The 10 Most Exciting Places to Have Sex

If you are or want to be an adventurous lover, this is the perfect article for you. Sometimes having sex in the same place over a long period of time can get boring. Location and surroundings play a bigger part in sex (especially for women) than you think. Getting it on in a new location is about having a thrilling experience, which can result in mind-blowing orgasms. The following 10 locations should all be added to everyone’s sex bucket list - if you do not have one, I suggest you make one. Like now. A sex bucket list is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a list of all the places you want to have sex before you die.

Outside-the-box locations are an obviously great way of spicing up a relationship. Changing locations removes you from your comfort zone and allows your adrenaline to start pumping. Sharing these feelings of excitement can help you and your partner get connected both during and after the experience. Expanding your sexual experiences by bringing your escapades outside the bedroom can not only bring you closer to your partner, but also educate you on what your partner secretly wants. This will help both you and your lover to feel sexually empowered and free.

Sometimes you need to let your inhibitions down and open up to new sexual experiences. Whether it's in the dressing room of Old Navy or at the top of The Empire State Building over looking the most amazing city in the world, sometimes getting freaky in different locations is exactly what you need. The following 10 locations are the most exciting places to have sex and should definitely be added to your bucket list, sex edition.

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10 In A Dressing Room

If your significant other hates shopping, this is a way of making it more interesting. Get your special someone in a dressing room and enjoy a quick and adventurous love session. Something about the bad lighting, full-length mirrors and the risk of being caught at any moment can make for some really amazing sex. Doing it in a dressing room is risky, and there is a decent chance you will get kicked out and banned from the store, so make sure you don’t get freaky at your favorite boutique. If you are slightly afraid, try and go during non-peak hours in order to have more of a chance of being alone, just pray you don’t get a super clingy salesperson…unless you're into that kind of stuff.

9 In An Elevator

Being thrown against an elevator wall, with the chance that at any floor someone can enter is really hot. If you have never tried this I highly suggest you do. Besides the inevitable “Elevator” music, the idea that you are in a confined space that’s movie up is quite a unique feeling. If you are able to push on the emergency button to stop the elevator, you will be able to gain more time while getting it on. Some advice if you are going to bang in an elevator is to make sure you throw something over the cameras unless you want to be the star of a sex tape.

8 On the Beach

There is just something so romantic about having sex on the beach. Well, for women anyway. Females respond very well to atmospheres, and there is nothing more beautiful than a beach, especially at sunrise or sunset. Although this location is a bit cliché, there is something really special about the beach. If you want to be prepared for the moment, bring a bottle (or three) of wine, some grapes and a blanket, which will come in handy later on. Enjoy the moment and when the time is right make your move. The mix of the indescribable smell of the ocean, the perfect breeze and the breathtaking setting makes it is hard not to have good sex on the beach.

7 At A Big Event

Weddings, baptisms, Christmas parties and all other events are really hot places to get it on. Between the abundance of drinks and delicious foods, partygoers inevitably let loose. The idea that while you are having sex, there are numerous people downstairs or next-door really turns people on. It's no secret that the risk of getting caught brings more adrenaline, which equals a more intense experience. The idea that at any moment your boss, friends or mother could walk in and catch you at any time is somewhat thrilling. Be aware of what room you're in, and control the amount of noise you make - being quite together will make it even more exciting.

6 On An Airplane

Who hasn’t thought about joining the mile high club? Having sex on an airplane is known as being quite euphoric. However, if you do not have the luxury of flying private, joining this exclusive club requires some technique. The small space will force you and your partner to try moves you haven’t before. Once you are both in the bathroom, the girl should grab a hold to the “oh so convenient” handhold over the toilet or by the door and get in from behind. This is a really fun and adventurous sexual experience the two of you can share. Just hope you don’t hit turbulence!

5 At Any Famous Landmark

Whether you are having sex at the Statue of Liberty or getting in on at the Greek Colosseum, having sex at a historic landmark is pretty cool. You and your partner can create your own piece of history. Some of the hottest landmarks to do it at are of course the Great Wall of China, the top of the Empire State Building, under the Eiffel Tower or at the Sydney Opera house. To make vacations with your partner more exciting, map out landmark locations when traveling and try and get the deed done there. The two of you will always share the memory of making love at the most significant locations in the world.

4 On A Pile of Money

Nothing says obnoxious like having sex on a pile of money. However, sometimes being obnoxious, especially in the bedroom, is exactly what you need. You have seen it done in countless movies and music videos so why not do it yourself? Although there is an air of tackiness around this idea, it really is hot. Clenching bunches of $100 bills while your man goes crazy on you is an extremely erotic thought. If you decided to partake in this kinky investment make sure to be smart about it. It has been reported that some people have gotten robbed after doing the deed. Make sure you trust whomever you do this with because there is nothing less romantic then being robbed after sex.

3 In An Igloo

The idea of having sex in a freezing cold igloo may not seem sexy at first, but trust me it is a must for your sex bucket list. Igloos are surprisingly warm inside and the more body heat you generate the better. Eskimos do much more than Eskimo kiss, trust me, there is something seriously sexy about having to keep each other warm; it's very primal. The act itself will warm both of you up in the right places, leaving little to the imagination. This unique change of setting really makes for incredible, mind-blowing, unique sex and animalistic sex.

2 At The Oval Office

Via en.wikipedia.org

Perhaps I watch too much Scandal, but how hot would it be to have sex in the Oval Office of the White House? This office is so filled with knowledge, power and history that it would most likely take over the lovemaking. Imagine having sex on the President of the United States of America’s desk? Just thinking about all the important and classified information that has been processed on that desk under you would be insanely erotic. It is reported that the President and First Lady have been caught being intimate in the Oval Office and I do not blame them. If my hot and powerful husband was the leader of the free world I would regularly get it on with him in that pristine office on that monumental desk, like many presidential couples before.

1 At Disney World

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I guess any amusement park could work, but having sex at the most wonderful place on earth is pretty exciting. Whether you do it behind a Mickey Mouse cut-out or on It’s A Small World, just the idea of doing something so naughty in such a pure and youthful place is really erotic. Take a nice day, go to an amusement park with your partner and then escape and ride one another. Trust me, it will be the most thrilling and fulfilling ride the park has to offer. Another great place to do it at an amusement park is on a Ferris wheel. The mini private “rooms” and beautiful views make for a fabulously fun time.

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