Shocking Details about Jenelle Evans Rehab Stay Revealed

Three months after being married to Courtland however, it seems that Jenelle has started out once again on the path of doing herself a good deal of damage. She is back in rehab once again and is working hard to recover so as to be able to look after her son Jae. Her husband Courtland recently made some revelations about the course of Jenelle’s stay in rehab, the fact that he is reported to have assaulted her and that he had a terrible fight with her ex boyfriend Gary on Twitter.

We all want the best for Jenelle and are wishing her a speedy recovery. Jenelle was the life and the soul of the sitcom Teen Mom 2. It is said that she got pregnant after being on this show, and that she started taking drugs around that time. Although Jenelle had managed to kick the habit in the middle sometime, but she appears to have got into it again. We hope that she manages to get through this difficult situation with success.

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Shocking Details about Jenelle Evans Rehab Stay Revealed