The 10 Sexiest Jobs Women Want For Their Partner

Many are quick to point out that a job is just something you do, that it doesn’t necessarily define who you are as a person. This is true to a certain extent – every profession has individuals with a variety of personalities. It would be positively frightening if all co-workers were completely identical.

However, whether you’re working the Monday to Friday nine to five or keep more flexible hours, you spend a huge portion of your time at your job of choice. It has to make you happy, so there are some traits that most individuals in certain professions will have. For example, someone who is ultra-creative will likely not last long at a paper-filing job that stifles any creativity. Someone who loves calculating numbers may not be too thrilled to spend hours a day watching children or painting landscapes. At the end of the day, what you do does, in fact, say a lot about who you are.

So, though each profession has a mix of men, there are certain messages that specific occupations convey, and certain traits that many in their field will share. Amongst all the possible occupations a man can have, there are a select few that catch a woman’s attention immediately, for various reasons.

Here are 10 sexy jobs that women want their partners to have.

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10 Lawyer

Lawyers can be difficult to be in a relationship with, as they often work far beyond the typical 40 hour work week. When there are cases to be dealt with and time is billed by the hour, they’ll work around the clock to get things done. However, when they do manage to make time for you, it’s worth it.

Lawyers are often negatively portrayed as being arrogant and cocky, but in reality, many are just very confident – and confidence is definitely sexy. They have to be intelligent to get through law school and thoroughly pick apart cases to find any loopholes. They’re trustworthy: people trust them with their lives, their fortunes and their children. And, let’s be honest – every man looks pretty damn sexy in a suit.

9 Doctor

Doctors require years and years of schooling, from med school to residencies to various fellowships. Their dedication to their studies not only shows that they’re intelligent, it also shows that they’re determined, hard-working and willing to put in the effort in order to get to the top of their field.

While some doctors may choose their profession because of the salary and prestige, at the end of a long work day, none of that matters. Most doctors get into the field because they’re caring and warmhearted, dedicating their lives to helping others. It can be tough when they’re on call, but someone who knows every aspect of the human body and how it works could definitely come in handy for a girl.

If you doubt that doctors have a sexy profession, just take a look at Grey’s Anatomy – sure, it might not be realistic at times, but all those MDs are definitely very, very sexy.

8 Teacher

Every girl has had a crush on a teacher or a professor at some point – there are reasons that so many songs are written about them, after all. This profession definitely gets its sex appeal from intelligence, so a teacher is for the ladies who like a big mind.

Whether their specialty is physics, biology or Roman history, they’ll know everything there is to know about their topic of choice. They’re likely to be great conversation at the dinner table, and will probably tell you a few things you never would have known. Plus, while they might not have an official uniform, the old glasses and button down combo? Sexy.

7 Firefighter

A firefighter is probably one of the most common "occupations" that strippers masquerade in, so that should tell you something about the sex appeal of a man with a big hose. Due to the physical nature of their job, firefighters are usually in incredible shape, which definitely doesn’t hurt.

They’re also incredibly brave, and basically spend every day at work being heroes. Who doesn’t want that? There has to be a reason that seemingly every firehall on earth puts out a calendar for the ladies in town to enjoy, and that reason is that firemen are just plain sexy. Come on, ladies – you know that whenever a firetruck drives by and its lights aren’t on, you try to catch a glimpse at them all uniformed up.

6 Musician

Perhaps you’re not into the whole suit and tie, 9 to 5 job. If you’re looking for a partner who has more of a spontaneous, creative streak, a musician will definitely be appealing to you. Musicians do what they do because they’re incredibly passionate about it – while some make it big and end up becoming millionaires, the success stories are the exceptions.

Most musicians know they won’t end up being millionaires, and they just create music because they can’t imagine spending their lives doing anything else. Any man who has ever picked up a guitar in front of a woman knows that it ups his hot factor by a ridiculous amount.

5 Entrepreneur

If you want a man with a dependable, stable job, then a partner who is an entrepreneur might not be the man for you. However, there’s no question about it – entrepreneurs are sexy.

In order to have the guts to start your own company, you need to be extremely confident in your abilities, extremely hard working, and let’s face it – extremely ballsy. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers, but they’re also hustlers who will do anything to see their brilliant ideas come to fruition.

They think outside the box and are incredibly passionate. All of the qualities that make for a good entrepreneur make for a good partner – and that’s what makes an entrepreneur one of the sexiest occupations a man could have.

4 Athlete

There’s a reason that women love athletes. Whether it’s all that testosterone pumping through their veins, their muscled physiques, or the pheromones that surge out of them after a good sweat sesh, athletes are undeniably sexy.

Unfortunately, many athletes seem aware of their sex appeal, and turn out to be serial cheaters. However, there are definitely a lot of loyal athletes who are dedicated to their partners. It takes a very secure woman to date an athlete – particularly if he’s made it to the major leagues, he’ll often be cheered on by countless female fans, many of whom are more interested in his six pack than his skills on the field. Regardless, their competitive streak and crazy hot bodies definitely make athletes a sexy occupation.

3 Policeman

Besides firemen, policemen are probably one of the most common "sexy" occupations used by strippers around the world. There’s a good reason for this – women absolutely love a man in a uniform. Who knows exactly why? The point is, the moment a man slips into a uniform, women collectively seem to lose their minds.

A policeman is also sexy because he has a lot of power. They have to project a certain sense of authority, so policemen tend to be more alpha male, testosterone-packed types of men. Plus, not to get too 50 Shades, but they always have a few handcuffs kicking around – if that’s what you’re into, that’s definitely another one in the plus column for cops.

2 Artist

Every woman has different tastes, so while a powerful, confident, testosterone-filled alpha male might do it for many women, others might be turned off by that amount of machismo.

For women who want a man with a bit more mystery and creativity, artists are quite possibly the sexiest occupation. An artist likely isn’t going to have a 9 to 5 schedule, and they’re not always going to be 100% rational and analytic about things. They think with their creative sides.

They can find beauty in the most mundane moments, and are likely way more comfortable with their emotions than a guy in a very masculine field will be. Plus, come on – every woman wants to have a Titanic moment. You know the one I’m talking about, ladies.

1 Architect

An architect is an intoxicating combination between logic and creativity. On the one hand, architects are undeniably in touch with their creative side – they think up astonishing designs and create totally innovative structures. On the other hand, they definitely remain grounded in concrete details when it comes to their buildings – they have to look incredible, but they also have to be functional structures that will last.

This powerful combination of left and right brain makes architects extremely desirable partners. Plus, with an architect for a partner, there’s always a chance that some day you could have a dream house designed by your dream man – that’s a hell of a fantasy.


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