others? If sexually transmitted disease is any indication of promiscuity, then Montgomery, Alabama wins. The numbers are in, and they’re not looking that great for this southern town. That’s because this is the most sexually-diseased city in America. That’s right: Montgomery has the most STDs of any other city in the U.S.

The data comes from the CDC, which reported more than 4,000 STDs among the population of just over 200,000 people. That’s a whole lot of sexually-spread diseases, and that means that people in Montgomery are having a whole lot of sex.

2 Paris, France

Sure it sounds like a cliche, but some cities have a reputation for a reason. If you’re looking for love of the sexy kind, go to the city that’s famous for it: Paris, France. According to “Travel + Leisure,” this is still the best city in the entire world for romance.

Maybe it’s all the butter in the food, the smell of bread in the air or the general sensuality of French accents -- or maybe it’s just because of all the wine. Either way, Paris is a place where people like to get it on. Love is in the air, and that means promiscuous behavior is in the offing.

1 Cambridge, England

According to a survey of sexual appetites, Cambridge is the most liberated city in the UK. That’s a lot of cities in multiple countries, and that means Cambridge has a really big sexual appetite. The survey shows that people in this city enjoy more sex than the average British person. They’re doing it quite a bit, in fact.

People in Cambridge are also sexually free, and that equals promiscuity. The survey shows that people here are open to role play and swinging, much more so than the average Brit. One in five married people in Cambridge said they would cheat on their spouses if given the opportunity as well. Those who are single in Cambridge go on more dates than the rest of the country, too. That’s promiscuity across the board, so Cambridge is clearly a happening place.


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