Taylor Swift Sells Her Hyannis Port House, Makes a Cool Profit


It seems like Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy are not coming back together after all, she was dating Kennedy last year. Taylor purchased a property in Hyannis Port, almost next door to the home of Kenney so that she could stay close. This is a 13 room estate that was originally built in 1928.

Take a look at the location of the two homes in this picture.

And now that the two have split, Taylor has gone ahead and sold the property off. It seems that Taylor now wants to put up some distance between them. Taylor made a cool million dollar profit from the deal. That was money well made because Taylor held this Hyannis Port estate for a mere seven months. We believe that Swift did not really want to profit here, she was more interested in the relationship with Kennedy.

Interestingly, Swift did not first declare that she had purchased the home she shied away from announcing that she wanted to stay close to Kennedy. It was said that the Hyannis Port estate had gone to somebody else. The Cape Cod Times also reported this. When asked by Vanity Fair, this is what Swift said, “People say that about me that I apparently buy houses near every boy I like”.

However the realtor Bob Kinlin later revealed to E! Online that it was indeed Taylor Swift who had purchased this property. She had paid $4.8 Million for it. The home was purchased through an LLC that was registered under somebody else. So it is clear that Taylor wanted to keep it a secret.

Swift didn’t wait too long after the breakup. She sold it off for $5,675,000, thus making almost a $1 Million profit. The couple who wanted to buy Hyannis Port estate before her eventually got what they wanted.

But in these seven months, Taylor had carried out some renovations.

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