Taylor Swift Upset about Love Life Coverage

The Golden Globes saw the singer being trashed by the two hostesses for having such a spicy love life. There was even a slide show presentation, done in good humor of course, showing the number of men that Swift has dated till now, and an assumption of how many she would come to date in the near future. This went down well with the audience but not with Swift.

Taylor Swift told People Magazine that she found it extremely ridiculous for her love life to be shown and spoken about in such a way. She said that this was not something that she could welcome or take in good humor at all, even though it was meant to be so. Taylor Swift is not known to be a very touchy-feely person, even though her songs might reflect her to come across as otherwise. She is quite strong and determined and likes to think of herself as a powerful and independent woman.

Taylor Swift finds it extremely sad to know how her love life has come to be the focal point of gossip in Hollywood. She says that the songs that she writes about are quite meaningful, and that there is nothing really mushy or sickening about them. The men she has been pictured with, in the slideshow shown at the Golden Globe Awards are not men that she knows very well. She has only met them once or twice in her life, and hardly knows anything about these people.

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Taylor Swift Upset about Love Life Coverage