Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum Welcome a Baby Girl

Sophie Dahl is the granddaughter of the famous writer Roald Dahl and is a model in her own right. She and Jamie hooked up some years ago and were quite the talk of the town when they did. They come across as an extremely unconventional couple. Their popularity is in the charm and the goodness which they spread whenever they visit a place. Sophie in particular has very good people skills. Much of her popularity has everything to do with this. She can impress whoever she speaks to quite easily.

The couple got married in Hampshire in England in January 2010. Cullum is very proud of his wife and is more than happy to be married to her. He told People Magazine that being married to Sophie Dahl was what really put things in perspective for him. He started to realize that his career mattered a lot to him and that there was much he could achieve quickly. Jamie started to believe in himself ever since Sophie came into his life. It seems that Sophie have had a positive impact on his personal and professional growth.

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Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum Welcome a Baby Girl