The 10 Types Of People Most Likely to Cheat

There are more than a few dead giveaway signs that something’s gone sour in your relationship. If you start getting the one-word answers, they’re probably shutting you out. If they're slow at returning your phone calls, there's a fair chance they're keeping something from you. And according to science, if they listen to AC/DC, can slam dunk a basketball net and just happen to be named Ryan, then that something is most definitely an affair...

Now that masses have taken to the internet for engaging the opposite sex through social media and online dating, we have an unprecedented reserve of data regarding people’s romantic behaviour. By keeping tabs on traditionally discrete aspects of human relationships, sites like OKCupid, Ashley Madison and Illicit Encounter have inadvertently become some of the best and most comprehensive studies on human sexual behaviour since Kinsey. Every time you use these services to find a date for Friday night or a scandalous hook-up on your 12-hour layover in Buffalo, they're using you to write the literature on cheating husbands in their 40s and lonely sex-starved grad students.

YourTango.com recently compiled a list of common traits of adulterers, so we were inspired to seek out the data ourselves and combine it with a few other studies on the issue of cheating partners to bring you the definitive list of the people most likely to cheat on you.  By the power of science and stats vested in online dating and cheating websites, we bring you 10 details that could signal the difference between a faithful and unfaithful partner. We'll let our readers decide themselves if the findings make any sense.

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10 Women who read Fifty Shades of Grey

Via dailyshame.co.uk

The world of erotic fiction will forever be remembered in terms of pre- and post-Christian Grey. E L James’ “love” story was a paradigm shift, pulling erotic novels out from their surreptitious existence into the mainstream. No longer do married women have to pretend they wandered into the sexy fantasy section by accident - and according to the data, many of them aren't opting to settle with the fantasy. A popular dating site for people looking for affairs, AshleyMadison.com, reported in 2012 that the release of Fifty Shades of Grey directly preceded a 50% rise in women sign ups to their site. While that could very well be a coincidence, is it rash to think the New York Times Bestseller may have ignited some scandalous desires? When the site polled 2,700 new members, they found 72% had read or were reading it.

9 Men who work in IT/Engineering

Via neowin.net

If you had to guess which jobs harbour the most cheating men, you’d probably choose one with a general impression of high stakes or duplicitousness. Many lawyers, for example, lie for a living — they only came in fifth in the cheating career stakes. Wall Street brokers a la Jordan Belfort spend all day treading the amoral waters of dollars and cents — finance workers came in second. But according to a 2012 Ashley Madison survey of 11,453 fathers with accounts on their website, married men who work in IT/engineering are the most unfaithful representing 10.6% of those surveyed. Does nerdiness and infidelity really go hand in hand? More likely, tech geeks take more kindly to the idea of using the internet to hook up. The survey also found most cheating husbands are in their 40s, over 10 years married and have two children over 10 years old.

8 Female teachers

Via Chicago.ourtiempo.com

What about the ladies? According to a survey of 2,865 married female members of the website, chances are cheating women either work in the medical industry, are stay at home moms, or teach. But that they're probably aged 31, married for five years or less, and have a daughter under three years old — an oddly specific demographic emerging from the stats. According to the website, the day after Mother’s Day is the biggest day for married women sign-ups. Site CEO Noel Biderman put that down to wives feeling disappointed with their Mother’s Day. Or perhaps their gift was a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey?

7 Tall men

Via 33.media.tumblr.com

While survey upon survey shows women prefer them, cheating site IllicitEncounters.com would have us believe tall guys are short on loyalty.  According to one of their studies, men over 5ft 10 — around the average male height in the US — are twice as likely to cheat than men shorter. That’s not to say height throws off their moral compass; greater height brings greater confidence with the opposite sex, so taller men probably attract more potential partners... and cheaters.

6 The French

Via the local.fr

Can statistics be racist? We won’t make that call; we’ll just tell you that luxury sex toy brand LELO carried out a massive survey of 35,000 adults from 30 countries just a few months ago, and they pulled all kinds of racial sex stats from it. Apparently Australians, while some of the most loyal lovers around, don't last very long in the bedroom, and over a quarter of Swiss and Greek adults have slept with over 20 people. But in the infidelity section the clear winner was France: 75% of French adults surveyed admitted to betraying their partners. Blame it on Paris, the city of (a little extra) love.

5 Coffee fiends

Cheaters crave a rush: According to AshleyMadison.com, their average member downs 4 and a half cups of joe every day, ahead of the Canadian national average of 3.2 cups. Not only that, but cheaters are pretty picky about it: 38.7% take their coffee with only cream or milk. 24.4% take it black, and only 3.1% order from the fancy menus. Kind of makes sense, given that coffee shops are ideal places to rendezvous. The site believes caffeine is a cheater’s best friend, since they tend to juggle many “activities” at once.

4 Rock n Roll fans

via natedsanders.com

IllicitEncounters.com surveyed their UK members about music preferences, and 41 percent of cheaters prefered rock and roll. The Irish cheaters prefered country music. Rockers bring the sexiness, the danger, the baditude to your cheating lifestyle, especially when all you need is some distorted-blown grooves soundtracking your drive home from that “late shift”. The least preferred genre among cheaters? Rap music.

3 Blonde women, brown-haired men

Via myinterestingfacts.com

*Quip about blonde girls having more fun.* In 2012, Vancouver-based website CheaterVille.com carried out research that found 42% of women who admit to infidelity have blonde hair, ahead of redheads at 23% and brown and black haired women at 20% and 11% respectively. What does this mean? For naturally born blondes, probably nothing. But many women might equate going blonde with attracting more male attention. When it comes to male cheaters on the other hand hand, 40% have brown hair, 23% have black, and blonde and redheads represented 20% and 5% respectively. This probably means…let’s get real, that’s just the breakdown of men’s hair colour in Canada.

2 Women who shop at Banana Republic

Via 2.bp.blogspot.com

Before you roll your eyes at this, give the explanation a chance. AshleyMadison asked 52,390 of its female users which clothing brands they preferred, and the result - Banana Republic was overwhelmingly favored by cheaters. According to CEO Noel Biderman, this makes tremendous sense. Business casual is the look of choice for a working professional trying to squeeze in a fling between her busy schedule. It appears Biderman and Banana Republic have the same clients and might benefit from some sort of partnership.

1 Guys named Wayne

via galleryhip.com

The science has lost its mind. What cruel twist of fate could make Wayne deserve any less trust than Alex or Bernard? The domain name site Siteopia.com polled 2,000 UK women on the sketchiest guy's name when it comes to love. The top three replies were Wayne, Liam and Ryan. That should give you a clue: Superstars Wayne Rooney, Liam Gallagher and Ryan Giggs have all made headlines for cheating allegations. It seems what we have is a causality of confusion brought on by — let's face it — a pretty meaningless question. Give Wayne a chance ladies.

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