The 10 Best Reasons To Date A Gamer

If you’re tired of going on bad dates with inappropriate and inattentive partners, it’s time to change things up. Start dating someone who has all the qualities you want in a partner, from smarts to problem-solving to dexterity. Start dating a gamer, and you’re going to find all sorts of really good reasons to stick with them.

Gamers spend their free time in virtual worlds, and many people frown on that because they think it makes gamers nerdy, somewhat socially awkward, maybe even weird. While those things can certainly be true in a lot of cases, gamers have many qualities that you may be overlooking. In fact, the same qualities that make them good gamers also makes them amazing romantic partners. Look a little deeper, and you’ll find that gamers are really in training. They’re spending all their free time honing the skills that you want in a date -- well okay, most of the skills you want in a date. But what they lack in fashion sense and social skills, gamers make up for in a lot of other ways.

Gamers have a lot of qualities that make them great dates, if you can find a way to get them out of the house long enough to enjoy them all.

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9 Gaming Boosts Brain Power

Contrary to the popular perception that gamers are mindless, playing video games actually wakes up and boosts certain parts of the brain. Playing a game sparks memory formation and improves muscle memory. It takes strategy and tactics in order to achieve success with a game, so gamers use a lot of their brain to do a lot of amazing things. They have to solve problems quickly, and that skill can be directly applied to romantic relationships.

It helps that a gamer is more likely to remember the really important stuff -- like what your favorite flowers are, and when your birthday is coming up. Anyone with a good memory for details like that makes for a much better partner.

8 Gamers Are Likely to Stay Home

When you're dating someone, it's only natural to worry about what they might be doing and who they might be meeting when the two of you aren’t together. But when you're dating a gamer, you already know the answer to the question: they're at home playing their games.

Gamers are perfectly content to stay home all the time, in fact, so you don't have to worry about a heavy club scene and you probably won't get dragged all over town to extreme sporting events and the like. Your gamer is just sitting at home playing games, which leaves you free to be the one who's out having fun. You can be confident that they're just chilling and working on finishing Level 5.

7 Gamers Can Find Creative Solutions

Playing video games forces the mind to look for solutions and think outside the box. There are always hidden levels, secret trinkets, little tricks and special tools embedded into every game. The gamer's mind is slowly conditioned to look for creative ways to find all these hidden elements. They have to find solutions to problems and find the answer even when it’s well-hidden.

All of these qualities make for a partner who can come up with creative date ideas and find other ways to make your time together special. If you can get them to put down the game controller long enough, of course.

6 Gamers Tend to Be More Tech-Savvy

Long ago, video game maintenance meant pulling the cartridge out of the console and blowing into it really hard. Video games have really progressed since then. There are no cartridges any more.

As games become more sophisticated, so have the gamers who love them. Games are played on high-tech computers and consoles that act like computers these days, and gamers have become highly tech-savvy as a result. If you're having a hardware issue, your gamer is definitely going to have some good ideas about how to resolve the problem. Even if they can’t fix your problem right away, gamers are great at finding forums and tutorials to solve tech problems. They’re also well-connected by virtue of their hobbies. Chances are pretty good that your gamer plays online with someone who does tech support for a living.

5 Gamers Can Multi-Task

Jumping over a fence while swinging a sword at a bad guy and casting a healing spell simultaneously? It's no problem for the adept gamer. Because video games are so fast-paced and chock-full of information, gamers become good at multitasking whether they want to be or not. They can juggle multiple tasks at once and absorb information while they're doing it.

This multitasking ability makes gamers great dates. A gamer can listen to what you’re saying while searching online for the perfect anniversary gift, check the movie listings to make sure you’ll get good seats and still remember that you like two sugars in your coffee.

4 Trip Tag-A-Longs

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Really die-hard gamers like to take their virtual lives off the screen and into the conventions. Date a gamer and you could have a ringside seat to events like Comic-Con and other gaming conventions around the world. Even if you're not into the lifestyle, the people-watching at such events absolutely cannot be beat.

Even if you’re not at the convention gawking at the costumes while your date tries to get an autograph from Jessica Nigri (she's really cool in the gaming world), tagging along on one of these trips is totally sweet. While your partner runs around in an elf costume, you can relax at the hotel spa before the two of you have a romantic dinner out.

3 Gamers Are Easy to Find

Ever dated someone who randomly disappeared on you without a trace? This totally won't happen when you hook up with a hardcore gamer. They're incredibly easy to find because they're logged in and playing every possible moment they can. It’s not at all difficult to find them on their XBox Live account, or wherever, whenever you happen to be looking for them. Gamers are connected all the time, and make themselves available and easy to find, even when they’re offline. Because you never know when the rest of the gang might want to run a dungeon!

It goes without saying that this character trait becomes helpful after the relationship is over as well. Gamers are totally easy to cyber-stalk.

2 Gamers Like to Be On Time

Many games are time-based and have very strict time limits. Tasks have to be completed in X amount of time, potions only last for X amount of minutes, and so on. All of this strictness makes gamers very punctual people, and that makes for a great date. You won't be sitting around waiting on your gamer to show up for hours on end, because they're highly-trained to be on time no matter what. They respond well to time limits and know how to get things done when they’re under a time restraint.

Any date who’s good with time is a date worth keeping around for a little while. They know time is precious, and that means they’re going to respect your time, too.

2. Gamers Are Good With Their Hands

It requires good motor skills to play video games. You have to push the button, click the mouse and jack that joystick in intricate patterns in order to make the in-game characters do what they're meant to do. That means muscle control. Gamers have to make their fingers repeat patterns. They stretch their digits to their very limits, and to have to be very precise in order to properly complete the tasks set before them by the game. Take it one step further to draw the inevitable conclusion: gamers know how to use their hands.

If that's not an important skill to have in a date, then what is?

1 Gamers Are Playful

Gamers are drawn to games because they like to play, and they’re willing to try to play pretty much anything. Gamers are open-minded about their games, and that same open-mindedness can extend to the dating life as well. When a person is both open-minded and playful, you can find a whole lot of ways to have fun with them. They enjoy play, and don’t mind adding more play to other areas of their lives.

Gamers probably won't be averse to putting on costumes or enjoying a little bedroom role play, from time to time. Combine a gamer's creativity with their playfulness, and you could have some very enjoyable moments together.


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