The 10 Sexiest Jobs For Men

What does your job say about you? Are you boring? Are you confident? Are you educated?When a woman meets a man there are a few things they are curious about, the first being "is he single?" the second being "does he live on the streets?" Women are curious beings and they analyze everything about a guy before considering going out with him, including his job. Some jobs are decent like a banker, others are interesting such as a funeral home director; no matter what it may be and who you are, your job says a lot about you.

Most women don’t admit this, but what a man does adds to his attraction. It's not like you won't date a guy if he's a bank teller, but let's face it, that’s not the most intriguing job. Women are attracted to many things when it comes to a man and his occupation. Although having a lot of money is nice, women do not specifically want that in a man. These next ten jobs are guaranteed to intrigue women and help with the scale of attraction, meaning these jobs can boost you from a 7 to a 9 in a heartbeat.

The following careers all have certain characteristics that women are attracted to. Women like caring, strong, intelligent and confident men, and the following career choices all include one or more of these characteristics. Just because a man does one of the following ten jobs, does not mean that’s all it takes to seduce the woman of your choosing. The following are just a generalization of what women want and what they find hot. This article takes a look at the sexiest and most impressive and intriguing jobs for men. Boys reading this…take notes!

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10 Engineer

Engineers are sexy because you know they have brains, which is a very attractive quality. They are usually patient and detail oriented people, which results in making them better at relationships. Another reason why we love engineers is that they understand how things are made. They can fix your computer, replace the cracked screen on your iPhone and print you a new case on their 3D printers. Most engineers are nerds, but a lot of them can be very sexy nerds and the hottest part is that they don’t even know how cute they are. Engineers are not the most exciting but they are great, smart and extremely creative beings.

9 Police Officer

Cops are hot because they have so much power. Women are lying if they say they have never been attracted to a police officer, even after receiving a ticket. As much as police can be annoying (while driving especially), some are really sexy. I am not talking about the stereotypical, bald, doughnut-eating policemen, but the Channing Tatum from 21 Jump Street-looking cop. If you are a young, somewhat handsome cop, you automatically become a woman magnet when you put that uniform on. It is known that women love a man in a uniform and a cop’s authority is extremely attractive. And by dating them maybe you can get rid of some of those parking tickets you haven’t paid. Another plus about dating a cop is that they have easy access to some good handcuffs, which is always fun!

8 Artist

There is something so mysteriously sexy about an artist. Perhaps it's their troubled souls or their ability to create such incredible beauty, but whatever it is they are incredibly hot. Artists tend to be in touch with their emotions which is a nice quality to find in a man. Artists are also very creative and romantic which is a great combination. However, what makes an artist so sexy can also be his downfall. Their emotional and creative nature can make for some interesting arguments. Artist also tend to be more emotional than other men, so if you are a women who does not want a man who is too in touch with his emotions, an artist is not for you.

7 Musician

Musicians are so hot. A man can go from a 6 to a 9 just by picking up and playing his guitar. Musicians are talented, confident beings who create beautiful melodies with their instruments of choice. Musicians are known to be passionate and confident lovers. They are spontaneous, which is good but also has its downfalls. Spontaneity is wonderful in doses. A woman loves a man who will surprise her with flowers or a trip. However, when a man has no solid income or plan regarding what he is going to do in the future, it is often alarming for women. Another spontaneous thing musicians are known for is cheating. Not saying every musician cheats, but they are not known as the most faithful breed.

6 Athlete

Speaking of unfaithful men, a lot of athletes have been known to have trouble with fidelity. Putting that aside, athletes are hot. They are in good shape and posses a certain social status that is indescribable. However, similar to musicians, athletes are known as promiscuous beings, which tend to make them crazy love makers but not the best boyfriends. It is hard to be with an athlete because there are countless women gawking at them and they are constantly in different areas playing their sport. It takes a very confident woman to be with an athlete, if you want to seriously date an athlete you need to understand the lifestyle athletes live.

5 Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have such incredible minds, which comes through and makes them extremely sexy. An entrepreneur may not start out as a success story, but they usually end up as one. Men starting businesses need a strong, stable and supportive woman to help them through this journey. It may be hard to be the woman in this case. When dating an entrepreneur there will be numerous business trips, countless late nights and many email-checking dates, however, in the end it will be worth it. Men need supportive women, especially when starting a company. If a man has a good idea, push them and stick by them. If a man has a bad idea, make sure they don’t quit their day job.

4 Fire Fighter

There is something obviously sexy about firemen. Maybe it’s the fact that they literally run into burning buildings, or the fact that they slide down a stripper pole…whatever it is, women can't get enough of firemen. Women are very attracted to the “hero” factor and firemen fit that fantasy perfectly. These strong, confident, heroic men are usually somewhat fearless which makes a woman feel protected. Firemen are usually kind people, however, they work crazy hours, so if you are planning on dating one, be prepared. There is a reason why countless women buy firemen calendars, they are hot and definitely a fantasy for many girls out there.

3 Lawyer

Lawyers are confident, headstrong, intelligent, sexy beings. Not only are they successful, they are educated and powerful. There are so many different kinds of law firms, but any practicing lawyer is hard working. It's a very demanding job with a lot of rewards. However, it is hard to be with a lawyer because they are married to their cases - well, any good lawyer is. People put a lot of trust in them in order to get help, which means your man, if he is a lawyer, is very trustworthy. Lawyers understand and are good listeners, which is a great quality in a partner. There is also the added benefit of telling people you are dating a lawyer…I mean, it just sounds good!

2 Doctor

Whose mother hasn’t told them they should find a nice doctor? Doctors are insanely smart and they save lives, I mean how hot is that? A lot of the time doctors have a silent confidence, they are shy and sometimes slightly awkward, making them extremely adorable. There are numerous kinds of doctors but the hottest kind of doctors are by far surgeons and pediatricians. Pediatricians are sexy because they deal with kids and no woman can deny the feeling they get when they see a man playing with and helping a child. Surgeons are sexy because they either save lives or remodel body parts, both of which have an intriguing sexiness to them. The point is, any kind of doctor is hot, as long as they know how to treat a woman.

1 Chef

There is nothing sexier than a man who can cook. Chefs are creative, patient, passionate people, making them creative, patient and passionate lovers. Dating a chef is a dream for any food lover. However, like everything else, there is a downfall to falling in love with a chef. If your chef is really good, he will most probably be working at a cool restaurant. This means your man will most probably be working lots of nights and weekends. If you are able to handle being with a busy man, you are capable of dating a chef. There are a lot of perks that come with dating a cook, and knowing your fridge will always be stocked with goodies is definitely one of them.

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