The 12 Most Unromantic Days of the Year

There are plenty of days that can be considered romantic. Valentine's Day - of course - is the number one day for romantic gestures, followed by a slew of other unofficial days, like: Sweetest Day (10/3), Kissing Day (1/1), Compliment Day (2/6), Kiss Your Mate Day (4/28) and Relationship Renewal Day (5/4). So if you really wanted to make at least one day per month a special day for romance, check out the romance calendar. It will help keep your romance alive.

However, if you're not having a great time in your relationship, or can't seem to find a partner with whom you can connect and enjoy, then discovering the least romantic days of the year will be more fruitful and fun. There are hundreds of official and unofficial "holidays" on the calendar. Becoming aware of the year's least romantic days was quite enlightening and sometimes humorous.

We started the list with a couple holidays that are particularly germane to this Valentine's Day week, so check it out and see if you find any worth celebrating.

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12 Dump Your Significant Other Day (2/9)


If you planned to tell your honey to take a hike on Dump Your Significant Other Day, you're too late, as it was earlier this week. Breaking up on this day is really not as despicable as breaking up before Christmas, just to avoid having to buy a present or celebrate New Year's Eve with someone who is "not a keeper". But it is still not a very nice thing to do... breaking up less than a week before Valentine's Day. It is like a huge slap in the face because you will be causing extreme embarrassment to the "dumpee". The dumpee ends up feeling worse knowing his/her friends feel "pity". Ugh. The underlying message is that the "dumper" didn't respect the relationship enough to select a more appropriate date that wouldn't be connected to the annual day of love.

11 National Blame Someone Else Day 


This hilarious holiday is celebrated on the first Friday that comes up on the 13th of each year. This year it is this week - Friday, February 13th - the day before Valentine's Day. It's your day to be as petty as you like and blame anyone else but yourself for everything bad you can point to. It can be a fun day, but it is not considered a very romantic day.

10 Tax Day (4/15)


No matter how rich or poor you are, there aren't many couples who like to snuggle up to a fireplace and chilled bottle of champagne after filing their income taxes for the previous year. Even if you're getting a refund, you are both likely to be wound up and anxious from the frustrations and work that come with this annual responsibility. A couple who finds themselves in pretty good shape post-tax filing might be inclined to share a toast. But we can pretty much guarantee, that April 15 rarely spells love.

9 Mother-in-Law Day (3rd Sunday/October)


If you are the women in the relationship, it is likely your mother-in-law doesn't think you are good enough for her "little boy". If you are the man in a relationship, it is likely you don't like your mother-in-law. If you are in a same sex relationship, anything goes. Mother-in-law could mean great things if she is accepting or a run of acerbic remarks, if she is not. Either way, the words "mother-in-law" never brought romance to any couple we've ever known. So go ahead and celebrate - with your own mother on Mother's Day and forget this holiday ever existed.

8 Groundhog Day (2/2)


Unless planning to reserve a stay at a romantic bed and breakfast so you and your loved one can attend the festivities in Punxsutawney, PA., Groundhog Day is a bit boring. Intended to determine if the spring season will come early, here's how it goes: On February 2, if it is cloudy and a groundhog comes up from his underground home, spring will arrive early. If it is sunny, the groundhog will come up and see its own shadow, thinking it's still time to burrow and will retreat back down. This means winter will last another six weeks.

Face it, Groundhog Day was only romantic in the movie Groundhog Day, and that's just because Phil (Bill Murray) was given several do-overs until he got it right.

7 National Argument Day (7/3)


It all started with the group that was getting ready to sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The day before the big day, the Continental Congress was still messing around with the final draft of the document. Thomas Jefferson was probably having a fit, as it was the nth hour and typically the politicians were stonewalling smooth progress. So the day before one of our favorite picnic days, is sadly destined for arguments.

6 Eat What You Want Day (5/11)


This is also considered "pig-out" day, which is not the day of the year when you want to be saddled with your significant other. Particularly if you are a female, most likely you have been on a semi-diet most of your life and look forward to enjoying this day with a few friends or alone with a carton of Ben & Jerry's. If you are a guy, you will want to double the intake. Any way you cut it, gorging on all of your fattening favorites in front of your honey will not promote that sexy image you have worked so hard to maintain.

5 Pearl Harbor Day (12/7)


Romance and death is not a pretty combination. It was December 7, 1941 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced the beginning of World War II the same day that the Japanese launched a surprise attack at our U.S. Naval Base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Close to 360 Japanese planes attacked and the U.S. lost 170 aircrafts and 18 ships that day. The body count was devastating and came in at 3,700 Americans who lost their lives in that one day. No matter how old you are, December 7th is never going to represent romance and love - unless, of course, you or your loved one were born on that day.

4 Old Maid's Day (6/4)


June 4 has been designated National Old Maid's Day, which is directed at women who are "older, unmarried and have no children". It used to be shameful to be a part of this group and to not follow this way of life now, doesn't have as much stigma attached to it. This unofficial holiday is said to have started up after the end of World War II. While many women had husbands and boyfriends that returned from war, there were many who were killed and did not return. This is what marked the widows as sad, old maids. The playing card game, Old Maid, may have been developed in honor of this highly unromantic day.

3 Tell The Truth Day (7/7)


We included this day as being one of the most unromantic because of the high incidence of infidelity. According to TruthAboutDeception.com around 30-to-60 percent of all married couples cheat on their mate at some point in time. So if everyone participated in Tell the Truth Day, we're afraid 30-to-60 percent of the country would be angry all on that same day. There is nothing romantic about this scenario and think the day might be called Make a Bigger Mistake Day.

2 Patriot Day (9/11)


If you are an American, then no matter where you were on September 11, 2001, you became aware of the attack on our homeland where 2,977 people were killed. It is a day that most Americans over the age of 20-something will never forget. The entire country shut down, not knowing what might happen next. It brought the country's citizens together, but also brought out deep hatred, intolerance and fear. This will never be a day used for romance.

1 National Ex Spouse Day (4/14)


National Ex Spouse Day is actually a very respectful holiday. It is the day to recognize that it may have been more than your spouse's fault that the marriage didn't work out. It is a day to honor the good things about your ex spouse and be happy it is all in the past. Unfortunately, for many - this day brings up sad and angry memories, instead. If that's the case for you, and you can't muster up any respect, then you may wish to spend the day piercing that voodoo doll you have stashed in your nightstand. After all, it is all good therapy, right?

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