The 10 Sexiest Accents That Drive Women Wild

Try to tell us that even you didn't just get a little excited, there?

Even people who don't particularly like foreign accents do dislike the mundane. Hearing an accent is not so much about the sexiness of the actual sounds as much as the titillation of foreign mystery. Foreigners have different standards of social interaction than we do. "How will that person treat me?" you may wonder, hearing one. "Will they be more flirtatious? More sexually aggressive? Wittier?" When you hear an accent, there's the promise of experiencing foreign culture in the way you will handled by the speaker.

For example, the British ("Posh") accent suggests style and sophistication. (Obviously, the cockney accent does not.) When you hear one, you have the chance to travel back to the Victorian Era, where sex was verboten and flirting was buried in breathless prose. It takes you away from the convivial hook up culture of North America that you may feel like you never asked to participate in, but that's part of your everyday. Hence: accents take you away.

Having framed accents within a (metaphysical...) time-and-space-travel paradigm, let's go on a little journey through 10 accents that turn her on. And more importantly: why.

10 English


9 French


8 Australian

7 Spanish

6 Southern Drawl

5 Italian

4 Scottish

3 Russian

2 Irish

1 American

I know there's a word for the accent I'm referring to. I think it might be "Midatlantic" -- just like the plainest American accent you can possibly scrounge up. Like, you know, how Anderson Cooper speaks. But just because the accent sounds plain to us, that doesn't mean it sounds plain to everyone. To some people, it just might be the sexiest sound of all. It might evoke freedom, democracy, opportunity, friendliness, sexual liberty, sexual availability, and a whole slew of other very attractive concepts. It's hard to imagine in a day and age when everyone is all: "Oh my God, American is so puritanical, they can show violence but they can't show sex!" But America is actually pretty open and people are probably pretty intrigued by it.

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The 10 Sexiest Accents That Drive Women Wild