Skybar In Lebanon - One Of The Best Bars In The World

To paraphrase the song “Tub Thumping” from the group Chumbawamba, where do you get your whiskey drink or your vodka? Or what about your cider or lager? Whatever your poison is, be it a vin rouge or a

To paraphrase the song “Tub Thumping” from the group Chumbawamba, where do you get your whiskey drink or your vodka? Or what about your cider or lager? Whatever your poison is, be it a vin rouge or a pint of pilsen, you should just drink to celebrate or remind you of the good times. After all, drinking is an inelastic activity that can be done regardless of your state of emotion. During bad times, you drink to drown away the troubles. In good times, you drink to rejoice in your fortune.

And what better way to drink than by doing it in the best bar in the world? Sure, you have to fly all the way to the Middle East, make a reservation and queue up for an extended period, but nothing can beat the experience that can be provided by Skybar in Lebanon, probably the best bar in the world.


4 Partying in The Lebanon

The is a specific atmosphere and ambiance that you can feel at the Skybar. It opened in the summer of 2003 and has since made Beirut a place for the trendy crowd by being voted as the best bar in the world in 2008.


3 Sizing Up the Competition

Being adjudged as one of the best bars in the world is not at all easy, considering that all the trendy and major cities have great bars on their own. Consider the competition it faces. In the United States, the Jumbo’s Clown Room in Los Angeles holds fort. A little up north in San Francisco is The Summer Place. The Sin City of Las Vegas has the Double Down Saloon, while in the east, Sophie’s in New York is just the place to get wasted.

British pubs have their own unique charms too. You can choose among The Albion in Conwy, The Front in Falmouth or Old Crown in Hesket Newmarket. Of course, you can also head towards that tiny alley called Ely Court just off Hatton Garden to that old bar called Ye Olde Mitre. This bar has actually been around since the late 16th century.

If tequila is your thing, then there is no better place to take a swig than in an authentic Mexican bar. You can choose from the Bar La Opera in Mexico City or the no-frills La Invencible. You can also try Salon Espana where there are more than 250 kinds of tequilas available. Or if you are brave enough, go to the La Mezcaleria and try the Mezcal. It is like tequila, only stronger, raw and unwashed.

For beer lovers, there is no better place than Germany, the country that gave us Oktoberfest. Bars to try are the Augustiner Keller in Munich, Hofbrauhaus am Platzl, Pinkus or the Auerbackskeller in Leipzig.

Russians are not the only ones who love vodka. Poland actually has an abundance of bars that serve the drink exclusively. Called vodka-and-snack bars, the best among the lot are Przekaski Zakaski, Klub Klaps, Pijalnia Wodki I Piwa and the Warszawska. The last one remains open 24 hours a day.

Chic Paris also has its famous zinc bars. For the truly French bar atmosphere, go to the Le Baron Rouge. You also cannot go wrong with bars like Café Bo Zinc, Café le Pure and the Fish La Boissonnerie.


1 At the Top with Lebanon’s Skybar

For your money however, nothing can beat the experience of Skybar. Located at the BIEL complex in downtown Beirut, Skybar is appropriately named because it is above all the other bars in the world in terms of ranking, the experience is heavenly and it is literally located on top of a building’s roof. It is the trendiest and most exclusive club in the entire Middle East region. It occupies three levels and provides a really amazing view of the ocean and the mountains.

Skybar can give you some of the most exciting parties you have ever experienced. World class DJs and famous artists appear and perform regularly. Watch out for the fireworks that simply light up the capital’s sky.

Over 170 staff members provide impeccable, yet unobtrusive, service. This allows you to enjoy the night away. In addition, there are over 100 valet personnel on hand to ensure that you would not have to worry about the parking.

And Skybar is not just about the drinks and the ambiance, as it can serve up gourmet dinners too. Skybar actually pioneered the concept of outdoor rooftop restaurant club in the region. It was one of the reasons why the bar became an immediate hotspot and the place to see and be seen by members of both the Lebanese and foreign upper class. Throughout the years, it has maintained its reputation for exclusivity with special events and festivities. Skybar has actually become a veritable haven for the cream of the crop and the most elite of the VIPs. It is simply on a level of its own.

Mind blowing, breathtaking, thrilling, unmissable…these are the words usually mouthed out by the people who have been to Skybar. Experiencing the outdoor nightlife under clear skies while remaining in touch with nature’s elements even as you groove to the latest beats of the most famous DJs in the world…these things can really make a person search out for superlatives to describe Skybar, one of the best bars in the world.

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Skybar In Lebanon - One Of The Best Bars In The World